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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implants or fat transfers.
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40yrs 128lbs 5'5 athletic 7 months ago I made a poor decision to get 700cc hp silicone Breast implants. I had 480 saline moderate profile overfilled (The round ones). The doc said before surgery he thought I had 550 overfilled. That does make a difference. So if you have implants and you're... READ MORE

My surgery is scheduled on April 13th, with Dr. Revis in Fort Lauderdale, I am considering to get silicone implants between 550-650cc or above, I have a small frame, I'm 97lbs, 5'2, I am a 32B, really want to get rid of padded bras, so I would like to get advises here from y'all ladies! Im so... READ MORE

I found a really good plastic surgeon here in North Carolina named dr Hamel and he had a deal going on for the month of January a saline boob job only costed $2500!!! Crazy right!!! I'm so excited and ready for this day to come. I am only 5'3 and weighing 160. Has anyone else gone that small to... READ MORE

Before kids I never would have thought I would consider or even need a breast augmentation. I was a nice full 36C and after kids they shriveled up to almost saggy deflated breasts. After deciding to go ahead with the surgery I would have never thought I would be as happy as I am Today. This was... READ MORE

Hi RealSelf ladies, I am 27. Looking to have an overall larger breast. Like most woman I have some assesmetry. Lost volume. Feel my boobs are very ugly. I always wanted larger breasts. I am I think around a B32 and hoping for a D32 or DD, whatever will look great on my frame. I am 5'3 about... READ MORE

I always had small breasts and it was a major insecurity of mine. I've known I wanted to get a breast augmentation since I was 16. At the age of 25 after my first child I finally started to take a deeper look. I researched doctors within my area and compared. I met with Dr. Pedy Ganchi and... READ MORE

I'm 63 inches, 115 lbs, 12% body fat. I'm nervous because of how little body fat I have and since I'm a fitness model I need these boobs to look natural. (most women are at 20 - 35% body fat) My PS just did a fitness trainer 8 weeks ago and she looks great, but she's only at 25% body fat. My... READ MORE

I'm 22 years old and have never been blessed in the chest region. Dr. Orseck did a WONDERFUL job at giving me the confidence that I so needed! All of his suggestions were exactly what I was looking for (silicone, behind the muscle, and incision in the fold of the breast). His suggested implant... READ MORE

I love the results Dr. Fisher gave me with my BBL ...I think he did his best to give me what I asked for but I think I want more and I feel that I can get what I want in the DR. I might possibly get another fat transfer as well as a breast augmentation. I have not done a whole lot of research... READ MORE

My goal is a full C, small D. My surgery date is April 21st. I just want to be proportioned with natural looking and feeling breast. I've chosen silicone implants and Dr. Colgrove (Atlanta, Georgia) as my surgeon. I don't have any friends to directly ask any questions to about the procedure. I'm... READ MORE

I'm hoping to be a full c/small d. So far my experience has been positive. I was a little concerned bcuz I wasn't given any sizers to try on before my surgery tomorrow but the dr and staff assured me the size varies and sizing will occur the day off. Which made sense to me since it is saline. I... READ MORE

So its now exactly 1 month until my op (yay!!!!!) I booked it just before Christmas and have been counting down since then. I originally discussed 295 or 325cc with my surgeon as I am athletic, I run, cycle and own horses... Was looking for a look that would boost my self confidence and that I... READ MORE

So I have been contemplating this op since I was 18! In fact I did see a consultant at the Harley Medical Group (Man) when I was 21, I decided at that point that it wasn't the right time for me. But now I have had 2 children and am the fitest I have ever been, my boobs aren't quiet up to scratch... READ MORE

I met with 3 doctors in the Twin Cities area. They all seemed pretty knowledgeable, but I chose Dr. Harrington as I have heard great things about her and when I met her I knew she definitely knows her stuff. This morning I had my "fitting" with her. Unlike the other surgeons I met with, Dr.... READ MORE

I have two beautiful children and I nursed both. Not happy with the size or volume currently. So I have decided to spend some money on mommy! Currently I'm a Small 36B and I would like to be a 38D/36DD Still in the beginning phases, have 3 conciltations booked over the next two weeks! Yay!... READ MORE

I've always been a small cup size 36A-B and my breasts and nipples were a little saggy after nursing a baby many, many years ago. After researching breast augmentation surgery for years, I finally decided to do it. I visited several plastic surgeons in Austin, TX but decided to have the... READ MORE

Sooo Had my consult so far and surgery is booked for March 22 2016 almost a month away. Here is where I stand at this point My stats 25 yr old 5'6 height 120lbs no kids Around 32b bra size I've decided on cohesive gel under the muscle Probably round and armpit incision, moderate plus... READ MORE

I am a 39 year old, 1 grown child, 5'6", about 145lbs, 36A..BARELY! So my Birthday gift to MYSELF is some BOOBIES!!..I always said I wanted some, and a few weeks ago i realized that I did not want to go into my 40's FLAT CHESTED. I am BEYOND TIRED of wearing PADDED BRAS, PADDED THIS, PADDED THAT... READ MORE

I am 5'4 , 120lbs very athletic. Before kids I was small, 34 A but perky. I wouldn't say I was 100% happy with my boobs, I had always thought about having an augmentation but at the time it was totally unrealistic financially. Fast- forward a few years, 2 kids later my once small but perky A... READ MORE

I love reading everyone's reviews, so I thought I should start one. I have 25 days to go. In high school I always waited for puberty to come my way and it didn't happen. Breast augmentation has always been on my mind. I even went for a consultation 5 years ago and chickened out. I know Im... READ MORE

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How much does Breast Augmentation cost?

The typical cost for Breast Augmentation ranges from $3,600-$6,800 with an average cost of $6,450. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 14,386 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more