Mammogram + Breast Implant Removal

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I can't afford to have my implants removed. Left side is ruptured Am I in danger? Will insurance pay to replace 1 or remove 2?

My implants are 27 years old. I know the left side is ruptured. I don't have $. I had a consultation 4 yrs ago & it was $100.I am now on SS but have... READ MORE

Can I have my breast implants removed with only local anesthesia?

I have had breast implants for some time now, since I was in my mid 30s. I'm now 63 and wanting them removed so that my mammograms will be easier to... READ MORE

Complete Capsulotomy - Tissue Removal & Time Surgery Takes

How much breast tissue is removed with a capsulectomy? Remove implant and replace with new implant. If your removing the crusty capsule do you also... READ MORE

How Long After Explant Can You Get a Mammogram?

I'm 1.5 weeks out of having an explant. I'm considering having a lift and possibly fat transfer in a few months. I'm thinking it would be good to get... READ MORE

I Had a Momogram It Seems Implant is No Longer There. Should I Have Sac Removed?

I Had a Momogram It Seems Implant is No Longer There.  Should I Have Sac Removed? READ MORE

Are there any special considerations to be aware of as I begin my search to find a surgeon to remove my 40 year old implants?

I am a 70 year old woman with 40 year old implants that encapsulated years ago. My left breast has become somewhat distorted from the implant now... READ MORE

I have 30 yr old implants. Both extremely hard, and found out through mammogram that one is ruptured. Any suggestions?

I have 30 yr old silicone implants. They are both IV Bakers, and one is ruptured. My insurance will not pay for the removal, so I am trying to figure... READ MORE

Will Removing my Breast Implants Make Detecting Breast Cancer More Difficult?

I have one deflated implant. It is starting to bother me. I was trying to wait until I had the money to have a lift and have them replaced, but I can... READ MORE

I am 72 years old. After a recent mammogram I was told that one of my breasts with a 45 year old silicone implant was leaking.

If I have both of my implants removed, would it be advisable to leave them out, or could I get new implants at my age. READ MORE

Any suggestions for my 30 year old implants?

I sent in a question concerning having 30 year old implants, now I have had a mammogram and it shows that the pop I heard is the implant burst and is... READ MORE

What can be done to remove the hardness at top of breasts after explantation?

I had 25 year old implants explanted 14 months ago. A couple months later, there was hardness at the top of each breast. Mammogram showed little... READ MORE

Will leaving the implant capsule (under muscle) interfere with mammograms?

I am having my saline breast implants removed. They are under the muscle. My plastic surgeon is not removing the capsule; he said that it will... READ MORE

Should implants that have ruptured be removed?

I am 65 and have had my silicone implants for over 30 years - with no problems. However my last mammogram (a year ago) noted "stable appearance of... READ MORE

Do I need my breast implants removed?

Silicone implants placed 1979, never a problem-placed over muscle..diagnostic mammogram says encapsulated and slight leak on one mri done.... READ MORE

I have 35 year old silicone, sub implants. The left one has ruptured found during mammogram 1 year ago.

The implant appeared to have pukered lips. Assume this means the rupture was new? I am 61 and single. I went to a reputable hospital to there plastic... READ MORE

Do hospitals do pathology on ruptured breast explants when there is known silicone leakage?

I am getting my 30plus old bi-lumens explanted (no replacements) next week but hospital is telling me they will not do pathology on them. Isn't this... READ MORE

Will medicare pay for leaking breast implant

Had mamogram last week..I was told implant was leaking out pouch on left. Calcification in both breast. Leaking also on right breast within the... READ MORE

Intracapsular rupture revision for silicone implants. Is it better to remove them than replace them?

I'm 60 and have had silicone implants under the muscle 30 years. Six months ago on yearly mammogram I was informed of bilateral intracapsular rupture.... READ MORE

If a saline implant is partially calcified, do I need to remove the implant?

After a mammogram done about three weeks ago the results shown left breast saline implant partially calcified READ MORE

Could Scar Tissue or Left over from Breast Explant or Silicon Particulates Cause Cancer?

I had my encapsulated breast implants removed a little over a year ago. Last week, I had the first mammogram since the surgery. I just received a... READ MORE

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