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34DD Implants too big? What is Biggest Size I Can Get?

Hello, I need some advice. I am 5'0 height and 113 weight. (I can get Liposuction) My breast size is 34A. My husband loves a big breast and I am... READ MORE

How Many Cc's of Breast Implants to Get D Cups?

I'm a 36A cup, 5'6" and want to be a large D or small DD. What cc's should I get? I weigh 145 pounds with a large frame? READ MORE

I would like to be a D or small DD, do you think this is possible?

I am planning on setting up a consultation and surgery date for breast augmentation within the next 6 months. I am between a 34a and a 34B, I think...... READ MORE

How Much is an Average Breast Enlargement Total from Roughly a Cup to Dd Cup?

I am 5 feet tall. 8, half stone in weight I've had 5 children I lost my breasts and wear padding as I'm now a small a cup. I don't think I'd need a... READ MORE

Will I be big enough? 385cc 34a cup to 34dd cup? high prof dual plane

Hi, stats- high profile,round,silicone,dual plane,385cc-tried on look good although after thinking about it theyll look smaller inside me. surgeon... READ MORE

Will a 600cc implant bring me to a DDD in a bra? (Photo)

I would like to be a double to triple D in bras and currently I wear a 34 A. I am not sure if that is the bra I should be wearing because I never... READ MORE

Will 365cc take me from a 34a to a DD?

I am all booked in for my op on the 18th Dec and very excited but worried at the same time, I am a 34a and keen to end up with a D/DD and now... READ MORE

Is my Frame Suitable for Large Implants? (Photo)

I'm well aware there are limitations to breast augmentation and i'm a very small 34A. Im 5ft6 and currently weigh 140lb, hoping to lose a stone before... READ MORE

Do You Think Scar Revision Will Be Needed? (photo)

Ok so I got my breast done last may. It's almost been a year and I'm very unhappy with my results. I started at a 32a and am now a 32dd. The right... READ MORE

What size should I choose? 415CC? 465CC? or 515? I am presently a 34/36A would like to be a DD or DDD.

I am 5'5" approx. 150 pounds, I am presently a 34/36A would like to be a DD or DDD believe BW is 12.6 I have seen 2 PS and they both suggested over,... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned about Pain 6 Months Post-Op After Breast Implants?

Hi, I had my boobs done over 6 mnths ago and it went well, I was an A cup now a large DD. I am now finding that when I wake up my chest hurts if I... READ MORE

Tell Me 600 Wont Take Me Past DD, Plz?

Ok im freaking out here. I am 5'7", 140lbs, 34A. 30in around rib cage. I wear med-large dress tops. W29/L35 in jeans. I have hips and a... READ MORE

Will 600 cc take me from a 36A to 36DD? (Photo)

I am a 32A 5'5 and 165lbs. I am looking to be a DD, my PS suggested 650ccs, but to my understanding with my body type each 200ccs gives me 1 cup size.... READ MORE

Im very tall and thin I've desided to get 650cc will it be a good size for me?

I'm 36 years old and I'm 6" and 135-140 lbs I wear a 34 A and I really want a large D or DD not much bigger then that thou, do you think 650cc will... READ MORE

I Want Know If I Can Go From A 34 C Cup To A Large D/DD Or E?

I'm A Size 34 C & I Want To Be A Large D Or E! I'm A Tall 5'8 & I'm A Size 6-8 In Clothes? & Can You Give Me And Estimated Price Please? READ MORE

Choosing a size; 475cc or 520cc? (Photos)

I'm 5'3 and 130 pounds I had a consultation with the plastic surgeon I chose and he suggests I go with 475 cc silicone HP or 520 cc silicone HP to... READ MORE

One week post Breast augmentation. 34A before with 550cc submuscular silicone implants.

I got my ba a little over a week ago. Everything was going great until I noticed that on my left boob underneath it's not rounded out. There's almost... READ MORE

Is 500cc saline under the muscle to large or small?

Im 5'8 and rib size is 34 and wt 160. Current cup size is anywhere from A to B but very deflated from weight loss and previously a size D when... READ MORE

What CC Will I Need and Could I Look Natural?

Im 30 yo 5,4inches, 102lbs and a 32A. I would like to be a DD cup. I dont want to look stupid or totally out of proportion but I see many girls my... READ MORE

I am a 34A and would like to go back to a DD like I was when I was breastfeeding. Is it possible or will it look funny? (photo)

5'10" , 135 lbs. Was a full C, breast fed at a DDD then it leveled out at a DD for three months. Baby ate my boobs and now I'm an A 6 months after I... READ MORE

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