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Breast augmentation surgery is any procedure that enhances the size and shape of a woman's breasts. It's frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or to restore breasts that have been affected by pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. The procedure can be performed using implants (either silicone or saline) or fat transferLEARN MORE ›

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Dr McFadden came highly recommended from clients and fellow coworkers who have used him for an array of services. I've had one consultation which made me feel good enough to sign the dotted line the following week. Size was never discussed too much- I just said I wasn't looking for... READ MORE

Growing up, I never had boobs. After my teens I was a tiny A cup and I just learnt to survive with push up and padded bras. Pre-pregnancy at 27 I was a modest B cup. I had got used to my small perky breasts and had grown to love them especially after meeting my husband who loves small breasts... READ MORE

Hey ladies! Jut a little background of me. I'm 26 years old with 3 girls who I breastfed. I just quit breastfeeding my third and last baby who is 16 months old. I use to be a solid C but after babies and breastfeeding I'm a aa. Now that I'm done having babies I've started researching and looking... READ MORE

I saw 2 surgeons before I met Dr. Wagner, and he was exactly what I wanted! He and his staff were very caring and knowledgeable. He gave me exactly what I wanted, and I can not say enough great things about him!! I had breast augmentation, subglandular, 400 cc, went from large A cup to small D... READ MORE

I've spent years lurking around on real self. Probably since I was 13. Luckily, this prepared me with all the questions to ask at my consultation and helped me find/ research my Dr pretty well before committing to the procedures. I went to see Dr. R Reish and after that I was completely sure... READ MORE

Hello! Here is my patient review to be posted on the PSF. Since I was younger I had always wanted a breast augmentation. My breasts were always deflated and I always felt like they did not match my age! I would always wear push up bras, with lots of extra padding to try and fill how deflated my... READ MORE

Decided after years of wanting fuller breast and a smaller waist to save up and get a little something for me. I have 4 children and having breast fed them all, my breast have lost some volume and slightly sag a bit. My tummy area isn't too bad but I want to fix what dieting and exercising... READ MORE

As a teen and a young adult, I was always happy with my breasts. They weren't huge, but they were perky and had a nice shape. I definitely never considered having a breast augmentation during this time. After breastfeeding however.. things changed! My boobs weren't terrible.. but I definitely... READ MORE

About a year ago after I stopped breastfeeding my third I started thinking about implants. My breasts have always been on the larger size but shrunk and sagged after my third. I was about a dd and now I would say I am a C but not a perky c, a saggy c with no "meat" in my breasts. I didn't even... READ MORE

I have a 12 year old son, who I breastfed for 8 months, and along with weight loss, I'm left with deflated boobs which have got me down for many years. I've decided that this is something I really want, after thinking about it for a decade! In one week time I'm going to have new boobs. I am... READ MORE

I am booked in for breast augmentation on the 20th of jan 2016. I currently have very slight tuberous breasts that are empty from weight loss. I am apparently a 38b UK according to my surgeon although I tend to wear 36C bras that are extremely padded. I have faded stretch marks around my... READ MORE

So im 14 days out from my surgery... sooo scared/nervous/excited/happy/anxious... ive been religiously following the other women on this site.. tmw is my pre op!!! i have had 4 beautiful children which i breastfed 2 of them they have officially deflated.. and its caused a huge impact on my self... READ MORE

Hi RealSelf community! As many of you, I've been doing a lot of research and reading many reviews. My breast consultation is coming up shortly (Jan.8) and I'm debating what size I should get. I'm afraid of being top heavy as I have a petite frame but based on the many reviews here boob greed is... READ MORE

Feedback is MUCH appreciated! I am getting my BA this Friday and I am in dire need of advice. I opted to be placed on standby. Reason being is that I called my PS to have him rush order 650cc silicone HP's as opposed to my 'original' choice of 700's. I say 'original' because at my first... READ MORE

Wow am I ever nervous but excited, I made my pre-op appointment for September 12th 2016. Surgery date is the September 14th, quick 1 day in between but it'll be good. I have been reviewing several profiles trying to find the best size for me... Thank you to everyone who has shared their stories... READ MORE

I had my consultation about a week ago and I am so over joyed about getting my boobs done. I have wanted this for so long!! I am a 36A or a 34B wanting to go to a C. My doctor said to achieve that I would have to go 450cc's. Does that sound about right? Here I am trying on 400 on the right and... READ MORE

I decided to get a breast augmentation as I had finished BF three children. I wanted to fill the loose skin. I chose to have tear drop implants under the muscle. I went from a a/b cup to a d cup. I had surgery as a day case. It took about one month before I had no post op pain. It took about... READ MORE

I had a BA a week ago and so far results are amazing. Couldn't be happier. Very nervous at first, but glad I went through with it. Still feeling a bit sore but I guess its part of healing process. I no longer have to take prescribed medication only taking over the counter medications. Can wait... READ MORE

I've wanted breast implants my entire life. I've been a small B until after children and breastfeeding/pumping. Now I'm an A as you can see. I'm slightly overweight which I hope I can lose after surgery. I don't have a great pocket for implants, but don't particularly like the look of... READ MORE

I'm 5'7 . 120 pounds . I've been contemplating on getting a BA for the past few years and have decided ... It's about that time . I've been in contact with a few doctors but considering my friend is having a bbl in February and asked me to go with her . I'm considering cg cosmetics. I'm like... READ MORE

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