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Breast augmentation surgery is any procedure that enhances the size and shape of a woman's breasts. It's frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or to restore breasts that have been affected by pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. The procedure can be performed using implants (either silicone or saline) or fat transferLEARN MORE ›

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Small implants, 150-175cc

Hi...have been hanging around this site for a couple months. I have an appointment for my surgery next Friday. Really hoping I help someone who wants small implants because there aren't very many reviews or photos online. I tried on sizers today. I want to look natural still but also look like... READ MORE

Can't Wait!! Debating 264 Vs 286

So ever since I was really young and I saw other girls my age or even younger develop their breast I knew I wanted to get my boobs done. when I was 16 I mentioned it to my mom and she joked about it thinking I was playing but after I mentioned it to her several times over the course of 2 years... READ MORE

23 Years-old, 5'7', 130 Lbs, 300 cc mod+ unders - Beverly Hills, CA

I have been researching plastic surgeons for 2 years now. Finally decided to make that first consultation appointment with Dr. Kim and it was great. I expected to want to see more than one doctor before I make my decision, but after talking to him during the consultation combined with all the... READ MORE

28yr Old, 3 Breastfed Kids, Now Barely a B Cup, 5'9 & 165lbs - Vancouver, BC

October 3rd I went in for my pre-op consultation. I have talked about getting a breast augmentation since I was 16 because I had never developed. Even with all of my kids, my breasts never grew while I wa pregnant, and each time I nursed, my boobs only grew a tiny bit. So when I got an... READ MORE

25 Years Old, Petite Frame, 32A. Planning Small 210-230cc Anatomical Implants - London, GB

Hi all! I'm currently 25 years old, 5 ft 3", quite active and around 115lb. I have always had small breasts (I feel like they never grew to begin with as I had some eating problems growing up) and although I tend to wear a 32B, I am well aware I am probably an A at best! I have thought about... READ MORE

30 YO No Kids - Small 32A - Disappointed

Hi, I'm 30 yo, I have always had a flat chest and it was always an issue for me. I don't like the way I look nude or with clothes as I feel not feminine at all, if you see the pictures of my current / 'before' situation you will agree. I finally decided to go for a breast augmentation. I'm 174... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 2 Kids, Finally Ready to Get my Body Back - Altamonte Springs, FL

I'm excited to finally be doing this. I found this website, was recommended my doctor and next thing I know I was booking my surgery and paying the down payment. The doctor really took his time to talk to me, give me as much info as he could and make me feel really comfortable. It only took... READ MORE

Thorough, Personable and Professional - San Jose, CA

I had my first consultation with Dr. Creasman in July of 2016. I received amazing customer service and quality attention from both Dr. Creasman and his staff. When I first called the office, Kim made an awesome first impression. My communications with her have all been professional and upbeat,... READ MORE

30 Year Old Mommy of 2 Finally Getting my Breast Augmentation

I've been browsing this website for god knows how long. Always fantasizing about getting my breasts done but wanting to wait until I had the funds and until I was done having kids. Well my time has finally come! I'll be going in in 3 weeks! I'm soooo scared but reading all your reviews and... READ MORE

32 Years Old, 5'9'', 145 Lbs, Silicone, Under Muscle

My procedure is scheduled January 26th. I just learned about this website a couple weeks ago and have been obsessed with looking at reviews and pictures so I decided to write my own. I am still somewhat undecided on size (either 250cc moderate profile or 300cc moderate plus). I'd like to be able... READ MORE

I am ready to get my sexy back :-)

Hi realself, I am planning on getting a breast augmentation. I am a mother of 3 beautiful babies 14, 4 and 2. All breast feed, I never had a lot of cleavage. I was hoping after children I would develop some but it never happened lol. In fact I am now deflated :-( when I was breast feeding I... READ MORE

In need of a revision!!!

Not happy with uneven and too high implants!!! I went to Dr. Suygene Kim and this is what I got. I asked for a natural looking but full C cup. I would not recommend her unless you like the very obvious balls on your chest look!!! I'm scheduling a revision to switch to anatomicals... READ MORE

23 YO/ No Kids/ Dr Freiman CG COSMETICS - Miami, FL

I'm a young college student on the verge of graduation and want to treat myself to BIGGER boobs I've been a member on RealSelf for a little over a year and I've been searching and following so many journeys hoping and wishing to find my ideal look! My ultimate goal of to have a full C or small D... READ MORE

30 (Today) 5"4, 116LB, Breast Fed 2. Completely Flat. BA End of January

I have always been self conscious and at times upset by being so flat chested the thought of going on holiday knowing I'd be in a bikini used to worry me as nothing would fit and people would see me in the way I disliked the most. Breast feeding and pregnancy never made any difference. But now... READ MORE

26yo, 1 Kid, 103lbs, 5'6, 345cc

As I'm laying in bed reading TONS of reviews and trying to compare other people to me I figured I'd write one as well. :) My BA is coming up soon and I've decided on going with 330/345 cc's. My left boob is a tad bigger than my right, that's why I'm getting 2 different sizes. I'm hoping it will... READ MORE

Finally doing it! Boobies! Bye IBTC!

I am so nervous. I go on Tuesday 1/17. I'm an interesting case because I'm in recovery so I'm limited with pain medicine options. So arnica and as minimal of pain meds as I can get away with. I'm so excited but nervous of course. I liked the 400cc look I tried on and he said he thinks 425 will... READ MORE

Love my New Boobs!!! - San Ramon, CA

I have always wanted larger boobs but never allowed myself the luxury of having them done. But I finally decided to do it. I went to 3 different PS consultations. All 3 recommended a lift along with the implants, but I REALLY didn't want that lollipop scar!!! I decided on Dr. Parhiscar because... READ MORE

27 Years Old, 5'7", 145Ibs, 1 Child, Ready to Feel Feminine - Charlotte, NC

I have my consultation on January 26th seeing Dr. Watterson out of Charlotte! Excited and finally ready for my new body. Been wanting this for years. I hate trying on clothes, and wearing bathing tops that are push up! Hopefully consultation go as planned. I've been reading a lot of reviews on... READ MORE

23 Yr Old. 575 or 600cc - Honolulu, HI

Aloha, I'm 23 yrs old. Height of 5'1. Weight about 125. I have one child. My surgery set date is next month on the 27 of July 2016. I honestly feel more nervous than excited! My goal is to go big but make sure it matches my frame WELL. Don't want to go too large or too small. Goal is to have... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 145lbs, 5'6, 34A, Seeking Full D Cup - Hudson, FL

Hi ladies! I am so excited to start my journey to my BA! I have always wanted to get my breasts done, but kind of put it aside until now. Here are my stats: I am 5'6, 145lbs, I am currently a 34A/32B if I am wearing a padded bra. I have a very curvy frame. Booty that won't quit, hourglass frame,... READ MORE

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