6 Months Post-op + Breast Implant Removal

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How Can I Make my Breast Look Better? (photo)

Hello, I took out my breast implants (over the muscle) 6 months ago, . one of them was damaged. I thought I will make a new breast enlargement after... READ MORE

Had Implants Removed (CC) , a Lift and a Fat Graft 6 Months Ago. Unhappy with Size. (photo)

Do I Go for Implants Again or Another Graft? first set silicone implants were moved and replaced after 17 years had no cc issues but warned about... READ MORE

Is there anything that will improve the flex distortion - animation deformity? Need excellent doc to fix this. (Photo)

I had a lift with 250cc implants 2/2014. I hated the deformity and feel of the inplants so had them removed 6 months later. It has been 6 months and I... READ MORE

Do I Need to Remove my Silicone Implants En Bloc After 6 Months?

I only had my implants for 6 months but I want to remove them. Do I need to do it "en bloc"? Is there a capsule that needs to be removed... READ MORE

Troubled by Breast augmentation and removal scars. What are my options? (Photos)

I had a breast aug June 2013, and immediately hated them! So, September 2013 I got them removed. 6 months later I'm happy with my removal decision,... READ MORE

I have a large lump like mass above my left breast where my pectoral muscle is located why is this happening?

I had my implants removed 6 months ago, I noticed the mass about a month ago It's located where my pectoral muscles are. Could this be an issue with... READ MORE

Why does the skin pull upwards after breast implant removal? (photo)

Unders removed 6 months ago with partial anterior capsulectomy. Skin pulls upwards on both breasts from the bottom. IMF incision. When I raise my arms... READ MORE

Can this adhesion be fixed or will it ever go away on its own? (photos)

I had my submiscular 17 year old saline implants removed 6 months ago under local anesthesia, no capsule removal. I have done daily massage at least... READ MORE

PBG Breast Augmentation and lift - bottomed out, removed and left with remnants of areola below my areola? (photo)

I am 6 month post removal of 375cc implants that bottomed out within 7 weeks of surgery. I had them removed 8 months following BA. My scars are awful,... READ MORE

I Had Breast Augmentation Surgery Post Op Problems?

On June 29,2012 I had breast augmentation surgery, 2 months later my incision opened due to infection and the implant was removed. At the six month... READ MORE

Foreign Object Found after Breast Augmentation. Anything I can do about this? (Photo)

Had BA done in March '15 n 1wk later I found a lump between my right breast and armpit near the top of my breast. My surgeon figured it was a swollen... READ MORE

Large hole in left breast and you can see the implant and it is BLACK. Why is that?

Had breast implants the 1st time in 1988. May of 2013 had implants removed due to rupture and new implants put in. October 15th had left breast redone... READ MORE

This July will be a little over 6 months since my left breast was removed again due to two infection! Any suggestions? (photo)

This July will be a little over 6 months since my left breast was removed again due to infection! never found out which infection even after all kinds... READ MORE

Why would my left breast that had an infection over 6 months ago still look this way? Both implants were removed. (photos)

Implants removed 6 mos. ago, I've had total 6 CC's since 1st BA in '90. Had radiation in '89 to upper body due to Hodgkins. I have been told that... READ MORE

Pain in and around breast after implant removal due to cc. Could it be related?

Implants removed 6 months ago. Pain is located within breast, around collar bone, and shoulder. I don't believe capsules were removed. Could it be... READ MORE

Why 6 months after implant removal do I still have burning sensations and pains on the side that was ruptured?

I explanted my Mem double lumen ( full capsulotomy) and still have burning sensation & I get electrical shock pains down into my toe and often in my... READ MORE

Help deciding what type of procedure to remove 6 month old silicone implants?

What is the difference between the types of removals? Removal of capsule vs removal of scar tissue vs. capsulectomy vs capsulotemy? Confused as to... READ MORE

Am I ready to get implants put back in?

It's been 6 months since I got implants removed from staph infection. I was told it wasn't my fault or the doctors fault in Mexico that this happened... READ MORE

I'm 65 had silicone implants 6 months ago. They're tubular; is it too soon to have them removed?

I'm an avid golfer. Not happy with them. A lot of my tissue underneath. Dr said probably would need a lift. I just want to be rid of them they are... READ MORE

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