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480cc UHP SILICONE under muscle. 45 Years Old. 5"6 127 lbs

OMG I CAN'T SAY ENOUGH ABOUT DR WOLFE!! HE IS TRULY THE BEST! I love his staff. His offices are true class!!!! Beautiful. They are all amazing there!!! I'm SO SO HAPPY. I waited 27 years to get these! We did high profile. Smooth round. 480 cc. I was about a 34 A/B. Miserable with... READ MORE

19 Years Old, 5'3" and 95 Pounds, 30B/30C, 339cc style 15 Natrelle . Redbank, NJ

Since I was 12 I was wondering when my boobs would come in, and they still are the same little boobies I've had forever. I tried breast creams, pills, massages, you name it, to try to naturally grow my breasts with no success. After being on this website for a while and researching doctors, I... READ MORE

24 Years Old 170 Lb 5'6 Height 700cc HP silicon Above the muscle

I have deflated breast due to breast feeding. I have a bigger body structure with wide hips and thick thighs but my breast don't match so I am going for bigger and fuller. I want to be able to buy shirts that I can wear with no bra. Also want to go big to prevent another surgery. I have a few... READ MORE

I could not be happier, I am sorry it took me so long to have the surgery

When I was 17 years old I went to a surgeon to enquire about a breast enlargement. It was daunting and I really didn’t connect with the surgeon, that coupled with the cost I decided not to go ahead with it. Fast forward 21 years, I am married and have two children and I was still thinking a... READ MORE

39 and Super Excited

Alright - I will be 40 in 3 months and i always said that once I turn 40, my life will change, started with my breasts! I am scheduled to have my BA in 2 weeks! I have been so excited about this and doing a lot of research, but I have questions about the rippling? Im getting 450cc silicone,... READ MORE

5'3 150pds 26 Year Old Boob Job

So far my experience has been great! Dr. Taneja was referred by a friend, who he performed a tummy tuck on. From the second I entered his office I was created with a smile and everyone I came in contact was kind and very helpful. Dr. Taneja is very cool and laid back and does not bullshit anyone... READ MORE

23 Year Old, No Kids, 455CC UHP, Round Texturized, Overs

Hello lovelies! I'm 2 day away from my surgery and because this site has helped me so much with research, I figured, might as well put my experience to help other women with this decision. So, a little bit about myself, I am 23 years old, I don't have kids, currently a 32a (32b with push up... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 5'10, 145 Pounds, Breastfed Three Kids

Hello! I am so excited about putting my breasts back how they were before kids! I am currently still wearing a 34C bra from Victorias Secret, but they are so deflated and have no upper fullness. Pre- kids I was a full perky 34D and just want to get back to that. I would like to feel more... READ MORE

Saline next week... 34A to full C?

I am getting saline next week although I prefer silicon because it is offered on heavy discount for s research study. During my screening the surgeon said I would be fine with 350cc high profile but I am concerned they will look and feel fake because I am starting so small. I am also worried... READ MORE

605cc silicone high profile under muscle

My pre-op is on the 22nd and my surgery date is set for September 7th. Nervous and excited! I'm currently 5'5 150lbs but the doctor says I have broad shoulders. I also breastfeed my daughter. I'm getting 600cc silicone under the muscle. Anyone else on here get 600cc? Are you happy with the... READ MORE

23 Years Old, No Kids

I am 22 years old and I don't have any kids. I have always been smaller chested and I would like to have a breast augmentation to reach a full 34 D. Hopefully it will look good on my body. I have a consultation booked with Dr. Bradley A. Hubbard on Monday July 3rd and I am more than excited! I... READ MORE

Boob job 470cc saline HP,129lb 5'3 23 years old, No kids

Going to get my breast augmentation 09/11/2017 that's in two days! Wow I'm not nervous but I'll know i will be. I picked Dr Arvin Taneja i really like his personality, he made me feel comfortable when I went to the appointment. At first we were going to go with 550 but I feel like that's much... READ MORE

27 soon to be 28 need bigger boobs

Ive been wanting bigger breast for some time now. I love my breast now, I just wish they were bigger so I can feel out some outfits. I decided to go to CG cosmetics due to affordability. Dr Ary Krau has amazing work. So I am excited. So I had ordered some iron supplements online, floradix,... READ MORE

25 Yr Old Mommy to 1 W/tuberous Breasts and Asymmetry

I have been planning on getting this surgery for almost ten years now. I can't believe I finally have an official countdown! Its really happening. My boyfriend actually found Dr. Deluca for me when he google Tuberous breast doctors. I'm so glad he did. I went to so many other consultations. 2 of... READ MORE

Amazing tuberous breast correction with Dr Ellis Choy

Since I could remember I always hated my breast and breast augmentation was always a prospect of mine. Like many women, life was prioritised by everything other than committed time to focusing on changing something that had always made me unhappy and insecure. After the birth of my first child... READ MORE

30 y/o, 5'2", 124lbs, 485CC's, Natrelle Inspira, under muscle, no kids

Hello everyone! This will be lengthy FYI, my first BA experience. I have been wanting boobs since I was 15. Seemingly young, I knew early on that I wouldn't be blessed with the D/DD's that have embraced all the other women in my family. At age 18 I went from 102lbs to 130lbs in a matter of... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 3 Kids, 34A, Went with 420cc

I've wanted BA since I was younger. After children my breast went from a full B to an A cup. I took my time and went to 3 consultations. Dr. Rex was the first doctor I went to because he came highly recommend by multiple girls who got the procedure done by him and love their results. I am one... READ MORE

35 Years Old, Breast Fed Two Kids and I Wanted my Old Boobs Back!

I missed the volume I had before nursing my two kids. I felt uncomfortable with my husband touching them anymore and I wore a padded bra all the time to balance out that I have a booty! I never wanted a boo job before kids so I was super skeptical about doing it. I am beyond happy and relieved!... READ MORE

37 Yr, Married 2 Kids

Pleasant experience, very patient n passionate about his work..very knowledgeable n thoughtful, i initially wanted 375 cc or less, but at the end i went with 410 moderate silicone..1 day post op n feeling well. This is a graduation presents for mr, from my hubby. Still swollen but doing okay,... READ MORE

I had the best possible experience I could of wished for

Can't thank Dr Akhtar enough for what he's achieved, he's made me feel amazing about myself, and the quality of care is the highest I could of received, I highly recommend him as he made me feel at ease and comfortable from the start READ MORE

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