Above Muscle + Breast Implant Removal

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Subpectoral Breast Implant Removal Technique

I have read questions regarding breast augmentation and if you are unhappy with the results, you can always take them out. Of course, doctors warn the... READ MORE

Will Removal of Breast Implants Above Muscle Cause More Sagging?

Iv had breast implants for 10 years and i now want them removed without replacement, they were placed infront of the muscle could this cause more sagging? READ MORE

I Was Going To Get A Lift But Think I Will Wait And See How I Look, I'm Not Drooping Now What Do You Think?

I'm having my silicone implants removed after 38 years, they're silicone above the muscle, about 400 cc's.  I am 57 READ MORE

Any way to tell how bad my breasts will look after removal? (photos)

I had 475 cc silicone above muscle on feb 20th having them out April 17th. Went from tiny c cup to double D bra size No problems but this was a... READ MORE

Can I have the implants removed and do a lift at the same time?

My implants are over 30 yrs old and above muscle. I want them removed and lifted with possible reduction. Can I do this at the same time, or should I... READ MORE

Saline Over the muscle Breast Implant Removal; Are they more difficult or easier less painful to remove?

I had Brest implants smooth saline put in via tuba method there's 400cc. above the muscle. I've had them for 11 years and not sure if I should have... READ MORE

Lift after breast implant removal, is it always necessary? (Photo)

I would like to remove my 10 yeatr old implants, they are saline above the muscle. I have some tissue of my own. Is it likely I would need a lift? I... READ MORE

Hematoma like lump in breast 10 months after explant. Is this normal?

I noticed soon after explant that my right breast seemed to have some harder tissue inside. 10 months later I suddenly feel a lump the size of a small... READ MORE

Should I wait to have a lift after getting 19 yr old ruptured silicone implants removed which were placed above the muscle?

I need to have 19 year old ruptured silicone implants removed which were placed above the muscle. I need a lift and one physician said to have them... READ MORE

Is there any medical reason for NOT removing implants with incisions made above the breasts?

First, let me say I do not care if I see scars after explant. My surgeon and I are researching an above breast implant removal due to what she feels... READ MORE

9 days post explant, lift and fat graft - asymmetrical healing. Too soon to tell? (Photo)

I had above the muscle 10yo breast implants removed 9 days ago. At the same time my surgeon did a breast lift, areolar reduction and took fat from my... READ MORE

Breast implant bubble, both are contractured, want smaller size? Possible to have explant and get nice looking breasts?

I have 14 yr saline implants (275cc/300cc) above the muscle. Both contracture (have for a long time), but other than being stiff they look normal. I... READ MORE

Will I need a key hole lift after explant? (photos)

Planning on a explant ASAP. Nerve pain, uncomfortable and unhappy with them. No plans to exchange. I was 19 when I first had a boob job. AAA to a B.... READ MORE

8 year old cohesive implants, incision under breast, implants above muscle. I'm currently breastfeeding, can I explant? (Photo)

I've never had any known problems with my implants and have never really given them much thought until I started reading a lot about the possible... READ MORE

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