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Breast augmentation surgery is any procedure that enhances the size and shape of a woman's breasts. It's frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or to restore breasts that have been affected by pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. The procedure can be performed using implants (either silicone or saline) or fat transferLEARN MORE ›

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I met with Dr. David Shifrin in March for a BA consultation. I felt very comfortable with him immediately, he seems very down to earth and confident (which is a must when searching for perfection). He gave me his background (which I already knew of because of my extensive research on finding the... READ MORE

Dr. Setty is the best plastic surgeon. He gave me the self-esteem I have never had and brought self-confidence into my life. I am comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life and I love feeling like a woman and sexy again at age 40. Thank you Dr. are the best and you... READ MORE

Long story-short, I began 2016 making just enough extra money to perfect my breasts and realizing I was now of legal age to do so, I rushed into a clinic a few acquaintances had refereed me to and was talked into an implant to perk up my boobies. From the beginning, something in my gut was... READ MORE

I'm getting my surgery on 22 july 2016, with Dr. Jorge Schwarz, who did my mom breast implants 9 years ago.... I'm currently not sure between 370CC and 400CC... I'm a big A cup small B right now... I'm hoping to get a big C. I can wait to have my surgery. I would like to know what should i get... READ MORE

I found Dr. Desai by total accident after meeting with a couple of other surgeons. This is the surgeon who first listens to you. Then if you ask their opinion, he will give it his honest answer with options. Then, he will executes surgery as planned! The clinical staff and front desk were... READ MORE

I have been waiting years to get implants. I started developing and then just stopped, likely tied to my PCOS. Even when I was heavy, my breasts were never large. When I was pregnant, my breasts never got any bigger either. As I've lost close to 100 pounds now, what little I had have slowly gone... READ MORE

Dr.lenny was the most patient, loving, understanding, and caring man ever. He took his time to make me feel welcome and explain everything I needed. I looked him up everywhere and read all the reviews. I felt so safe and cared for, any questions I had were answered with patience by his staff and... READ MORE

My surgery is scheduled on April 13th, with Dr. Revis in Fort Lauderdale, I am considering to get silicone implants between 550-650cc or above, I have a small frame, I'm 97lbs, 5'2, I am a 32B, really want to get rid of padded bras, so I would like to get advises here from y'all ladies! Im so... READ MORE

I have wanted a breast augmentation for as long as I can remember! It was shortly after my son was born, 21 years ago, followed closely by my daughter, 19 years ago! I have never been happy with my breast, size or shape and lost all fullness after having children. I had my consultation in April... READ MORE

I've been researching BA for just over a year. I was a full 34 A which was fitting for my stature 5'9" 130lbs, active. After breastfeeding my twins I do not even fit into a 34AA. I've really been struggling with my appearance. In clothes no one can tell but I know. I insist on having a shirt on... READ MORE

Ok so where to start. I want bigger breast. My fiancé is deployed and upon his return, we want to get married but I have always pictured myself a certain way in my wedding pictures. I want straighter teeth and a fuller busts. Guess I'll start looking into surgeons. Im positive on the ... READ MORE

Tonight I am saying goodbye to my tiny boobies and tomorrow morning I will have new breasts! I personally had a hard time finding stories from others who had subglandular implants so I've decided to write about my experiences to hopefully help others. I am 5'7, about 120 lbs with a small and... READ MORE

I have thought about getting a boob job for years now. I am finally in a place financially and time-wise where I feel like now is the time. I'm very thin, 5'5 110, with a BMI of 18.3. I am smaller on top with a short torso and long legs. My boobs are actually decent for my size. I'm probably a... READ MORE

Hi, I'm 30 yo, I have always had a flat chest and it was always an issue for me. I don't like the way I look nude or with clothes as I feel not feminine at all, if you see the pictures of my current / 'before' situation you will agree. I finally decided to go for a breast augmentation. I'm 174... READ MORE

Loved every minute of my consult(s) with Dr. Tong and staff. I had 2 prior with other surgeons, waste of money. Something different about Dr. Tong - he's very professional, honest and pleasant to talk to. He's serious most of the time but will crack a joke and it will make you realize why he's... READ MORE

Hoping to get my 34 B to a full C cup! I feel like this will even out my body. I have a small waist and larger booty but really itty bitty titties! So I am Really excited to get a BA! Just trying to find a good doctor with great reviews. I would ideally like to go over seas to get them done...... READ MORE

I developed capsular contracture (I noticed 3 months post-op but PS told me "no" and said to take the wires out of my bra and come back 6 months later. I came back with grade 4. Same surgeon performed Capsulectomy and I have 2nd CC. I now have to see specialist. Biggest mistake of my life. RESEARCH! READ MORE

So I've pretty much always been flat chested or small breasted my whole life minus a couple of moments related to pregnancy and breastfeeding. My mom had a nice natural set but my sister and I of course inherited the "no boobs" from our dad's side. While I always kind of wished to have a larger... READ MORE

I haven't always wanted an augmentation. However after nursing two beautiful kids, becoming a runner who lifted regularly, my perky B cups turned to saggy bags. It wasn't until my husband spent time searching for my nipples in bed that I had enough. I didn't feel sexy anymore. So I started... READ MORE

I wanted fuller breasts after breastfeeding destroyed them. I was anxious about the procedure; mostly the pain/recovery process, but am beyond ecstatic with my results. I had 520 cc's placed under the muscle. Pain was manageable and I was back to work after 3 days. By far, it was the best... READ MORE

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