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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implants or fat transfers. LEARN MORE ›

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Hi, I had my op 12 hours ago. My goal was very natural slopped breasts, not too big, just filled back up. I wanted to keep a slight fold to keep them natural looking. I have breast fed 3 children. It's very early but right now they are very solid and fake looking. I have no food and they... READ MORE

I'm tired of having no boobies and have decided to finally go for it. I have to wait till early 2016. So I will do research and try and wait patiently. I plan on having a consultation with Kamran Khoobehi, MD in New Orleans soon. Will let everyone know how that goes. I know I definitely want... READ MORE

I have been planning to get a breast augmentation for 10 plus years and was super scared because of all the horror stories I've heard about the unbearable pain. Well , I must say there was no pain at all and the 24h recovery is for real. The next day I was able to drive my car!!!! My overall... READ MORE

I'm so happy I found this website!! It's helped me start to make decisions on my road to breast augmentation. I've worn a padded bra my whole life, since I started getting boobs, at about age 11. At most, I've maxed out at a 36B, when not breastfeeding. My mom would always tell me, "don't... READ MORE

I have been wanting a BA for as long as I can remember. I am 31 years old, no children and just couldn't stand feeling like I looked like a twelve year old girl undressed. I didn't want to do it for the attention but just to feel like a woman. I am 5'7", 117lbs and 27" ribcage (very petite) so I... READ MORE

So yesterday I had a consultation with dr desai, im 5"3 128 lbs, currently 32b (i think i lost weight first that goes is my boobs:( . im still not sure about the size I want! I tried on the bras, my right boob is a little smaller then the left so he has to go 50 cc bigger on the right boob! Dr... READ MORE

Am really unhappy with size assured 400cc would get me a D cup but feel really small considering I still have swelling to go down ???? not sure if they will re operate as I was told that I couldn't go any bigger but I still have plenty of skin. Really nice hospital in dolan park and the staff... READ MORE

I made a very whimsical decision to get an Augmentation as an easier substitue to the surgery i really wanted (Adominoplasty) One of my GF's has seen him for a Life and Augment so i knew he was good. I didnt realise how good. The Consult was easy, i was sent away to have a think. Not a trace... READ MORE

Previous full 32B, then jumped to a full 34C/D when pregnant and breast feeding, to now a deflated small 34B. Always wore extremely padded bras (the 2 sizes bigger ones) but feel so self conscious in front of my "husband to be" ... I barely take my top off in front of him. We are getting married... READ MORE

PRE-SURGERY: contacted Dr. Lanzer through here about a month prior to my scheduled date and straight away I got a reply from Brad, his assistant. Everything was so detailed, he explained everything that I needed to know. When it's medical related, he would squeeze me into Dr. Lanzer's time so I... READ MORE

I hit puberty at 12, grew breasts for 5 minutes, and stopped. I've never actually NEEDED a bra, and could barely fill out a 36A with silicone chicken cutlet enhancers. I consoled myself with the thought that I'd have kids some day and grow boobs when that time came along. Fast forward to today... READ MORE

Scheduled surgery for March 17th! I am thin and live a fairly active lifestyle. I would like a natural, full look and think 270-low 300s will get me there. Expecting to be a C cup post-op. Right breast is significantly smaller than my left. There is a 1 cm projection difference, however, in... READ MORE

I'm hoping after surgery I will have a full D cup I've always wanted nice full breast something that would look great in a bikini :-) I can't wait for my BA I'm nervous and excited I've watched every video on YouTube lol and can't stop looking at pics I'm just ready for the 15th to be here... READ MORE

So I have been debating for a long time about getting BA done. And here I am 2 years later scheduling my appointment for my new boobies!! Two weeks can't go by soon enough! I have had my appointment with dr. Koch. Overall a great experience. He covered everything I needed to know about before... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I'm a 36 yo mother of 3. I lost 35lbs about 2 1/2 years ago & with my weight loss I loss my breast.. I have been considering this for about 1 year now & just recently started my consults..I'm 32B ish & want a full D.. I have done 3 so far & am in love with the second doctor. I... READ MORE

Hello! I am looking to get boobs and I am trying to figure out what size I want to go and everything! I am a perky 32 b right now but my boobs are round and just not full enough they look great in a bra but flatten outside of a bra and look like pancake boobs so I would like them to be more full... READ MORE

Okay, I've been wanting breast implants for a while and I finally mustered up the courage to go through with the procedure. My goal was to do the consultation/ pre op all in one day and ask for soonest opening to have the surgery performed. Well, I had my consultation/Pre-op yesterday and it... READ MORE

Always wanted bigger breasts but was worried about how they would look because I'm really small built. So finally got my 375cc round silicon implants. I'm now 5 days post op. Still in pain. They are bigger than what I wanted but they say it will get smaller because it's swollen and hasn't... READ MORE

I was very flat chested and my breast were heading south at a fast rate. I decided to have my BA to boost my confidence in myself. It took a lot of research before i made my decision and yes im pleased that i did. The pain is bearable if you stick to what your Dr tells you to do, and relax when... READ MORE

I am having my surgery on August 9. And the initial consultation was last Wednesday. I have chosen Dr. Pugash to perform the surgery. I was waiting for the consultation since June 2015, and here I am... Dr. Pugash was the only doctor i went to, and even though i had to wait for consultation... READ MORE

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