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Increase Breast Cup Size from Gaining Weight After Fat Transfer?

I heard that fat transfer to the breast can only improve by 1 cup; but if I gain weight after, would my breasts be able to grow larger since more fat... READ MORE

Weight Loss Before Fat Transfer to Breast.

Hi there, I am considering fat transfer to my breasts. My Dr said that he could only transfer 150cc fat at a time due to lack of blood supply to my... READ MORE

Can I go from a C to a double D with fat transfer?

I'm 5'2 135 pounds and currently a full C cup. I don't want implants so I've been looking into fat transfer. Most of the reviews I've seen were... READ MORE

How much do you need to weigh for fat transfer breast augmentation?

I don't want implants. I weigh 98 lb and am 5'2. Would I not qualify to have a far transfer breast aug done? How much would I need to weigh? Should I... READ MORE

Can post fat transfer fat cells relocate in the body to new areas, causing weight gain where the body formerly did not?

I want to have breast augmentation surgery via fat grafting, but my concern is that since 100% of the fat does not remain in the breast, that it... READ MORE

How much extra weight is necessary for fat grafting?

I am 5'1" and weigh 106 pounds. How much extra weight do I need to gain in order to ensure there is enough fat to correct breast rippling and... READ MORE

For Tuberous Breasts, Will Brava Along With a High Card Diet to Gain Weight Attract Fat to My Breasts?

I have tuberous breasts and I am wondering if use of the Brava along with a high carb diet enough to steadily gain a pound or two per week would... READ MORE

Can you have multiple fat transfers?

I want to have fat grafted to my breasts but I would like a BBL done in the near future as well so my question is can I have fat grafted to my breasts... READ MORE

I had a fat transfer to my breast 5 weeks ago. What can I do to enhance/improve results? Will gaining a little weight help?

All of the swelling has subsided, so what I'm left with seems to be what it is going to be. Besides getting another transfer, what can I do to make... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat to do fat transfer to my breasts or should I gain a little weight to be a more successful surgery? (photo)

I'm interested in having fat transfer to my breasts after losing weight and my exercising I'm not happy with my breasts size fullness anymore. Do I... READ MORE

Will I be able to get a breast fat transfer?

I'm 18, 5"5 and weight about 108.5 lbs. Would I have enough fat or would I need to gain more weight? READ MORE

Will I gain weight in fat transfer sights?

I lost weight and plan on getting liposuction to pretty much top off my new, skinny/muscular body. On top of that, I plan on getting fat transfers to... READ MORE

Should I have another fat transfer?

I had fat transferred to my breast 6 months ago but the fat retention rate was around 20-40%. I had a B cup before the fat transfer and now I am still... READ MORE

Fat transfer for breast augmentation? One cup size increase. (Photos)

I'm interested in having fat transferred to the breast. I'm only looking for an increase of one cup size. My issue is that I'm quite slim and don't... READ MORE

Can I get fat transfer after having breast implants?

I had breast augmentation 2 months ago, but i have gaing weight in my thighs can i transfer these fats to my breasts after having implants in them? I... READ MORE

If I have fat transferred from my stomach to my breasts, will the fat ever return to my stomach?

Hi, I am wondering about liposuction of my stomach fat to my breasts. Since the liposuction will remove fat cells from my stomach, will I ever be able... READ MORE

After fat transfer breast augmentation can weight loss/gain lead to irregular breast changes? What irregularities could occur?

If a woman had fat transfer breast augmentation then lost or gained around 10lbs after the procedure (like a year later or directly after), would... READ MORE

Would I be able to get my tubular breasts fixed without implants? (photos)

My TBD has caused many problems in my life and I really want to get it fixed. I had my period at 11 and was one of the first girls in my class to grow... READ MORE

Is it possible to get fat transfer to breasts and then an uplift at a later date?

Hi I need to get an uplift but I'm not ready yet. I haven't decided if I'm done having kids. I know from experience that my breasts look better/ less... READ MORE

Breast reduction gone wrong. Am I a good candidate for breast fat transfer? (Photo)

Had a BR 12yrs ago and it was the worst decision ever. Before surgery was a 38 DDD. After the surgery I went down to a C cup. It's not so much the cup... READ MORE

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