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Breast augmentation surgery is any procedure that enhances the size and shape of a woman's breasts. It's frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or to restore breasts that have been affected by pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. The procedure can be performed using implants (either silicone or saline) or fat transferLEARN MORE ›

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Amazing Results Far Better Than I Ever Would Have Expected.

Dr. Lincenberg is more than a plastic surgeon. He is an artist. I had the most pleasant experience with my first plastic surgery procedure. He and his staff were amazing. I am about to go to Dr. Lincenberg once again for a second procedure. I would recommend Dr. Lincenberg for any plastic... READ MORE

54, 5'3", 115 lbs., breastfed 3 kids, 485 cc Natrelle under and so happy!

I have always been a "nearly A" cup size. I breastfed four children and have very saggy, small breasts. I just turned 54 and decided that I want to finally do this as a birthday present to myself. I am tired of never finding clothing or bras that fit me. I hope that I will finally have the... READ MORE

About Me/ Consultation Review

Hey my name is Ashley and I'm getting a Breast augmentation towards the end of this year. I went to Southern Surgical Art for my consultation and I think they're wonder. The staff is polite, nice, and very professional. I seen Dr. Vince Gardner and he was very professional he answered most of my... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - GB

Hi , for years I have have wanted a 'boob job 'as they say ... Finally have the opportunity so taking it! Have my pre op tomorrow nervous/excited at the same time! Any advice and reassurance welcomed! I have read many stories in here and you all seem so supportive would love to be part of the... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 3 Kids, 5'3, 138lbs, Going from a Small B to 450cc's - Fresno, CA

I've wanted to have a breast augmentation since my teenage years but because something always came up I never was able to get one. I am now older, have finished having my kids, and I am ready. My surgery is scheduled for 10/11/16, I'm so excited, I can't wait. I will be getting 450 cc's Saline... READ MORE

25 Yo Mommy of Twins Deflated Boobs and Want a New Me - Shreveport, LA

Plastic surgery has been on the table since before my twins were born. My husband and I were both of the mindset that if I was very dissatisfied with my post baby body, once i had reached a healthy goal weight, then we would consider some type of mommy makeover. Well I only gained 40 lbs with my... READ MORE

33 Year Old Wanting to Fill in Small, Saggy Balloon Boobs - Flower Mound, TX

It's only been 2 days since the procedure, so I want to get this in before I forgot. Day 1 (the afternoon following the surgery) was bad. It hurt like a mofo and I was getting sick from the anesthesia and pain meds. Still waiting for the results, which I know will take several months. I will... READ MORE

Deciding Between Breast Augmentation Vs Mommy Makeover

I have been a passive participant on this forum for the past 1-2 years. I have just scheduled consultations to continue my journey. I am certain I will pursue breast augmentation, but much less certain about additional help in my abdominal area. I hope the consultations will help me decide.... READ MORE

32 Years Old - 34A - 135lbs. - 5' 3" - No Children - Filipina - Very Active

Hi RealSelf Ladies! Just wanted to start documenting my journey to get a BA! So i've always wanted bigger fuller breast but the only thing that was holding me back was the actual surgery and recovery itself. Now at 32 and after many of my friends getting a BA, i've decided to get over my fears... READ MORE

32 Year Old, 120 Lbs, 5'9", 310CC Moderate Plus Silicone, under the muscle

I discovered this site through my research and have found it so helpful in guiding me through what other girls have experienced. I've been born lucky with having a fast metabolism, but have always wanted larger boobs to make me look more proportionate and to match my booty :) I have booked 3... READ MORE

27, Mom of 2, 34A, 5'6 131lbs

Going to Florida in February to have a breast augmentation with Dr. Lawrence Scott Ennis. I had a brief skype consultation and loved the way he explained everything and answered any questions or concerns I had. I will do another consultation in person to choose implant size and type. I am going... READ MORE

Tubular Breast Reconstruction

Feel like it's time to start a review! :) I hated my tubular breasts when I was growing up and was so expecting them to continue growing. Even when I was 20 I still got my hopes up because I read an article about how they can start growing again in your twenties. I pretty much figured it out... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Anatomicals and Fat Transfer - Spain, ES

I am not so much a posting person but I guess if you want to show appreciation to a cosmetic surgery clinic in modern times the nicest way to say thank you is this. I wanted to get my boobs bigger ever since I can think of.i live in gibraltar and there is an abundance of clinics on offer on the... READ MORE

27 Y/o, No Kids, Been Wanting This Since I Was 12

As long as I can remember I have always wanted larger breasts, when I was graduating from Jr high I remember talking to my sister about how I knew I wasn't going to be gifted with ample breasts but how badly I wanted them and what’s more, how I felt like I was meant to have them. I've rocked t... READ MORE

26, 5ft 7, 59kg, Heavy Weight Trainer, 1 Child...breastfed. 410cc Round Silicone Overs - Birmingham UK

Hi ladies, So I booked up a couple of days ago with George samouris with the hospital group in London and all is paid for my procedure which is just 3 weeks away today! 30th August! Eeek!! Need to go up to Birmingham for the procedure so won't be a nice journey back but I was really happy with... READ MORE

28 Years Old, No Kids, 5'4" ~115lbs, Natrelle Inspira 365cc Full Profile; 32B - 32DD/DDD - Toronto, ON

Hey All, Where to start! I'll try not to ramble! I have always been self conscious about my breast size since I started developing and the realization set in around my mid teens that they weren't likely to get any bigger than what I barley had. I have always felt VERY non proportionate. Not to... READ MORE

24 Years Old. One Kid. 36A to D, 525cc Sub Muscular Silicone. - Saint Louis, MO

After a 35 lbs weight loss I had my procedure done. So glad I did! Love my new body in everyway. I feel more proportional and no more padded bras! Pain wasn't that bad post op but I should have rested more. Dr. Prada is the best and I am so glad I went with him. You won't regret it either!... READ MORE

The Beginning- Its Booked!

Im 18 years old and from as young as i can remember ive always wanted breasts, I remember everyone telling me not to worry as puberty will sort it out unfortunately that wasn't the case, im still a 32A/ AA and very unhappy with my size, i have tried many things before surgery like going to a... READ MORE

21 Years Old - Houston, TX

I am Wanting to get 500cc or 550 cc of saline implants, I'm still not sure if they're exactly what I want but it's what I have in mind.. when I get my procedure done I will update more. I'm 20 years old, 5'3 height 134 weight lean body type go to the gym 4 to 5 days a week been wanting this for... READ MORE

5'1 112lbs, 560cc silicone inspiras

Hi, so I thought I would document my journey here in hopes to help others and also to get answers from real people who have been through plastic surgery before. I've wanted bigger boobs since puberty came and missed me lol. I've done everything to make myself appear to have bigger boobs taking... READ MORE

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