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Breast augmentation surgery is any procedure that enhances the size and shape of a woman's breasts. It's frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or to restore breasts that have been affected by pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. The procedure can be performed using implants (either silicone or saline) or fat transferLEARN MORE ›

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23 Year Old, 5'8", 132 pounds, no kids

Just starting out this process, have a consultation scheduled for the 18th and hoping to have surgery completed by December. I've been debating getting a breast augmentation for a few years now and after losing 10 pounds whatever I had left of boobs has left. After feeling insecure all summer in... READ MORE

B-lites with Fatgrafing Anyone?

After many years of having thus in my mind I am taking the big step forward. 34 years and 2 beautiful kids have taken their toll,I have very little volume on the top. I am not sure about size,I have been thinking something like 300-330 cc I will have fat transfer on top of it to bring out my... READ MORE

5'11" tall. 135 lbs. currently a 32 B. Went for 350cc submuscular implants. Hoping for a natural looking c-cup

I was hoping for a more natural look- full breaststroke but not too big and not too fake looking. I am very active with yoga,Pilates, running and barre so I wanted to make sure that my breasts were not too big to get in the way of all those activities. I searched online for many days and found a... READ MORE

24 Yo, 3 Kids, A to Full C, 400cc Silicone HP

Hi there, I am 23, have 3 kids and have desired having large breasts since before puberty and when they never developed beyond an empty A, I was quite disappointed (especially with 3 sisters that are natural DD's). I am currently breastfeeding and, thanks to this wondeeful thing, I am... READ MORE

41 yr old mother of three. 112lbs 5'5" 34A. Decided on 310cc moderate profile silicone. Love love love my results!

Never having much breast tissue and then breast feeding three kids for over a year, I had always dreamt of a day I'd be able to afford a BA. Dr Salzman and his staff were amazing, I never even considered a different consult. My results are amazing and I can't wait to see the final result after... READ MORE

32A To A Full C Cup :)

Hello everyone, I've been searching about getting a breast augmentation for some time now. I initially came to this site because I was thinking about getting butt implants lol. But I'm currently on a weight gain journey and most of my weight is going to my rear end.... Anyway my goal is to... READ MORE

Petite / 21 years old / 154cm and 53kg / 250cc Unders

Ever since I was 16 I have wanted an breast augmentation. So earlier this year I booked an appointment with my PS, and we discussed between 225 and 250ccs. I am a very petite girl with an athletic body, so I just wanted a natural look. But I went for the 250s, because I've heard a lot of girls... READ MORE

30 y/o, 5'2", 124lbs, 485CC's, Natrelle Inspira, under muscle, no kids

Hello everyone! This will be lengthy FYI, my first BA experience. I have been wanting boobs since I was 15. Seemingly young, I knew early on that I wouldn't be blessed with the D/DD's that have embraced all the other women in my family. At age 18 I went from 102lbs to 130lbs in a matter of... READ MORE

25 Yrs Old, No Kids, Want Bigger Boobs!

I have gone to a couple consultations and have decided to go with Dr. Esmailian. I am a 36B and I want to be a full C, small D. The Dr recommended 385cc, 415cc and 450 cc. When I try on the gel sizers the 450 looks so good but then the dr said I could be a full D, maybe even DD. I do not want to... READ MORE

32 Years Old, 5'5", 120 pounds, 450cc Breast Augmentation

Hi all. I have debated on writing a review of my own for a while now… I found the reviews here to be so helpful and encouraging that I decided to do one of my own in hopes of helping someone else. I am 32 years old and have 4 little boys (6, 4 and 2 1/2 yr old identical twins.) I'm 5'5" tall a... READ MORE

31, 103Lb, Mom of One with (Hardly) A Cup

Same as so many of us I was patiently waiting for my boobs to appear one day. But they didn't. They were always tiny, kinda low and looking so odd on my body. After breastfeeding for 1 year they were almost back to normal, a bit stretch marked, but not smaller. Finally, I get up and looking... READ MORE

19 Yrs Old, Hopeing to Get Implants Soon!

So I have weird boobs. Besides being really small they also get all swollen and pointy at certain times which is soooo embarassing. I got laughed off the beach in Mexico one time because of that and also because they're just so small! I am pretty small anyway so I don't want anything TOO crazy,... READ MORE

Exciting ! 5'2 36B to maybe 36DD

After doing a lot of research on the doctors in Houston, I decided to go with Dr. Feldman because of his engineering approach to plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is not an art... it is a science. With that being said, his results in the online gallery are exactly what I'd like for myself. I... READ MORE

23yo 5'10 143lbs one child A cup to C cup

Starting at an A and hoping to fill a full C. I don't want to go too big, and I don't want to fit a small D. Doctor suggested 400-475cc but I don't know if that's too much? I was thinking 350-375, maybe 400. But I'm tall so I don't know. It makes me anxious I wish I could know how much I need... READ MORE

26, 32b 5'7" Cant Wait to Fill out Bras

So to start I have been researching a BA for several years now. I have known for a long time I wanted one. I have always been a member of the itty bitty titty committee. I started officially saving in Dec of 2015. I havent been to any consults but after a lot of diligent and thorough research I... READ MORE

32yo, 130lbs 5ft5in, 400cc Mentor HP under the muscle - San Diego, CA

Starting the process, surgery date 8/8/2017 with Dr Pousti. So far everything has been great, had a consultation tried on different sizes, I would like a natural but large look "keep them guessing" look. I liked 450cc, but ultimately I want beautiful breasts that are proportional to my frame and... READ MORE

450cc - Silicone, Age 26, 5'5", 110lbs

I have wanted some sort of Breast Enhancement since I was 16 years old, but I was never 100% sure about it. After 10 years of feeling this way (and countless conversations with girls who had one and love it) I've finally decided that it's time! When a close friend of mine went to Dr. Kerr at... READ MORE

39 Year Old, Mum of 3, Much Desired Breast Implants.

I have always had small breasts, but they had never bothered me until after finishing breast feeding my third child. My breasts never returned to their former size and due to weight loss I had a lot of excess skin too. I was very self conscious of them and it started to upset me. It was a... READ MORE

Frustrated - Lift or Not...BF 3 kids, deflated 32c - want my awesome pre kid boobs back

I went to 5+ consults with several doctors trying to find someone that I was comfortable with. So many suggestions from docs. Bengali lift with silicone, no lift w HP, no lift w saline, lollipop lift, lollypop lift - then second surgery for implants ( No thanks!) & just silicone implants. - so... READ MORE

32 Years Old, No Kids, Small B to D Cup 280cc unders moderate profile

I have always had a small chest but larger hips, always felt like a woman down the bottom but a teenager on top. Wanted a natural look and to have some cleavage. I spoke to a lot of girlfriends that had it done and that were a similar size to me, all their implants were less than 300cc. I made... READ MORE

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