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Breast augmentation surgery is any procedure that enhances the size and shape of a woman's breasts. It's frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or to restore breasts that have been affected by pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. The procedure can be performed using implants (either silicone or saline) or fat transferLEARN MORE ›

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The Beginning- Its Booked!

Im 18 years old and from as young as i can remember ive always wanted breasts, I remember everyone telling me not to worry as puberty will sort it out unfortunately that wasn't the case, im still a 32A/ AA and very unhappy with my size, i have tried many things before surgery like going to a... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Three Kids~ Ready to Feel Like Myself Again! - Birmingham, AL

Ok! The big day has come and gone but let's just say I wasn't felling a photogenic as I would have liked ;) Pain meds, muscle relaxers, antibiotics, everything worked great and was able to stop the pain meds at at day 3! Then- all three of my kids came home and...... All hell broke loose! That... READ MORE

30 Years Old, Mother of 1. Florida, FL

Hi Everyone! I've been stocking realself everyday for the last two years and recently decided to create a profile. I'm looking to have a BA preform prior to June... I have wanted my breast augmented since I was at least 18 years old. Now that I'm soon to be in my thirties, I'm ready to be a... READ MORE

Lipo Revision and Breast Aug- 375 Cc's-- Very Happy with Doc!

Two years ago, I was placed on a medication (seroquel) that made me gain 20 pounds, mostly all in my belly. It was distressing and nothing I did would make a difference. I made an appointment with Dr. Parker to initially talk only about liposuction. I was interested in doing my stomach,... READ MORE

34 Year Old, Not Going to Have Kids, Just Wanted Fuller (Not Bigger) Breasts

I'm a bit different in that I'm still fairly young and have made the decision to not have kids - so my breasts weren't post childbirth, rather, just shapeless. I never felt comfortable enough to sit with my shirt off (privately) or even a bit hesitant to not wear a bra if anyone was around. I... READ MORE

30 year old, 325cc moderate plus 32A - 32D then cancer

I recently decided that I wanted to have breast implants and put my mind to it and made a plan to get it done, i have been on the net researching non stop and have my first appointment on the 7th of April. I am extremely nervous now and wondering if I'm making the right decision to get this done... READ MORE

41 No Kids 5ft 9 150 Uneven/Deflated - 400/425cc silicone under 36b to 36dd - Fayetteville, AR

I'm 41, 5'9 150 lbs, never had kids, i run several times a week and lift weights. I lost about 25 lbs a couple of years ago and my boobs deflated from a very full C to a tiny 36B. I have a fairly large frame with wide shoulders and hips. My breasts have always been uneven and it is very visible... READ MORE

20 Year Old, Tiny 34 B Cup - in Need of Breast Augmentation. Draper, UT

I knew I'd eventually get a breast augmentation, but I was unsure where to go because UT is flooded with plastic surgeons, so I left it to online reviews to help me decide. Dr. Fryer & his staff provided me excellent info regarding pre-op &post-op instructions, which helped tremendously. I had... READ MORE

34 Years Old & Breastfed 3 Kids - Astoria, NY

My motivation was to do something for me as an individual to help me feel good about myself. I'm 34 yrs old and the mother of 3 wonderful children ages 14, 10 & 9. I wanted my children to have the best from day one so I breast fed them because I believe that breast milk is the best milk. However... READ MORE

Most Perfect Breast Augmentation!!! - Las Vegas, NV

After having my first 2 children years ago, I looked into having my breast done just to give them some volume, could never find a surgeon that had work that I could be satisfied with. Now finally 2 more kids and about 16 years later, I consulted a few doctors about having my breast done and what... READ MORE

45 Yr Old Wife and Momma of 3, 5'7", 155ish lbs, 800 Cc Hp Silicone Unders

I love this site! Been on it for several years as I researched and waited for the right time. Thank you to all of you brave and beautiful women who have been so open about your lives. I'm not so sure I can add much, but I hope to at least make you's good for healing. Why do I... READ MORE

46yrs old. Surgery booked for 21st Jan 17

After years of been unhappy with the look and size of my beasts I have saved enough money, done lots of research and settled for the 21st January with Dr Kumar at Rotherham. After breast feeding my two children, both of which are adults now! My breasts feel empty and saggy, and am currently... READ MORE

26 Year Old 34A TO 34C

I have wanted bigger boobs for as long as I can remember. At 26 I finally saved enough to have the breast Augmentation. I had 260cc which took me from 34A to a full 34 C. O had silicone implants under the muscle. With incision under the boobs. It was way more painful than I expected but... READ MORE

29 Y/o with Two Children! 5'7 138 Lb. Kansas City, KS

I have always wanted breast implants and never liked my size or shape! I always promised myself if I could get through school and buy MYSELF new boobs I would!!! Well after working in my profession for four years now, I'd say it's well over due for my time!!! I breast fed my daughter and really... READ MORE

Breast Aug. Consult September 20/2016 - Calgary, AB

It's been six years of dreaming! & finally the money is saved and the time is right! I've been doing research upon research. & I feel staying in my city and sticking with Dr.Whidden is the right thing. It is pricey here in Calgary ranging from 8,000-12,000$. I am a young mother to a 5... READ MORE

Breast augmentation- biggest mistake

Hello ladies! I got breast augmentation done 25 days ago . It was the worst decision of my life ! For no reason i spent so much money n damaged my beautiful natural body . B.A is a very very bad plz dont get it done. So many side effects with it. Like rupture, capsular contracture, infection etc... READ MORE

33, 2 BF Kids. - Edmonton, AB

Well just starting this journey. I am 33, and have two bf kids that has sucked life out of my boobies. I am 5.5 and 115lbs. My consultation is July 19, 2016 with Dr. Chong. Soooo excited, just no idea what size. I have added some wish pics. My hubby thinks 400 just worried it might be to big on... READ MORE

I Just Wanted Bigger Boobs. La Mesa, CA

I am happy to say that my ~big~ day has finally come. It's been almost a year since my consultation and I've had to reschedule several times. That's all over now and I just have to wait for the sisters to settle in so here's an overview of my experience for now: Consultation: It's $100 to see... READ MORE

37 Years Old, 3 Kids, 5"6', Currently 32b. Having 390cc Moderate Profile Nagor Implants in London

Let me start by saying how amazing this site is, however I had already booked my surgery before finding it!! I'm having my surgery through My Breast who are based in London although I'm from the midlands. They prefer to use moderate profile implants and the biggest my ps would go was 390cc. He... READ MORE

2 kids, deflated A cup, 300 Cc High Profile Implants under the muscle, possible snoopy deformity

Hi there. I had my BA on November 9th, just under 3 weeks ago. I was a full b cup before my kids, but after nursing them I had nothing at all left! I was really upset with my body and hated the was I looked naked AND with clothes on. I started reading reviews on this site and decided to do... READ MORE

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