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34DD Implants too big? What is Biggest Size I Can Get?

Hello, I need some advice. I am 5'0 height and 113 weight. (I can get Liposuction) My breast size is 34A. My husband loves a big breast and I am... READ MORE

How Many Cc's of Breast Implants to Get D Cups?

I'm a 36A cup, 5'6" and want to be a large D or small DD. What cc's should I get? I weigh 145 pounds with a large frame? READ MORE

I would like to be a D or small DD, do you think this is possible?

I am planning on setting up a consultation and surgery date for breast augmentation within the next 6 months. I am between a 34a and a 34B, I think...... READ MORE

Will I be big enough? 385cc 34a cup to 34dd cup? high prof dual plane

Hi, stats- high profile,round,silicone,dual plane,385cc-tried on look good although after thinking about it theyll look smaller inside me. surgeon... READ MORE

How Much is an Average Breast Enlargement Total from Roughly a Cup to Dd Cup?

I am 5 feet tall. 8, half stone in weight I've had 5 children I lost my breasts and wear padding as I'm now a small a cup. I don't think I'd need a... READ MORE

Will a 600cc implant bring me to a DDD in a bra? (Photo)

I would like to be a double to triple D in bras and currently I wear a 34 A. I am not sure if that is the bra I should be wearing because I never... READ MORE

Is my Frame Suitable for Large Implants? (Photo)

I'm well aware there are limitations to breast augmentation and i'm a very small 34A. Im 5ft6 and currently weigh 140lb, hoping to lose a stone before... READ MORE

Do You Think Scar Revision Will Be Needed? (photo)

Ok so I got my breast done last may. It's almost been a year and I'm very unhappy with my results. I started at a 32a and am now a 32dd. The right... READ MORE

Will 365cc take me from a 34a to a DD?

I am all booked in for my op on the 18th Dec and very excited but worried at the same time, I am a 34a and keen to end up with a D/DD and now... READ MORE

What size should I choose? 415CC? 465CC? or 515? I am presently a 34/36A would like to be a DD or DDD.

I am 5'5" approx. 150 pounds, I am presently a 34/36A would like to be a DD or DDD believe BW is 12.6 I have seen 2 PS and they both suggested over,... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned about Pain 6 Months Post-Op After Breast Implants?

Hi, I had my boobs done over 6 mnths ago and it went well, I was an A cup now a large DD. I am now finding that when I wake up my chest hurts if I... READ MORE

Tell Me 600 Wont Take Me Past DD, Plz?

Ok im freaking out here. I am 5'7", 140lbs, 34A. 30in around rib cage. I wear med-large dress tops. W29/L35 in jeans. I have hips and a... READ MORE

Im very tall and thin I've desided to get 650cc will it be a good size for me?

I'm 36 years old and I'm 6" and 135-140 lbs I wear a 34 A and I really want a large D or DD not much bigger then that thou, do you think 650cc will... READ MORE

I Want Know If I Can Go From A 34 C Cup To A Large D/DD Or E?

I'm A Size 34 C & I Want To Be A Large D Or E! I'm A Tall 5'8 & I'm A Size 6-8 In Clothes? & Can You Give Me And Estimated Price Please? READ MORE

What CC Will I Need and Could I Look Natural?

Im 30 yo 5,4inches, 102lbs and a 32A. I would like to be a DD cup. I dont want to look stupid or totally out of proportion but I see many girls my... READ MORE

I am a 34A and would like to go back to a DD like I was when I was breastfeeding. Is it possible or will it look funny? (photo)

5'10" , 135 lbs. Was a full C, breast fed at a DDD then it leveled out at a DD for three months. Baby ate my boobs and now I'm an A 6 months after I... READ MORE

One week post Breast augmentation. 34A before with 550cc submuscular silicone implants.

I got my ba a little over a week ago. Everything was going great until I noticed that on my left boob underneath it's not rounded out. There's almost... READ MORE

Will 600 cc take me from a 36A to 36DD? (Photo)

I am a 32A 5'5 and 165lbs. I am looking to be a DD, my PS suggested 650ccs, but to my understanding with my body type each 200ccs gives me 1 cup size.... READ MORE

Is 500cc saline under the muscle to large or small?

Im 5'8 and rib size is 34 and wt 160. Current cup size is anywhere from A to B but very deflated from weight loss and previously a size D when... READ MORE

I'm really confused with breast implant sizes. I'm currently a 32 A I want to be 32DD. What cc should I go for?

I have my BA in three weeks and I'm very confused about what size cc I will need... I am 5'6 weighing 60kg with an athletic build. I want to achieve a... READ MORE

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