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I Have Had my Implants for Four Years and for the Past Two Days my Right Breast Hurts

I have had my implants for four years and they have been awsome but for the past two days my right breast is painful it is a little swallon it feels... READ MORE

Saline Implant Deflation? (photo)

I am concerned with my right breast. It seems to have gotten smaller over the last 2 years...especially this last year. I have had my saline implants... READ MORE

I Have Hardening of my Implant in One Breast. Will Massaging Make Any Difference?

I had my implants 4 years ago this summer. i have no problems at all with the other one. READ MORE

Implant Revision Due to Double Bubble. What Are My Options? (photo)

I have a double bubble on the left breast. I have had implants for 4 years. After surgery at all of my followup visits with my dr I had asked him... READ MORE

Normal To Feel Soreness 4 Years After Silicone Breast Implants?

The last few days I have a had a little soreness in my right breast. I had silicone implants put in about 4 years ago. Everything looks and feels... READ MORE

Sudden Pain 4 Years After Silicone Implant Surgery?

I got silicone implants 4 years ago and my right breast implant has had minor issues. It developed mild capsular contracture shortly after surgery,... READ MORE

Can a Partially Deflated Implant Cause Pain?

In '09 I had dual plain saline implants. In '12 my right breast had a partial deflation. I could always feel the implant "move" when I would move a... READ MORE

Saline Breast Implants Lose Firmness over Time?

I got saline breast implants (350cc) 4yrs ago when i weighed 120lbs. I gained 30lbs in the last 3yrs, & over the last 4 months, lost the weight... READ MORE

Have my Breast Implants Bottomed Out? (photo)

Hi, I had a breast augmentation and lollipop lift 3 1/2 yrs ago. About 2 months post op I started suspecting I might be bottoming out. I have very... READ MORE

Saline Implants Underfilled, Abnormal Shape and Air Bubbles Worsening Since 2007, Options?

Under muscle saline implants. Originally the surgeon said I needed 425cc although I thought it was too much (I was 5'tall 125lbs)but he insisted.... READ MORE

Sharp Burning and Stabbing Pain Im my Breast Implant?

I have had implants for 4 years I have suddenly started to experience a sharp burning and stabbing pain on the underside of one implant. READ MORE

My Breast Implant Does Not Feel Right. Feels Lumpy and Deflated After 4 Years?

I got breast implants in 2008, my right breast looks and feels perfect but the left breast feels lumpy and it also feels as if it is not very full, it... READ MORE

Breast Implant Displacement! Help Please! (Photo)

Good evening Drs. I feel very stressed and sad ;I had breast silicone implant 4 years ago ;everything was so perfect until yesterday.I woke up with my... READ MORE

I Recently Noticed That my Left Breast Implant is Way Softer Than my Right Implant. Should I Worry?

I recently noticed that my left breast implant is way softer than my right. This has just happened in the last couple of days. I have had no trama and... READ MORE

Normal for a purse string stitch to hurt?

4 years ago I had a circular "donut" lift in conjunction with silicon breast implants. I was a 34D before surgery and now a 34DD. I can feel the purse... READ MORE

4 Year Old Implants Suddenly Feel Different?

In 2008 I had a breast augmentation with the tear-dropped shaped silicone implants... 2 days ago I noticed that my right implant is much softer than... READ MORE

Can breast implants hide tumors if placed under the muscle?

I had breast augmentation under the muscle 4 years ago and was told that since the implant was placed under the muscle there was no risk of not... READ MORE

Was Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 2 Years Ago, Could My Breast Implants Have Caused this?

My ? Is that for the past 2 years my body has become very weak and ache and I was diganosed with fibroymalja . i got my send set of implants in 2007... READ MORE

Saline Breast Implants 3.5 Years Ago and One Looks Deflated?

I had saline breast implants done about 3 1/2 years ago when one day I woke up to my right breast looking deflated. Could him cutting under the... READ MORE

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