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11 days post opt breast augmentation with internal bra. They seem flat and small. Will they drop and fluff? (Photo)

I had breast revision done 11 days ago due to 350 cc saline implants bottoming out after 12 years. My PS recommended 425 cc silicone implants with... READ MORE

Is their enough evidence to prove that a breast Mesh or other devices to prevent bottom out really is successful?

Has their been enough evidence yet to prove that devices used to prevent bottom out breast really work ? And if so for how long ? Which device is best ? READ MORE

I Had Breast Surgery a Week Ago and Now I Have a Massive Allergic Reaction All over my Body? (photo)

I had capsular contraction stage 4 in right breast and stage 3 in left. I had surgery on July 17, 2013 in which the dr inserted a surgimend mesh and... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of using mesh to fix and further prevent bottoming out? (Photo)

This May will be 2 years since I had my breast done. At almost a year I noticed they were dropping and my right more than my left. I'm scheduled to... READ MORE

If I got a mesh put in my breast can I work out after the allotted rest period ?

I'm considering getting a mesh put in when I so my breast revision . I know their is a period of time that no activity is allowed to prevent bleeding... READ MORE

Is mesh necessary in bottoming out, double bubble, and lateral displacement revisions?

I bottomed out in both breasts by 5 weeks after surgery. I had 325/350 silicone implants under the muscle. In addition to bottoming out, I have double... READ MORE

What happened to cause this bubble? (Photo)

Had an implant revision with scaffolding (mesh) 4 weeks ago by Dr. Bengston I have a very large bubble on the right side now that was never there... READ MORE

Is mesh more reliable for breast revision surgery than sutures? Bottoming out

I am bottoming out due to my breast aug from July. I do not think my dr is very experienced in revision surgeries and has not been able to help me... READ MORE

How soon can I return to upper body exercises after a breast augmentation revision (capsulorraphy+mesh)?

Revision surgery was about two weeks ago, 04/22/16. Went from mentor saline 350cc under muscle to Natrelle Inspira SRF 450cc. Usual exercise includes... READ MORE

Sizing - Switching from Saline to Gummy Bear Impants (With Poland's Syndrome)?

I am switching from Saline to Gummy Bear implants for my 4th surgery. Current implants are: Left Breast: 535cc (under muscle), and Right Breast: 400cc... READ MORE

How much will a revision cost from the same dr?

I am bottoming out, I have talked with my original dr about this and he wants to do an internal bra procedure with sutures, possibly mesh. He wouldn't... READ MORE

Double Bubble, planning on having revision! Over the muscle with support or Remain Under with support? (photos)

So I had dual plane breast aug last year, unders 510 CC. Very slight sag but he tried to lower the crease, thus resulting in a double bubble. We tried... READ MORE

Has anyone ever seen or heard of mesh becoming exposed like this? If so, how does this happen? (Photo)

I have had 5 revisions on one side, after getting breast implants. The 3rd revision the mesh was placed under the implant & seemed to work perfectly.... READ MORE

Is my surgeons plan reasonable? Should I insist on him using internal mesh? He keeps saying its too expensive (Photos)

First BL/BA 533 cc 7/14 bottomed out, revision 7/15 700 cc. bottomed out. New surgeon 8/16 520 cc (current) also bottomed out. Serratia Marcescens... READ MORE

Implant revision needed- getting worse and worse, how long is too long to put this off? (photo)

I had saline implants for 8 years when the left one started leaking and I got new silicone implants within 3 months. The one with the leak never... READ MORE

Can anyone give me the name of a breast revision surgeon who uses mesh with implants frequently?

Looking for a surgeon in dallas tx area who does mesh implant revisions surgery for bottoming out or dropping implants. READ MORE

Opinions on mesh use for minimal bottoming out? (Photo)

S/p 1 year bil aug of 510 gel implants. In October had a capsulopexy to help with my bottoming out of the implant. Surgeon reported after that my... READ MORE

Under to over?

I like to workout my arms but hate the way my chest muscle flex, also hate when my implant move to the side when I lay down. if I have my breast... READ MORE

How long after revision for bottoming out should you wait for another revision?

I recently had a revision for both implants bottoming out i've had them for 4 years, 370cc. Now 2 months after the revision left side has bottomed out... READ MORE

Is it better to get bigger implants to fill my extra skin or a mesh and cut extra skin??

I had my breast lift with implants 470cc on 1/8/06 but i still have lots of loose breast implants move question is if its better... READ MORE

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