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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implants or fat transfers. LEARN MORE ›

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I have wanted big boobs ever since I can remember. I feel like a chunk of my life has consisted of self hate for my smaller chest and wishing/praying for big boobs. I knew it wasn't going to happen around age 8 when I realized the women in my family are ALL small framed with bigger booties. I... READ MORE

I have had three children back to back and breast fed them all. The toll from nurturing and multiple pregnancy weight changes left me with difficulty finding bras to fit right and forget bikini top shopping. After months of researching augmentation, and the decision that I was done brining... READ MORE

Absolutely LOVE MY NEW BREASTS! Dr. Pousti is an amazing surgeon and his staff are equally as amazing! They are so friendly and welcoming and are with you every step of the way! Any questions or concerns you may have, before or after surgery, they will undoubtedly help you and are only a phone... READ MORE

Hey girls! I'm having my BA in 2 weeks and since this site was SO helpful, I decided to show my very own progress. I'm going with 295cc moderate profile (3,9cm projection, 11.75 cm width), under the muscle. I was thorn between 275cc and 295cc since I want a super natural look. I am really... READ MORE

After reading many helpful reviews I've decided to share my story!! I always had small boobs and was fine with them, until ai finished nursing my 2nd baby! Saggy and smaller than before, and it's time to change that! My doc is recommending a lift, but I'm going with the BA first an hoping that... READ MORE

So I finally decided to create my review on here, although I haven't had my surgery, I have decided on my surgeon and my date, and basically everything else in between. I am currently a 34A, but I don't completely fill out my bra anyway. Will post in more detail once I get the hang of posting on... READ MORE

Recently decided on BA and am shopping around at the moment..getting info and trying to educate myself as much as I I definitely am reading as many reviews as I can. Not sure which type I need at this time..I just want to upsize from my size D to a DD. I want a change but not an... READ MORE

Had my breast aug today with Dr Roxanne Grawe from Roxy plastic surgery. 400cc high profile silicone,surgery went well. No pain just some tightness and pressure, I found that walking around helps with that. some before and same day post op pics. Hoping to be large C small D. I am also happy to... READ MORE

I highly recommend Dr. Dreszer. From beginning to end, he and his staff went above and beyond to make my experience as comfortable and care free as possible. Dr. Dreszer is a seasoned professional with a warm bedside manner. I could not be more thrilled with the results from my surgery! He took... READ MORE

Hello all! So I've been a bit of a lurker on this website and finally decided to get my boobs done. I have been really self conscious of my breasts for as long as I can remember. Currently I am a small B but my procedure will hopefully bump me up to a D. I appreciate any and all advice and... READ MORE

Before I had kids my boobs weren't big but at least were perky. I've always wanted a BA (want cleavage) but wanted to wait until after kids. Well we're definitely done & a BA has been on my mind for some time. I've done my research & now I'm obsessing over it but too chicken to schedule... READ MORE

I got surgery on 5/11. Got 500cc HP under mussle. Before I was like 32A I have to wear sports bra for like a month so I'm not sure what size of bra I'm going to wear but hopufully D or DD. Still in a pain and has bruises and constipated badly because of the pain meds? Overall I'm happy that... READ MORE

I am 5'4 , 120lbs very athletic. Before kids I was small, 34 A but perky. I wouldn't say I was 100% happy with my boobs, I had always thought about having an augmentation but at the time it was totally unrealistic financially. Fast- forward a few years, 2 kids later my once small but perky A... READ MORE

Hello everyone, You can call me G, I'm 20 years old 5'6 1/2" and 140lbs. I have always wanted boobs ever since i can remember. My mom and sister both have small boobs and i know my boobs won't grow any more so I gave up on thinking that I'd grow into them. I have a really nice butt and flat... READ MORE

I couldn't be happier with the way my breast surgery with Chris Moss turned out. His pre and post care is fantastic and I felt safe and confident in his hands at all time. He spent time with me working out the perfect size for my body and they are exactly what I wanted. They look so natural and... READ MORE

I had my consult 4/10, paid my deposit yesterday and scheduled my BA for 8/5. My pre-op date is 7/20. The PS said I had great elasticity, symmetry, and breast tissue, so round or shaped implants would achieve my desired look. He suggested inframammary incision w/ a sub muscular placement,... READ MORE

I have been small chested my entire life. Coming from a family of well endowed ladies, I patiently waited for my breasts to appear throughout my teens and early twenties. After all that waiting, I managed to top out at barely fitting a 32B. And as my stepmother used to say, I could wear a... READ MORE

Tomorrow I have my appointment to pick the size, I've been wanting a BA for as long as I can remember it's all I think about! But today I'm feeling extremely nervous and that this is selfish of me :/ did anyone else feel this way before It was officially finalized? Also I'm stuck between 350cc... READ MORE

I've always been a very small statured gal all around, and there definitely are prejudices against it. Being born small and skinny, people just assume I don't eat, are anorexic, or I'm so lucky to be naturally skinny. Well we all have our insecurities. Mine is that my body looks like a 12 year... READ MORE

Very athletic. Started doing Crossfit a year ago and weight lifting caused me to lose a lost of breast volume which made me decide I wanted to get a BA for a more womanly shape. Went from high B to around a D i would guess. 400 cc silicone breast augmentation under the muscle, (incision under... READ MORE

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