3 Weeks Post-op + Breast Implant Removal

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Scar Tissue Left After Removing Breast Implants??

I had silicone breast implants and developed a capsular contracture on one breast. I got them removed 1 month ago and now I have developed a scar... READ MORE

Surgeon Just Told Me my Pics Look Like I Have Cc, Only 18 Days Post Op? (photo)

I have a red rash/bruise that is hard and bumpy to touch appear 16 days post op. My surgeon thinks this is cc and has told me to massage downwards in... READ MORE

Seroma? What Tests 2 Confirm This? How Much Fluid Needs to Be There Before Treatment is Done? when Does This Become a Problem?

I recently had my implants removed, July 29th. and I feel like the left side might be retaining some fluid. my left breast is slightly larger than the... READ MORE

Will These Improve? If Not What Are my Options? (photo)

3 weeks ago I had my 10 year saline implants removed. They were overs. I have noticed them change but as soon as I take of sports bra they head south!... READ MORE

Distorted Boob After Explant and Lift...what Can I Do? (photo)

Breast implant removal (500cc) with full anchor lift. I had my implants removed with a full lift, My left boob has this sucked in look. As if it is... READ MORE

Will I lose my nipple and square look? (photo)

I am week three - had implants removed and lift/ reduction. My right nipple scabbed and bleed first two weeks. Just wondering if i may still have a... READ MORE

How long for a hematoma after breast implant removal to absorb?

Hi, I had my breast implants removed 3 weeks ago and had drains in for 5 days. My right breast has had more fluid from day one and maybe shouldn't... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post-Op Explant Surgery, I Have Low Grade Fever and Still Hurt. Infection?

My implants were removed after having 15 infections and 2 "explore" surgeries over a 5 year period. My breasts are still tender and I am now... READ MORE

What creams and lotions do you recommend for skin elasticity? (photos)

I had breast implant removal and my skin is so very stretched and thin. Even the tape is pulling it and wrinkling it. I wanted to know if lotions and... READ MORE

Did They Really Have to Remove Implants Without Infection?

3 weeks since my surgery and my implants were removed today. I don't understand why removal was my only option. My fluids were negative for infection.... READ MORE

Implants removed and unhappy with result. (photo)

I had my 350cc implants removed 18 days ago after an MRI showed the left one was ruptured. While I feel great and am happy with my smaller chested... READ MORE

Seroma after explant and capsulectomies. It is possible that this will resolve or do I need to insist he take another look?

I had 25 year old silicone implants removed 20 days ago. One implant had very bad capsular contracture and the other was ok. PS had difficulty getting... READ MORE

Will this uneven crease smooth out? (photos)

Hello I had my implants removed 3 weeks ago, my concern is the incision under the right breast has been made above my own natural breast crease, and I... READ MORE

How long should the swelling take for a right revision capsulectomy? I'm 3.5 weeks post surgery and worried. (photo)

I think my PA took the drain out too early. Had it in for 6 days, but was still draining over 30mg every 12 hours. Can this be fixed without another... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Remove my Implants After Surgery?

I'm 25 years old and in 3rd week of post ops. Is it safe to remove my implants now?If not how soon can i do it? I had big implants and I can't handle... READ MORE

What are the hard lumps inside my breasts after explantation (saline)?

I had my breasts explanted (saline). It's been about 20 days post surgery and I'm feeling some hard lumps inside them. What could they be? My breasts... READ MORE

Could I Have an Internal Infection? Explantation 3 Weeks Exactly?

Please help I'm exactly 3 weeks today after an explantation. I had PIP's removed due to worry. They were not ruptured. Surgery went well. Stitches... READ MORE

Should I be worry of a infection? (photos)

I had a breast augmentation last year and had complication i had necrosis and had to get the implant remove i got the implant reput in 3 weeks ago and... READ MORE

Breast implant removal. How long do I need to wait before wearing a regular bra?

Hi. I had breast augmentation on July 10th and had them removed on August 10th (they weren't for me). Recovery has gone smoothly and my incisions have... READ MORE

55, 22 year old Mentor Smooth Implants, Explant 21 days ago, no lift, removed En Bloc from under the breast

Dr in another state. My concern is 2 days ago noticed my R nipple is pulled in. Still a lot of swelling around that area. Called Drs office, said not... READ MORE

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