Asymmetry + Breast Implant Removal

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Breast Implant Removal with out Replacement? (photo)

Hello i'm 25 yr old got a single 277cc saline breast implant in my right breast to correct a server asymmetric breasts. Its been six years and 50lbs... READ MORE

Asymmetry, Animation Effect and Breast Augmentation, Is this Normal? (photo)

I think is great and its great that doctors take the time to answer questions I find harder to ask 'facing' a doctor. I had... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Breast Following Implant Removal

I had my implants removed about 6 weeks ago. It was a personal choice as I felt I was too big. As my breasts are starting to come back I noticed that... READ MORE

I have lost a lot of my natural breast tissue during the time that I had implants. What likely happened? What can I do?(photo)

I had breast implants for about 3.5 years, 350 CC. The implants were removed about one month ago. Compared to before I had implants placed, I lost... READ MORE

Asymmetric Implant Removal: What Are the Risks?

My surgeon just realized that I have a 325cc and a 375cc saline implant. I want an explantation with no replacement. I am worried that the 50cc... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal with out Replacement?

Hello i'm 25 yr old got a single 277cc saline breast implant in my right breast to correct a server asymmetric breasts. Its been six years and 50lbs... READ MORE

Is a Fat Transfer for Breast Asymmetry Correction Post Explant a Good Option? (photo)

I'm considering all my options for a possible explant without implant replacement. The primary issue I had about 20yrs ago was 1 boyish breast and 1... READ MORE

I'm considering removing my 300/325 cc silicone implants. Will they sag and will I need a breast lift? Was 32A, now 32D (Photo)

I got a BA in 2/2012 w/ silicone under muscle thru crease. I have a petite frame, 5'1 and 105 lbs.. After BA, my L breast did not drop as much as the... READ MORE

Will Intra-capsuler Silicon Implants Rupture Develop into Extra-capsuler over Time? Removal and Replace in One Procedure?

Dear Dr. I have 175cc silicon texture breast implants under the musle for 15 years. a MRI suggested intra-capsuler rupture on the right. I have vey... READ MORE

Asymmetry of Breasts Post Surgery? (photo)

I am 2 weeks post op tomorrow after having my original implants removed due to being PIP implants. I am generally happy with the shape of my breasts... READ MORE

How urgent is it to get a collapsed saline implant removed?

I had a saline implant placed in my right breast about 20 yrs ago due to asymmetry which was paid for by insurance. So 20 yrs and 3 kids later I... READ MORE

Is it possible to correct loose skin and asymmetry after breast implant removal with a lift without implants?

After many years of problems with breast implants, several revisions not being able to achieve a good look due to rippling, asymmetry even after a... READ MORE

Is Axillary Breast Tissue Useful? and What Works Best Sizing W/ Asymmetry? (photo)

Is there any possible use for the axillary breast tissue if removed could it be placed in a breast which never fully developed? Almost 20yrs ago I had... READ MORE

Will having implants removed cause breasts to appear saggy? What about the asymmetry? (Photo)

My question is if having my implants removed will cause my breasts to appear saggy. I had implants put in seven years ago. I was a natural A and I had... READ MORE

7 months post breast implant removal: How to fix asymmetrical breasts? (photo)

I had my implants removed 7 months ago along with scar tissue. Now I'm totally asymmetrical and it is noticeable in clothing. What can I do to fix... READ MORE

I had asymmetrical breast prior to implants and now considering breast implant removal. What should I expect ?

I have saline implants placed 6 years ago. I had tuberous breast & assymetry. I wanted to have fuller breast with symmetry. In my right breast there's... READ MORE

What happens with over dissected pockets (botched Breast Augmentation) after Breast Implant Removal? (photo)

I had a botched breast augmentation and I have an over dissected pocket that makes the implant to sit way lower than the other side. Will my breast go... READ MORE

Keeping the capsule inside to prevent loss of breast tissue?

I've 2.5 yr old subglandular implants, a capsular contracture, asymmetry and severe ptosis. I've scheduled an implant removal +adjustment+ breast lift... READ MORE

New implants after explant?

After removing dual plane breast implants, if I decide to get new and little implants, should I expect distortions or assimetry due to muscle issues? READ MORE

Will my assymetrical breasts with areaolas that sit high look horrible if I explant? (photos)

I can not comfortably wear low cut tops or tube tops because I am afraid the top of my areolas. I am leaning toward taking these implants out! My... READ MORE

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