Scar Tissue + Breast Implant Removal

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Scar Tissue After Breast Implant Explantation

I am 8 weeks post explantation and my surgeon said my scars (under the breasts) are thick and firm and are attached to my tissues underneath. He's... READ MORE

Scar Tissue After a Breast Lift. I want to know is there is anything that I can do to make my breast soft?

Hi,it's been a month after my implants removal and breastlift surgery. It has been a very rocky road with my right breast. I had necrosis of the... READ MORE

Pain After Implant Removal

I removed my breast implants 7 wks ago via fold incision. did not replace. no lift. they were under muscle. I have dull achy pain. When I reach or... READ MORE

Scar Tissue Left After Removing Breast Implants??

I had silicone breast implants and developed a capsular contracture on one breast. I got them removed 1 month ago and now I have developed a scar... READ MORE

How Long Before Breasts Look Normal After Implant Removal and Lift?

I had silicone implants placed at age 51. Two years later, I had them replaced with different implants as I had scar tissue around one nipple that... READ MORE

Fully encapsulated implants, they look like bullets on my chest. I want implants removed but don't want to be flat again (Photo)

My first implants were in 1999, then I had a Capsulectomy and new implants in 2005. They quickly became hard again. I now want them removed without a... READ MORE

How to soften scar tissue?

I have had an en bloc silicone removal. Went from way to big (Dr's fault not mine) to an AA cup size. I am experiencing very hard scar tissue at the... READ MORE

I Had Saline Overs Removed - Why Do my Nipples Fold Over?

I had saline overs removed 5mths ago, no replacement, (290) capsules removed via scar under breast, why do my nipples fold over? They will 'perk back... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal - Does Scar Capsule Need to Be Removed?

I just had my implants put in a week ago. I am scheduled to have them removed in 2 weeks. Will it be necessary to remove the scar capsule since it has... READ MORE

5 days post op. Will the smiley faces go away? Is this what it will stay like? Will I have a chance of not being concave?(photo)

I know it is only 5 days post op explant, but the scar tissue left from incision in areola from previous augment weighs skin this as good... READ MORE

Trying to Avoid Explant Deformity? (photo)

I had a BA 3 months ago. I believe that my PS did not construct the pockets properly, and as a consequence my implants did not drop. He tells me that... READ MORE

Pain and pulling sensation after breast scar tissue removal 4 weeks ago.

I explanted 2 years ago. I had some internal scar tissue and a seroma removed from my left breast 4 weeks ago. I am still in a lot of pain. My nipple... READ MORE

Do I Have Scar Tissue in my Breast After Implant Removal?

I had both my saline implants removed after 16 years. Pre-op, I was a 32A post-op 34C. My left breast is nice and soft and is a nice full A but my... READ MORE

Five revisions and two lifts later, do I remove implants?

Need advice: I am 62 years old and want to have my implants removed. Over the years I have had five revisions and two lifts. Two of the set ruptured... READ MORE

Is removing scar tissue after explant necessary if I have stage one contracture? No replacement. (photos)

My right breast implant ruptured almost 3 weeks ago, after 10 yrs. Have never had any complications, previously. I'm wondering if removal of scar... READ MORE

Having my Implants Removed Due to Hardening, Grade 3. is It Safe to Leave the Scar Tissue in Situ?

My surgeon states its safe to leave in the scar tissue but recommends a capsulectomy. am worried has i only had small breasts previos to the implants.... READ MORE

Will the pleat like wrinkle go away? (Photo)

I had my saline under muscle implants removed 2 weeks ago . My left breast looks completely normal but right one has a strange wrinkle and more scar... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Leave in Scar Tissue After Having Implants Removed?

I have grade 3 capsule contracture. am having my implants removed. my surgeon recommends i have the scar tissue removed aswel. i am not having the... READ MORE

Has Anyone Ever Heard of Breast Implant Bleeding?

Recently had implants removed. Found in scar tissue green cysts, tissue sent for analysis. Result given was - cysts and CC caused by implant bleeding.... READ MORE

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