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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implants or fat transfers.
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Growing up as a teenager, I was never one the girls to have big boobs. I am thinking about getting breast augmentation next year, so I can finally become a booby girl lol. I am currently at 34B and 5'9. I want boobs so my body can look portioned. I set up a consultation with doctor Adam Kolker... READ MORE

Finally decided to go for it and improve my boobs after time and children have taken their toll. I'm having a BA & uplift, 450 ml high profile and I can't wait. Originally meant to have the op last week with a different surgeon but the clinic cancelled me the night before due to the surgeon... READ MORE

So after 2 years of being flat chested after losing 3 stone and weight lifting I've finally decided to do it!!! Really excited to meet my surgeon but for now I'll take about my consultation at Harley Medical Group. I decided to have my operation there after researching surgeons and also going to... READ MORE

I cannot tell you how happy I am today. I cried with joy the first day I could see my new boobs !!! Not only is DR PINELLA a top surgeon in his field . He is compassionate and caring . My surgery combined the following . removal of old implants. A lift and new implants. My new size is... READ MORE

Hi guys! I just wanted to start out by saying this website has helped me sooo much! I have been thinking about a BA since I was 18! I got married at a young age and my husband is a marine so it just kept getting pushed aside due to deployments, training and moving! Well I finally convinced him... READ MORE

I have been feeling uncomfortable with my boobs since I've been 14. I've tried dealing with it and for awhile I would feel better. But again I would start getting anxiety. I felt so bad when I would be out with my boyfriend and there was a woman with bigger breasts than me. I wanted to crawl... READ MORE

Hey everyone I am looking to get implants, I am currently a 32B now, I am wanting to achieve at least a DD.. I am thinking 400/500cc. I am hoping to get Natrelle implants, they also do eurosillicone but not heard many good reviews on them?! I am looking for ladies with similar stats or any info... READ MORE

My surgery is scheduled on April 13th, with Dr. Revis in Fort Lauderdale, I am considering to get silicone implants between 550-650cc or above, I have a small frame, I'm 97lbs, 5'2, I am a 32B, really want to get rid of padded bras, so I would like to get advises here from y'all ladies! Im so... READ MORE

My goal is a full C, small D. My surgery date is April 21st. I just want to be proportioned with natural looking and feeling breast. I've chosen silicone implants and Dr. Colgrove (Atlanta, Georgia) as my surgeon. I don't have any friends to directly ask any questions to about the procedure. I'm... READ MORE

Hi all! My surgery has been scheduled. Super nervous! I am currently a 32A and debating on implant sizes ranging from 400-500 cc saline implant. I really want to restore fullness destroyed by breastfeeding as well as go up significantly in size. I will keep everyone posted on the details! Wish... READ MORE

I was always a 32 small B. Barely filling it in. I always wanted breast augmentation but feared going under the knife. Then after have my kids I waited until I felt they were old enough. Now they are 12, 9, & 6. I felt it was time to do something for me. It's a gift to me for my upcoming 40th... READ MORE

So my bob job is in just over 10 days. I'm so excited and nervous!!! I'm totally premenstrual atm and my little girls have been so swollen! They seem like they know what's going to happen and are saying 'look! Look how big we are!!!' They've calmed down a bit now, I am actually going to miss... READ MORE

I've always hated my boobs. I've gained and lost so much weight in my life that my poor boobs were very damaged. I finally got the courage up to do them and my husband wouldn't allow it. We divorced and HELLO new boobs! I had a friend who got hers done from a local guy who worked at DGMC... READ MORE

My Dr was amazing. He's such a gentleman and would refer him. Dr Poser has changed my life. Unfortunately I was in a really bad car accident 4 days after so in still waiting for bruising and swelling to go down but they have been in contact with me the entire time. Dr Poser even came in on his... READ MORE

After yrs of procustination, I have finally plucked up courage to attend my first ever PS consultation in Perth WA Feeling very deflated at mo as seemingly my status is always going to define who I am. My PS was very friendly today but a bit reluctant to consider me for the breast augmentation... READ MORE

After spending months on here following other girls' journeys I can finally say that today is the day I will have boobs for the first time in my life! I've always been naturally slim and never grew in the chest department despite being told I would as all females in my family are well endowed... READ MORE

Hello i am 34 years old and i have breastfeeded 2 children. My last one is 2 months now. I am 1,71 meters high and my Weight now is 67 but i used to Weight 63. I do not fit 90a bra neither 85a... I meseared 84cm under breast and 90/91cm on... Please give me advices to choose size, position... READ MORE

Extremely excited for my surgery on Monday. I'm currently an A cup planning for 450-500cc ultra high profile implants. I am wanting a D cup post operatively. Dr. Says this will be proportional for my body shape. I'm 5'6 125lb. Any advice for surgery preparation or immediate post op tips/tidbits... READ MORE

Cruuently a 32 a, very skinny, 100 lb., 5'5", mother of 2 girls as stated, 43 years of age and want to have shapely figure. Currently flat chested...nursed both then...all that could go wrong with nursing did. Huge mastitis infection that the medication from that killed whatever I may have had... READ MORE

Surgeon: Jacob Freiman Coordinator: Karina Surgery Date: June 21st Implants: Saline BMI: 19 Height: 5'2 Weight: 104 pounds Hey y'all, my name is London and I'm a 21 year old woman who's ready to begin feeling sexy without the aid of padding , fillers and contouring. Right now I'm out of... READ MORE

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How much does Breast Augmentation cost?

The typical cost for Breast Augmentation ranges from $3,600-$6,800 with an average cost of $6,450. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 14,628 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more