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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat transfers, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›

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I went to Dr. Sofer only a week ago for a breast augmentation. From the consultation to the pre-op to the procedure and every single person involved in his staff, I knew Dr. Sofer was the doctor to do my work. Zero bruising, beautiful sizing, complimentary implant choice, everything is perfect!... READ MORE

I am 25 years old and have been considering breast augmentation since I was 18. I have always been fairly satisfied with the shape of my breasts, but I hoped and prayed for years that they would somehow magically get fuller. I am thankful for the body I was born with, and have been blessed with... READ MORE

Hello, RS ladies! I've never blogged about anything so this is new to me but I've found others reviews so helpful in understanding what I was looking for, that I decided to write my own and maybe it will help someone else :) So, I am 25 years old, 115 lbs and 5'7". I wear a 34B bra, but I'm... READ MORE

I was originally going for a bbl in LA but changed my mind and decided to do boobs first then bbl maybe next year...I already put deposit for LA but hopefully that can count till next ur....I decided to find a local dr here in the bayarea for boobs...I emailed many doctors most didn't get back... READ MORE

I discovered this site through my research and have found it so helpful in guiding me through what other girls have experienced. I've been born lucky with having a fast metabolism, but have always wanted larger boobs to make me look more proportionate and to match my booty :) I have booked 3... READ MORE

I have been looking for a new look . My breast aren't as perky as I would like - hopefully I can get them back to the look I want.. I have been looking into Dr. Mel Ortega .. His work looks good .. ..and of his past patients have any feed back for me ? Also I noticed online it says he works out... READ MORE

Hello everyone! I've been wanting a BA for quite some time now and I'm finally ready to take the plunge and get it done! I'm currently a 36C and I'm looking to go into the dd-ddd range, I have a pretty big booty so I feel a little disproportionate lol I'm 145-150 and I'm 5'3" in case you were... READ MORE

Currently looking for the best surgeon for me in and around toronto area. Was hoping to see Dr Lista but can't get consult with him till end of august and would really like it done before my 30th birthday which is then! Have booked a consult with dr ahmad and would like to consult with Dr... READ MORE

I had my first breast implant consultation January 14, 2016 Scheduled same day for the soonest appt they had available. My pre-op appointment was on January 28, 2016 and I was able to try on sizers to see why size would accomplish the look im going for. I originally went in thinking I was... READ MORE

Age-21 Weight-135 Height-5'7" Before size-34b I've thought about it for years and done the research. Tomorrow is the big day....I'm so excited...and terrified. I'm supposed to get somewhere between 400-450cc. He's going to try different ones during surgery to see what fits best. One side of my... READ MORE

I made sure to have all the kids I wanted before getting a BA. I finally made the decision and got them done Jan.2016. Because I was asleep, it felt like the procedure happened in 1 sec. I loved that part! Waking up with breast is the BEST Feeling! I'm not going to lie, it's not easy emotionally... READ MORE

As of right now I am scheduled for my breast augmentation February 19. Dr. Halpern and I have decided to best achieve my goals we will be doing 590cc HP silicone under the muscle. I am very anxious as when I hear 590 it sounds extremely large for my petite 5'3" 114lb frame. But due to pregnancy,... READ MORE

I am really just in the beginning stages of this whole thing. Like a lot of people on here, I am very small chested, have always wanted boobs but its just not going to happen naturally. I could wait to see if they grow when I have kids, but I feel like they will just be deflated if I breastfeed,... READ MORE

I've been wanting breast augmentation for a while and after having my daughter I finally decided it was time. Whilst breastfeeding I was a 32D and after I was a 32A. I wanted to achieve a full C to D cup so they looked in proportion with my body but with a bit of a fake look so my doctor and I... READ MORE

This has to be the best site I could have stumbled across in my researching of breast augmentation information! I enjoy reading everyone's experiences and getting an idea of what to expect when I finally go in! So, a bit about myself...Currently 5'8", 128lbs with a 32b cup size. No kids. I'm... READ MORE

So after reading hundreds of reviews on RS, I finally decided to write my own journey on getting my boobs done. RS is a great tool for anybody who is looking for any procedure especially breast augmentation. I actually found my surgeon on realself; and I believe he's the right surgeon for me. (... READ MORE

After a couple of consults I have finally picked a surgeon. My surgery date is Feb. 17th. I'm so nervous, excited, and yes... still apprehensive. I had gastric bypass 4 years ago and lost more than my today's total weight. And of course the boobs were first to go. I want to feel sexy and... READ MORE

Over the past year I excercised my way down from 215 lbs to about 155. I have always been athletic and fairly slender but a knee injury several years back limited my mobility and I ended up gaining quite a bit of weight. At my heaviest I was about a 38D or D; now that the weight is gone I'm... READ MORE

Well, I'm new to all this so go easy on me! I have found this site and the stories all of you have shared to be immensely helpful in my breast augmentation journey. I want to say thank you for that, first and foremost. Now, I suppose I can share my story. .. I've wanted bigger boobs for... READ MORE

I've always wanted a breast augmentation since I realized in high school that the breast fairy skipped over me. Before my child, I had pretty nice small, perky breasts. 34B although I never filled out the cup completely. After breastfeeding I've lost a lot of volume and it's been very depressing... READ MORE

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