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Fat Injections to Correct Breast Asymmetry?

I'm interested in having something done to my breast because the right side is one cup size smaller than the left. But I was wondering, can I have fat... READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting a Bad Idea to Correct Unevenness in the Breasts? (photo)

I am young (20), 5'5 122 lbs. My goal is to look and be as NATURAL as possible. 1 breast is a small B and one is a small C. I have moderate asymmetry... READ MORE

Can my Boobs Be Fixed? I Need Doctors Recommendations.

I have my fat transfer to my breast last May done by Doc. Roger Khouri in Miami breast center. But one boob is sagging after this surgery, the other... READ MORE

When Should I Get Fat Grafting?

Hi im 17 years old and i have a cup c36 and a cup a36 brasts. my right breast hasen't grown since i was doctor said it might grow out but if it... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a Fat Transfer Augmentation if I have Autoimmune/Crest Scleroderma issues? (photos)

Had silicone implants removed 1/14 due to autoimmune issues and crest scleroderma dx , they were 467 cc (DD) my natural breasts were a C cup.... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Breast Fat Transfer Vs Implants? (photos)

I'm 30 yo, 5'4", 145lbs, w/ breast size fluctuation in my early 20's from weight loss. They're small + uneven and make wearing bras w/ cups... READ MORE

My breast are saggy and uneven. Can fat transfer lift them? (Photo)

I do not want breast implants. Could fat transfer achieve lift and symmetry? What else are wrong with my breasts? READ MORE

Can I Use my Own Breast Tissue?

One of my breast is larger than the other by about a full cup size, maybe a little more. This makes it extremely difficult for me to find a well... READ MORE

What could the firmness/hardness 5 weeks after fat grafting breast augmentation be? (Photo)

I recently had explant and fat grafting, about 5 weeks ago with Dr. Khouri. I just got out of my breast splint, and am noticing that a large area... READ MORE

Can uneven breasts be fixed by fat transfer? (Photo)

I have very uneven breasts, my right is a UK E/F cup and the left is a C/D cup. Not only is size an issue but shape, the right is wider. Can asymmetry... READ MORE

Correcting uneven breast. Massage or not to massage breast after fat transfer? I am getting mixed answers. (Photo)

In order to correct my uneven breast I had a fat transfer. I REALLY want to ensure fat won't get reabsorb, especially from the smaller breast! After... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat to graft into breast? Also, can my fat be banked until I'm ready for fat transfer to breast? (Photo)

Do I have enough fat? Also, I'm wondering if banking my lipo fat until I'm ready for the Breast fat transfer is an option, say saving it less than a... READ MORE

Is it possible to determine whether breast fat transfer results were due to a bad surgeon? (photos)

I had a fat transfer from abdomen to breast done June 2016 (6 months ago now). There is still so much scar tissue and hardness, it is lumpy and uneven... READ MORE

Fat transfer to breasts - one noticeable larger than the other? (photos)

I had liposuction of the abdomen/flanks about a week ago, and the fat was transferred to my breasts. From the very moment I came home, it is very... READ MORE

Fat transfer breast augmentation; am I a good candidate or is this considered dangerous because of the blood thinners?

I have scoliosis my curve is 64 degrees.My breasts are uneven because my chest wall is rotated.It gets frustrating because I can't fit into a proper... READ MORE

Need a PS in Maryland using RENUVA or fat transfer to correct irregularities in breasts caused by rippling.

I had a capsular contracture on my left breast and after implants were replaced my left breast pec muscle was torn. Currently i have uneven ( rippling... READ MORE

Does fat transfer for breast augmentation last?

I was born with uneven breasts and have had 5 surgeries to correct it. After my most recent procedure, I am still slightly smaller on one side and my... READ MORE

Can you get a fat transfer to only one breast?

I have uneven breasts and just started looking into fat transfers. They are the same shape, my right breast is just smaller. I was wondering if it is... READ MORE

Can fat from another part of the body be used to enlarge a smaller breast and make it even with the larger breast?

My left breast is larger than my right breast, and I have read that implants my be the only way to go, reducing the larger breast and using an implant... READ MORE

Solution for uneven breasts? (photo)

Since puberty I have had uneven breasts. Would it be possible to get a slight reduction on the left (and bigger) side and have it placed in the right... READ MORE

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