Massage + Breast Implant Removal

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How Long After Breast Implant Removal can I Wear Underwire Bras?

Hello, I am one week postop for breast implant removal. I forgot to ask my surgeon if I should massage the scars and also how long I should wait... READ MORE

Breast implants (200cc) were removed two weeks ago. I am very reluctant to post this picture. What's my best option? (Photo)

The implants were placed 33 yrs ago and the left one remained soft and normal. Both implants were ruptured and the right one was calcified with severe... READ MORE

Massage After Explant Surgery?

How soon after explant can I start to massage the breast area? It's been 2 weeks since my surgery. The capsule was removed only in my right breast... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Eat Seafood After Breast Implants Removal?

I had my saline breast implants removed on 05/20/11 due to capsular contracture. How soon can I start the breasts massaging to help them firm up... READ MORE

Severe dent under the nipple approx. 3" across after my breast explant! Why?

Should I massage and how to correct. Did not replace. After breast explant my right breast has a severe dent right under the nipple approx. 3" across!... READ MORE

What is the proper technique for breast massage after breast explant?

How long and how many times a day should you do the massage? How many months should you continue? Is it pretty standard to do massage? When should you... READ MORE

Dentation and muscle distortion after explant. (photos)

I'm 60 yrs old 5'2, 120 lbs Procedures performed on 7/08/2016 : Bilateral implant removal, Bilateral subtotal CAPSULECTOMY , silicone gel implant... READ MORE

When will the pockets heal or how soon can I begin massaging and exercising them to help with the sagging?

I had 500cc saline mentors placed above the muscle and had implant removal 5 days ago. I had big breasts to begin with and now want to try to improve... READ MORE

Can breast massage after explant help with fluffing?

Will it help things return to normal faster if I do a daily massage? Is the massage for explant the same as it is for after implant? READ MORE

Breast implant removal - scar indented - will this go away with massage? (Photo)

I had a lollipop lift with implants 6 months ago and for various reasons (pain, rippling, affected my active life), chose to have them removed. My PS... READ MORE

I had an explant 4 wks ago. My right breast has a 2nd crease above the natural breast crease. Is this a common issue? (Photo)

I had 300 cc saline implants for 6 years and 1 baby. Explant was done and both capsules removed. No lift. My Dr told me that the crease is result of... READ MORE

Can this adhesion be fixed or will it ever go away on its own? (photos)

I had my submiscular 17 year old saline implants removed 6 months ago under local anesthesia, no capsule removal. I have done daily massage at least... READ MORE

I have pain 2 months after explantation. Is this normal?

I had 425cc silicone implants (too large-DR's fault) and had them explanted via en bloc. I am still sore but all over the breasts not just one... READ MORE

Massage After Implant Removal?

Keep hearing a lot about massaging breasts after implants have been removed. Can anyone explain this to me please and does it work? Thanks READ MORE

Why would my left breast that had an infection over 6 months ago still look this way? Both implants were removed. (photos)

Implants removed 6 mos. ago, I've had total 6 CC's since 1st BA in '90. Had radiation in '89 to upper body due to Hodgkins. I have been told that... READ MORE

Got my both breast implant removed Last year 2015. What are my limitation of lifting any object?

Hello ! Got a question? I have a breast implant removed last year 2015 this is my 5th week and I will be going back to work next week. I am still... READ MORE

Can you tell me when I'm able to massage after having explanted?

I am a petit frame 5ft 3in 57 yr old who had explanted after 26 yrs of having two lots of breast implants. The last being 6yrs ago with uplift done at... READ MORE

Have any surgeons had success treating significant flex distortion after breast implant removal? (Photos)

Had 12 yr old submuscular saline implants removed 3 yrs ago without lift or capsulectomy (surgeon said no need). Immediately after (and to lesser... READ MORE

How to do aggressive massaging for areola deformity after removal of breast implants? (photos)

I had this areola deformity after capsular contracture op (why could it be??) and it became really worse with the removal of implants 1 month ago.... READ MORE

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