Tightness + Breast Implant Removal

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Implant Removal After Reconstruction

I am in the process of deciding to remove my breast implants after reconstruction. I had extreme tightness for more than four years. I still get... READ MORE

Under Muscle Implant More Likely to Cause Back Pain?

Tiny frame, 800cc unders ruined my back. Likely thoracic nerve compression after removal of implants for 1 year pain still. Was mentioned to imagine... READ MORE

Is Implant Removal a Good Option For Me After Reconstruction? I'm Not Happy.

Had unilat mx 2 years ago with 450cc submusc silicone implant with alloderm. No complications looks great. Have done nipple recon but no tattoo.... READ MORE

Scar too tight after explant. (photos)

9 months ago I had breast implants put in and a lift.My ps explanted them 4 weeks ago and did some internal stitches to lift up the breast tissue.I am... READ MORE

Will my breast sag if I take the implant out? I really want this but I'm afraid to become worse!

I visited 2 doctors. One told me to take out and wait and the other, to change the implant, cause i have so little tissue and i will hate the results.... READ MORE

What are my options for implant explant? (photos)

I have my 480cc implants put in two years ago. Two months ago I had capsulorrhaphy to fix bottoming out of breast. My breast still aches. I considered... READ MORE

How much does it cost to have breast implants taken out?

Recently had breast augmentation. My breast are so tight and hurt. My back hurts all the time. Doctor says cause I am thin breast will stay tight and... READ MORE

Would my breast with a capsule contraction look different from the other breast if i take my breast implants out?

I have had my implants for 7 yrs. I was a 34 B, got 350cc silicone implants, now i am a 34 D. One has a capsule contraction. It has become more... READ MORE

Should I need to have breast implants taken out, what kind of surgeon would be best? General surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon?

I've had my silicone implants for 8 years now, recently my right breast has felt extremely tight and the implant feels very high. I'm going in for an... READ MORE

Compression garment after explant. Can they be too tight?

I was told to wear a zip front firm support job bra after explant. Granted, It's only been 24 hours and it's now officially bugging me! It is a good... READ MORE

Will I just have to live with this seroma? I don't have the money for another PS. Scared to go back. (Photo)

I had a breast explantation on 3/23/2015, my PS thought I was capsulated on the right because the implant was hard at the top and pretty square in... READ MORE

I removed my implant just only in 11 days coz of discomfort? (photo)

After removal my skin is tight frm stitch side even I m uncomfortable up to now nd loss my breast shap un even problem nd I m suffering frm vomiting READ MORE

I am explanting after a year and a half. Is the pain I'm experiencing normal?

I wanted to post and see if the symptoms I am feeling seem like the outcome of capsular contracture. It's been a year and a half since surgery and my... READ MORE

Options for fluid build up after implant removal other then getting it drained by surgery? (Photo)

Breast implant removal caused my left breast to have fluid build-up. It's been a few months now after the removal surgery and all this time I thought... READ MORE

Is Saline breast implants under the muscle removed in-office procedure w/o harming the chest muscles possible?

I have had saline breast implants under the chest muscle for over 22 years. I have recently started some physical activities that have ended in injury... READ MORE

Has the skin on my breasts lost elasticity after using nipplete?

I'm 46 and had my implants 220 cc removed after 20 years. I'm 3 months post explant with casulectomy. My nipples are now very flat (not inverted) so I... READ MORE

Explant post op. It feels tight, like I constantly need to stretch. Any advice?

I had implants for a year and a half. Towards the end I was experiencing rib and back pain. I assumed it was due to capsular contracture and implants... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Silicone implant removal that were in place for 16 years. I have swelling to right breast. Any suggestions?

The left implant was intact and easily removed. However the right implant had adhere to my muscle and chest wall and had been torn apart. I think my... READ MORE

Got implant removed due to infection(swollen breast,temperature etc) and about 2 weeks after I'm leaking from my breast. (photo)

He said it wasnt anything until green liquid was pouring out of my breast which was removed. 2 weeks later i start leaking it was light bright water... READ MORE

Can a capsule be present after implant removal and a mastectomy?

I had capsular contracture with a 400cc implant. I just recently had a double mastectomy with implant removal due to breast cancer. With the expanders... READ MORE

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