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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat transfers, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›

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Hello! So here's a run down of what's going on with me. I've ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS had small boobs. I'm a very confident person but my itty bitty's have always been an issue for me. I can remember when I got married, I was dang near flat-chested! I even had those inserts in my bra and that... READ MORE

I am so happy that I did this! I am only 1 day post-op, but I know I will be feeling much more confident once my breasts settle into place. I have always been extremely pear shaped. I am 5'4 1/2 and 130 lbs and my prior measurements were 33-27-39. My doctor told me I have a 12.5- 12 bwd and that... READ MORE

So yesterday I went to my consultation and I absolutely loved it! I have been thinking of breast augmentation for years now and I am finally ready to feel like a woman with some curves :) Some background on myself, I am very petite 5,3' 110lbs and barely an A. Right now I'm trying to decide... READ MORE

It's so difficult to tell how big they will end up after surgery as they look so different on different frames! All drawn up! How long till sensation comes back to your nipples? They're totally numb! Is this normal? READ MORE

I went in feb.17 2015 for my consult, didn't really feel rushed but I did forget everything I needed to ask, and honestly didn't know what to ask or expect I was kinda hoping he would know most woman don't and just tell me anyways.. dr. Hedden said I need a lift with my ba but I'm 27 and I don't... READ MORE

I am a mom of 2 boys. I nursed both for a short period and unfortunately lost every bit of breast tissue. (Or so it seemed) I had my procedure done around 9 this morning. It's currently 2 pm and I have had 12 chicken nuggets and a soda. (Very unhealthy, I know) I did get extremely nauseous on... READ MORE

I had my BA surgery today so I wanted to write a review because this site helped me so much before my surgery. I'll keep updating my progress and hopefully help some of you out! :) I have wanted bigger breast my entire life and I'm so glad I got the chance to finally have my surgery. I always... READ MORE

I am 5'2 and 120 lbs. Not only are my breasts small but also ugly to me with big areolas. I booked a modest 240 Cc BA. And No Lift. Is there anyone here like me?? The reason for no lift is because I think I will be happy with just bigger natural looking breasts. I'm not looking for perfection.... READ MORE

I came across Dr Casper through realself and after reading his reviews and looking through his before and afters I decided to have a consultation with him. I saw him today for the first time. We talked for about an hour. He is very energetic and informative. You can definitely tell he loves what... READ MORE

For years I have been on the fence about getting a breast augmentation. For a while I had myself convinced that I wasn't going to get one because "they don't look or feel the same" and "if someone doesn't love me for who I am, then to hell with them". While the second still holds true, I have... READ MORE

Hello ladies This is all new to me, but I am a 38 yr old women with 3 sons. I have always been a 34A even after having my children. For as many as 15 years I been considering getting breast implants, but my husband and I both didn't feel to comfortable with that decision. As the years past I... READ MORE

I'm 63 years old, 5' 3", 133 lbs. I've been on a diet and have lost 15 lbs but a lot of it came from my boobs it seems. Sometime back in November my husband and I somehow got on the subject of bigger boobs and he told me if that's what I wanted he could make that happen. After a little research... READ MORE

Had my first consult today. The staff and Dr. Ness are amazing. Organized. Clean office. Easy to talk to and easy to take your shirt off for... Ha. So excited. I'm 5'11, 155 lbs and over the last year and a half I've been thinking about getting a breast consult. I am not petite and my melons... READ MORE

CG Cosmetics Sucks. They rushed me thru the whole process like clock work. Took my Bfs payment over the phone immediately however didn't follow up with receipt or paper work he had to sign until I harassed them for it... The price they advertise does NOT include everything as stated. I had to... READ MORE

Had my first consult today, went so well I went ahead and scheduled surgery. eeepp, I'm excited, nervous and cant wait for the 26th to get here! I am 110 lbs and am pretty petite, so I am hoping the 450 looks like a d but not super fake. I tried the sizes on loved the 450cc. everything else just... READ MORE

I got under the muscle low profile saline implants and told the doctor I didn't want larger than 350. One was filled to 350 and the other 380. The one that's filled to 380 was also "tunneled" down in the muscle to make even. I do not like the side that is 380. It is larger and doesn't fit in... READ MORE

After having a baby and breastfeeding and having a benign tumor removed I became very uneven and unhappy with the look of my breasts. So after meeting with Dr. Zannis I decided to have a Breast Augmentation! I am soooo happy with that decision! Dr. Zannis and his team are wonderful! They... READ MORE

Getting really anxious because my surgery date is coming up. Growing up I never really thought about getting breast implants because I had really nice boobs. I was 5'4, 110lbs, with a full C/small D cup. Then I got pregnant and near the end of pregnancy I was at a DDD. Then slowly but surely my... READ MORE

My turn to share my journey! After 3 different consultations I finally choose a doctor and booked my surgery date!!! Dr. Cambeiro will be performing my surgery on February 12th, the earliest date they could squeeze me in, which I'm so thankful for since I start my new job mid-March. Dr.... READ MORE

Hey All, Where to start! I'll try not to ramble! I have always been self conscious about my breast size since I started developing and the realization set in around my mid teens that they weren't likely to get any bigger than what I barley had. I have always felt VERY non proportionate. Not to... READ MORE

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