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Breast augmentation surgery is any procedure that enhances the size and shape of a woman's breasts. It's frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or to restore breasts that have been affected by pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. The procedure can be performed using implants (either silicone or saline) or fat transferLEARN MORE ›

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Breast Augmentation to a Larger Size (From 300cc Saline to 500cc Silicone, 120lb, 5'8")

I did it to improve my look. I asked to be bigger and I don't feel he did that. He said I was too skinny. I had breast implants 2 weeks ago and I am not happy with the size he gave me. How long should I wait before he can do surgery to get the size that I want? I am 120 lbs, 5’8; I... READ MORE

Turned 40 and Wanted a Natural Augmentation

I had been considering breast implants for several years and when I turned 40..I just decided yes. I had a dillema regarding the size I am 5' 1" and 105 and wanted a natural appearance. I was torn between 270 and 300 ml implants. On the day of surgery I decided 300. From the moment... READ MORE

The Best Breast Augmentation One Could Hope for

Here are the pros: I have beautiful breasts that I enjoy, my husband enjoys, and the world frankly enjoys! Trust me, I can tell. Not too big, not too small. And they look 100% natural. I did my augmentation because I had two children and nursed each for over one year. The end results were... READ MORE

Chest Spasms After Breast Augmentation

I have experience excruating spasms to my chest more so after laying down and it has only been two weeks since surgery.i like the results but not the after excruiating spasm normal to the breast after breast augmentation READ MORE

Uneven Breast Augmentation (300cc Under Muscle)

I got it done because I never developed any chest.There was no pain at all until the stitches were removed. I have a lot of back pain but that's about it. The good thing now is that I can wear whatever I want and I have a chest now.I've had a breast augmentation five days ago and it's been... READ MORE

Recurrent Opening of Surgical Wound Post Breast Augmentation

I has saline implants placed under the muscles in Feb. The implants were not as soft as I thought they would be. I went back to my plastic surgeon and had him replace them with silicone in early Aug of the same year.Pros: I got bigger boobs, the silicone are much softer than the saline even... READ MORE

Nerve Pain Following Breast Augmentation (Silicone Implants to Correct Asymmetry)

I had breast augmentation to correct breast asymmetry. My right breast was smaller adn i was told i have a condition called Anterior Thoracic Hypoplasia. I had 240cc in my left breast and 280 in my right. Inframammary fold, sub-muscular position, tear drop silicone implants with texture, both... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation to Feel More Feminine

So far, I am really happy with the procedure and the result. I did it to feel more feminine and because men like breasts. It wasn't unbearably painful but the remaining inactive for a month is very hard.I was feeling very good 15 days after breast augmentation, so I broke the rules and played a... READ MORE

Redness and Stitches Left on my Breast Augmentation

I had a breast augmentation performed july 20. I did it to feel better about my self esteem. They are are still red and I still have stitches...and its red around the areola. But this is only happening on one breast.Its still red and I still have stitches left..What should I do? READ MORE

Not Happy with my First Breast Aug. Going Back for Revision.

I had my breast aug done in 2006 in orlando fl. I was very ayssemtrical to begin with and I consulted with him to fix this problem. I consulted with him and he decided to go over the muscle of course the easiest way and he put in 460cc implants filled the left to 475 and the right to... READ MORE

My Breast Augmentation Was Worth Every Dollar

I recently had a breast augmentation and would highly reccommend it,if that person has been thinking about it. I waited 20 years to have it done and yes, the first 3 days where very uncomfortable but getting past those days and having a wonderful surgeon and a very helpful husband made it... READ MORE

Extreme Pain 3 Years After Breast Augmentation...

Hi! 3 years ago I had a breast augmentation (went from a 32A to 32C- 300cc, under the muscle via the arm pit) and 3 months after that my left breast "bottomed out" and I had to wait a year to have reconstructive surgery. Exactly one year later I had it reconstructed and everything was... READ MORE

Don't Go Too Small!

I had my boob job done almost 2 and a half years ago, I had 280cc Silicone High Profile implants placed under the muscle through a crease incision. I would recommend having it done to a person who is thinking of it, but the reason why I have rated my satisfaction as 2 stars is that I was not... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Was the Best Decision! (450cc Undermuscle, TUBA)

I underwent the TUBA with saline implants under the muscle about 3 months ago. Best decission I ever made for myself. I am so happy witht the results. It has increased my self confidence a lot. I am 5'8'' tall and at that height having a small B cup size breasts didn't used... READ MORE

Lumps Following Breast Augmentation

Great till a year after i got the implants only one started to transform and the doctor told me to try to rub the lump out causeing a great amount of pain READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Wanted to Feel Better About Myself - Fayetteville, NC

I had breast augmentation to feel better about myself. I am very short and muscular, so I wanted to look more proportionate. I am pleased so far, despite the swelling. READ MORE

5'6" and 135, Saggy C to 550cc D/DD - Implants Are Too Big

It has been 4 weeks from my breast augmentation. I went from saggy C to D/DD with 550 cc. They are way too big and still very sore. I am 5'6 and 135. I wanted firm and to look sexy and thin but not fat and porno - which is how I feel now. Under muscle procedure with saline implants. How... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Gone Wrong

I got a breast augmentation done the beginning of December 2008 and in about a month in a half later I got a red sore around it. so I asked my doctor if it was infected and he stated that it was not. So, the next day it was worse. I work at a hospital so I took a picture of it and asked another... READ MORE

42 Y/o, 4 Children - Breast Augmentation and Lift

Im 42 years old and have had 4 children which Ive nursed all of them for at least a year each and due to nursing I have lost volume and have become very droopy.Have had breast augmentation with placement under the muscle and a vertical lift all at the same time 17 days still having pain... READ MORE

Lost 30kg, Got Breast Augmentation and Lift - Constant Pain

I had this surgery as i lost 30kgs and my breast were sagging very badly. I had implants and a breast lift february of last year 2008... I had my breasts lifted and augmented in February of last year, I fell pregnant in august and had my son 9 weeks ago. After surgery all was fine for a few... READ MORE

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