Lumps + Breast Implant Removal

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12 Days After Explant. 25 Yr Silicone Ruptured/1 Side Had Bad Leak Extracap/found Hard LUMP. Normal? (photo)

12 days post -op. Started massage on breasts. One side feels right - the other side has the caved in nipple where the ps took all the tissue because... READ MORE

Should I Feel Lumps in my Breast After Implant Removal? 12 Wks Post Op

I had under the muscle implants removed along with a capsulectomy In Oct 12, I can now feel a large lump in my breast, it feels squidgy - is this normal? READ MORE

Can Ruptured Silicone Implants Cause a Hard Lump Attached to Rib at 9:00? (photo)

My implants are 30 y/o & rock hard. Six weeks ago I found a hard lump attached to my rib. It's not in the breast tissue but on the right side at... READ MORE

7.5 weeks post explant after an unhappy revision in Jan 14, revision included capsulectomy for CC and implant exchange (Photo)

Hi,Following my explant I am having some issues with my areola folding underneath my nipple. When I am cold the outer edge of the areola also has some... READ MORE

I have a large lump like mass above my left breast where my pectoral muscle is located why is this happening?

I had my implants removed 6 months ago, I noticed the mass about a month ago It's located where my pectoral muscles are. Could this be an issue with... READ MORE

What are the hard lumps inside my breasts after explantation (saline)?

I had my breasts explanted (saline). It's been about 20 days post surgery and I'm feeling some hard lumps inside them. What could they be? My breasts... READ MORE

I Had Explants and Mastopexy 10 Months Ago and Have Many Concerns About How I've Healed. Can These Things Be Fixed? (photo)

I don't feel my lift was done properly. The left breast has a doubled affect on the outer part. The right has a fold at the end of the scar in the... READ MORE

I had explant one month ago. Can anyone tell me why my left breast seems to be puckering and disintegrating? (Photos)

At first my pa said it was normal, then he said it might be a seroma. Then I took the stickies off and it go worse and he's saying it needs to be... READ MORE

5 months post op, I have hard lumps after explanation and dark areas. Is this normal?

I am 5 mos post op after explantation of breast Implants. I have lumps and dark areas on my breast. I did have a ruptured implant. What can be the... READ MORE

After having my implants removed I'm having hard lumps form size of lemons. What is this?

The tissue has hardened in one breast and is painful to touch. It is positioned midline from above nipple to the horizontal incision under the breast?... READ MORE

Foreign Object Found after Breast Augmentation. Anything I can do about this? (Photo)

Had BA done in March '15 n 1wk later I found a lump between my right breast and armpit near the top of my breast. My surgeon figured it was a swollen... READ MORE

Will my breasts be deformed with explant? (Photo)

I got my implants places a little over a year ago. Since then I have had chest pain at least once a day, sensation loss, my back and shoulders hurt, I... READ MORE

I'm getting different advice on what to do with a ruptured silicone implant. I had a MRI 10/2014. Hard lump seen 2 PS. (photos)

My 2 PS say leave it till it becomes a problem. More complications redoing the whole surgery. I have had 2 PS on this site state that removal is the... READ MORE

Hematoma like lump in breast 10 months after explant. Is this normal?

I noticed soon after explant that my right breast seemed to have some harder tissue inside. 10 months later I feel a lump the size of a small plum.... READ MORE

Breast implants removal - left breast hard. (photo)

Hi, I had my breast implants removed five months ago. While my right breast is soft and healing nicely, my left breast is rock hard. There is a huge... READ MORE

Will I be left with scars and dangling, thin skin if I opt for removal?

My implants are 11 years old -- TUBA method (belly button) -- so I have no scars at all. I had a lump, which turned out to be a cyst, but during an... READ MORE

My implant has ruptured, I don't want new implant, I want explant. Will the manufacturer pay for this?

Two years ago I found a lump in my left breast. Before hospital app I found I was pregnant so they could only do ultrasound. The doctor said he... READ MORE

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