3 weeks post op. Chills / body aches, low grade fever. Infection? (Photo)

I'm 3 weeks post op. 385cc silicone, round, under the muscle. About 4 days ago I started having body aches / chills. Took my temperature today, it was 100.2 F. Also, when the chills started I began having a lot of pain in my back and a lot of stiffness on my left side. Feels like a knot in my back. Unrelated? I'm really confused. Saw my PS today and he thought everything looked great. I was unaware of my temperature until later.

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Chills and aches after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question. After every surgery, one concern is infection. Judging from your timing and symptoms, it is likely to be unrelated. However, keep an eye for any redness and swelling of the breasts and notify immediately your PS if you have concerns. 

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Fever post breast augmentation

HI Shaye,

  While your pictures do not show evidence of a breast implant infection, you should go see your PCP at least to diagnose the cause of the fever. Continue to monitor your breasts, however, because even if the cause for the fever is due to another problem, the infection can spread to your breasts. If the breasts/implants become infected, they might need to be removed. Any sign of increased pain in the breasts or redness should be brought to the attention of your plastic surgeon right away. 
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