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Breast augmentation surgery is any procedure that enhances the size and shape of a woman's breasts. It's frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or to restore breasts that have been affected by pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. The procedure can be performed using implants (either silicone or saline) or fat transferLEARN MORE ›

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29 Y/o, 2 Kids, 144# and Ready for my 605 Cc's!

I went to a few consultations back in January. The first doctor leaned more on the "natural look" side of things, so I knew I needed to keep looking. My consultation with Dr. Robert True was high energy and everyone was so friendly! I canceled my remaining consultations because I just knew he... READ MORE

38 yr old 2 kids 152lbs 5'3 545CC Naturell Inspira 410

My recovery is going good so far. I love my boobs!!! I had my BA on Feb 17th and at the one month period I ended up in the hospital for some type of Infection or allergic reaction to the implants. My doctor and hospital doctors weren't sure what was wrong with me. Needless to say I'm doing well.... READ MORE

29 yr...5'9...140lbs wth 1 child...495cc silicone high profile

So after what felt like forever...I've decided to get my boobs done. I had small perky ones before my son. But I BLEW UP when I got pregnant (boobies only thankfully lol) I went from a 32B to a 38DD! They were massive. I couldn't even fit Victoria's Secret. And then I breastfed which put me in a... READ MORE

Boob Job- Worst Decision of my Life.

I was an AA before my breast augmentation. I wanted boobs so bad- so I got them. I never really thought twice about it. Well I started experiencing health problems shortly after that I ended up connecting to my implants. I got an explant 11 months later and long story short, my surgeon who put... READ MORE

5'0 128lbs 450cc HP Silcone

Dr. Pugash in Vancouver, BC Absolutely amazing! During my consult Dr. P was extremely thorough I think I only asked one question and the rest he answered though consult. I left feeling super confident and extremely excited! Went in for my pre-op last Monday. My goal size was a full C to... READ MORE

22 year old w/ a 1year old kid, always wanted bigger boobs

Hey guys so this website has gave me a lot of help with research and the decision of who I want to do my BA. So I'm here to help someone also. I have 1 kid and I didn't breast feed but I started as a 34b before I had him and now I'm a 32a ????. I've always wanted bigger boobs since I was like... READ MORE

36yrs, 5ft 1, 126lbs, BA, 280cc Natrelle style 20 Mod Silicone Unders

Hello! I am a 36 year old happily married mother of two. I'm 5'1", And go to the gym twice a week. I have always wanted breast augmentation, but my husband was against it and I couldn't bring myself to spend that kind of money on myself. Well, this year, my husband changed his view on it and... READ MORE

18 Year Old with Asymmetrical Breast

My breast have always been asymmetrical. In have worried about them since I was 14 years old. I have seen 2 doctors one being a OBGYN and they all say it's natural and they will grow but they have not. So I plan on having the procedure mid December so I will be out for Christmas break before... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 3 Breastfed Kids for over a Year Each, Deflated 32B - Ish Size

After my third and last baby, I knew I wanted to get implants for sure. It has always been in the back of my mind but after 3 breastfed children my boobs needed help!! I'm from Cleveland and had a few doctors in mind. Dr. Jason Leedy's face is plastered all over this website and I had high... READ MORE

34 Year Old, Breastfeed 2 Kids, Want my Boobies Back! 5'4 / 118 Lbs - Knoxville, TN

Hello! I am new here, and so glad i found this website! I am a 32 year-old mother of 2 girls (almost 5, and 14 months). I've always had smaller breasts (my mother and sister were blessed in that department, me not so much). I'm probably a 32B, a very deflated 32B after breastfeeding/pumping for... READ MORE

30 Years Old, Had Been Contemplating BA for 5 Years and Finally Did It!

BA and right nipple lift Ultra high profile implant over the muscle Left 420 cc Right 375 cc I contemplated surgery for quite some time and had around 5 consultations with 3 different surgeons. I instantly knew Mr Clarke was the surgeon for me. I had been deliberating so much because I... READ MORE

23 Years Old. 135lbs. 300cc Saline Low Profile Implants.

It's been less than a week since my surgery and I am already in love with the results. I'm recovering quick and already came back to work with no problems. I started at a 32B and I am now a 32D which is perfect. They're not too big but it's a noticeable difference. The day before my surgery I... READ MORE

Happy Boobies - Miami, FL

I went to my doctor and had an annual check up. I had them draw blood and labResults to cg cosmetics. I ammmm scareddd…… i hope all goes well . The lab report came back in a couple of days and my doctor gave me the okay to proceed with the surgery. Now i confirmed the surgery date which is ... READ MORE

"40" is the New "20" Beverly Hills, CA

I was very disappointed with my breast after breastfeeding and my weight fluctuation. I searched for the right doctor for over five years. I was referred by my friend and OMG... Thanks! My breast are no longer asleep. I have nice peerky breast that I can be proud of in a bikini. My procedure... READ MORE

24, 2 Kids, from b to ddd

I'm 4 days post op & having such a difficult recovery. It seems like everyone else is doing so much better then me. I'm constantly in discomfort, usually in pain and I have the worst bloating like I look 6 months pregnant. I have the implants in the crease and my doc has me wearing a... READ MORE

Mommy of ✌

Dr. Castor and his staff always went above and beyond to make me comfortable. From my consultation, pre op, and surgery. Never did I feel rushed or pressured. The bed side manner is amazing. I knew I wanted to go bigger and he was all for it. He showed me different styles and sizes. Showed me... READ MORE

8 Days Post Op

So it has been 8 days since my surgery with Dr bresnick. I was finally able to sleep on my side for the first time last night! (I'm a stomach and side sleeper) I was also able to sit up in bed from a laying position minimal to no pain. I noticed when I woke up my hands were over my head!!! Yay... READ MORE

26 Y/o Welsh 32b/c, 5ft9, No Children, Saving for a BA

So I have been looking at this site over the past few weeks since I decided to seriously look into a BA. I wanted to write a little about my journey and upload some pictures so you all know I'm a real person :D. So I'm a 32B/34B/32C, depending on shop. Whilst I'm not severely unhappy with my... READ MORE

26 mother of two boys, 5ft 5inch 10st 7lbs, uk!

I don't really know where to start!! I can honestly say I have been wanting this since I was 16 when I was a teeny 7 and a half stone with just nipples. Now ten years later growing two humans, ballooning up to 17 stone, selling and buying two houses, a brutal split up and shrinking down to 8... READ MORE

415cc Silicone, High Profile

A little about me, I had surgery a few months ago and I had asked for 325-350cc. I was about a 32A, 130 pounds and 5'3. My first doctor could only fit 285cc , which I wasn't too happy with. He did an amazing job, but I had just wished I would've gone bigger. But after much thinking and staring... READ MORE

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