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Breast augmentation surgery is any procedure that enhances the size and shape of a woman's breasts. It's frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or to restore breasts that have been affected by pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. The procedure can be performed using implants (either silicone or saline) or fat transferLEARN MORE ›

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35 Year Old, No Kids, Athletic, AA Cup, 340 Cc

I finally decided to go through with the breast augmentation, I went with a doctor that has already done some work on me. He fixed my nose that I broke 4x and removed a small piece of cancer on my upper lip with minimal scarring. As time got closer I started to get more nervous about the whole... READ MORE

Dr Mehr

Dr Mehr is very qualified and is amazing at what he does, it just seems to come natural to him, I would say he is a true artist! He doesn't pull any punches , he tells you the truth and doesn't make you feel uncomfortable at all. Don't be fooled by his withdrawn demeanor when you first meet him,... READ MORE

29 Yrs Old Mother of Two - Hagerstown, MD

I have been obsessed with breast since I was a teenager. My mom always had them. My sister got hers. mine never came. I always heard wait until you have kids. Wait until your older, you'll gain weight. You'll get boobs. Neither happened in my case. Now after breast feeding two children what... READ MORE

34yr, 130lbs, 5'4", 1 Child. Natrelle 410 Gummy Bear, Tear Drop 450cc

I haven't had my surgery yet, it's in less than 2 weeks and I'm very excited and also nervous. This journey started shortly after giving birth to my 1st child last September, a little over a year ago. Finally, around April I decided to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Vendemia. I... READ MORE

20 Year Old, Nayor High Profile 300cc Silicone Implant, Former 36B Cup

My breasts were perky and small, so I solely wanted a moderate implant that could still appear although evidently fake, as natural as possible for an implant. I'm three going in four days post-op and so far the pain has been bearable and surely decreasing. My breasts look great idea say... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 3 Kids

I am so happy with my results. It has been 6 weeks and I'm so glad I went with Dr.Pousti. He did an amazing job! I will be recommending all of my family and friends to him. I was an a cup and now I am a large c small d. I got high profile silicone implants, 450cc in both breasts. The implant... READ MORE

31 Yr Old, 5'7, 140lbs 445cc's

I have been desperately wanting bigger boobs for 10 years. FINALLY it's happening in 33 hours!!!!! I have had my measurements and let my brilliant doc know, I want to be a full D. So he is giving me 450ccs high profile gel unders. I hope they are big enough! I worry they won't be even seeing as... READ MORE

32 Yr Old Mom of 3. 5'11 170lbs 616cc Mod Overs

I've wanted a ba for many many years. I've spent 3 years doing my research and couldn't be happier with my choice of surgeon and procedure . It's been relatively pleasant; I haven't even needed any pain medication . I recommend this for women who really want to feel better about themselves, my... READ MORE

32 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, 300cc HP unders. Columbus, OH

I am hoping to finally have breasts! I have been waiting all of my life and aside from nursing, they just never came. I have found a doctor I feel comfortable with after going to a couple consultations and am scheduled for early March. I find there to be quite a bit of asymmetry in my breasts... READ MORE

21 Y/o. 425 (LEFT) and 400 (RIGHT) Cc Silicone. AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Under the Muscle. No Kids. 5'5. 135 Lbs.

My original consultation with Dr. Fiala was fabulous. They've helped schedule everything around my school schedule and answered every single question I've had. From reception, to nurse, to Doctor, to the woman in everyone was warm but professional and soft spoken. I tried on different sizers,... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation from 34A to full C small D. 330cc Moderate Profile Allergan/Natrelle. 5 feet even 112 llbs

I just spent a good 10 minutes trying to figure out how to write this review so bare with me! I am 5'0 ft 112 pounds, petite, 25 yrs old. I have my first consultation this Friday and have been obsessively looking at pictures for my wish boobs and pictures of boobs I dislike. I have wanted to do... READ MORE

54, 5'3", 115 lbs., breastfed 3 kids, 485 cc Natrelle under and so happy!

I have always been a "nearly A" cup size. I breastfed four children and have very saggy, small breasts. I just turned 54 and decided that I want to finally do this as a birthday present to myself. I am tired of never finding clothing or bras that fit me. I hope that I will finally have the... READ MORE

300cc Hp, 5'4" 120 Lbs, 24 Years Old. Montreal, QC

Hello everyone , i was hoping for some support from you guys! i booked a surgery for oct 10th . Since i was 14 i thought my breast were ugly and too small . I also don't like the shape. Ive been researching for several years and have backed out of the procedure 2 years ago but now its time to... READ MORE

Beyond Satisfied with Dr. Salzman

My outcome was 100x better than I expected, I'm soo in love with my new breast.. not only did the doctor do an extraordinary job but the workers and nurses were extremely caring and took the best care of me. My scars are practically gone already & my breast recovered perfectly. So yes you... READ MORE

22 Year Old, 1 Child. BA to fill out sagging- Toronto, ON

Surgery day is coming up in a few days, and I am both anxious/excited. The two different implant types I have chosen were Silicone 450cc and 485cc full profile. The final decision will be made by my doctor on the surgery day of what can be fit. Although I am hoping for the bigger implant to... READ MORE

32 Years Old Got a New Breast 500 CC, Thailand.

Hello friends in realself. I’m Thai, I’m 32 years old. I have 2 childrend. Before that, I’m worried about surgery but I interested in surgery too. I got new breast with Dr.Darin Muangthai at The Sib Clinic, Thailand. She is a surgeon and experiences more than eight years. I’ve known her from TV... READ MORE

24 Year Old, 2 Kids, Breastfeeding Killed my Boobs! - Houston, TX

So I've been checking out everyone's reviews and decided to share mine. I've always had small boobs. Of course, my older sister was blessed with big boobs in jr high. And once she got hers I wondered when I would get mine. They never came. Before kids I was a 34b. During my first pregnancy they... READ MORE

32 Years Old, Nursed 2 Babies, Very Small Breasts to Begin with - Denver, CO

I was very self conscious about my breasts not being able to fill out a small bra or swimsuit. I went to Dr. Christine Rodgers in Denver and she did a great job giving me breasts that are proportionate to my small frame. She and her staff are amazing and followed up to see how I was doing.... READ MORE

Upgrade - Lexington, KY

My procedure took about 2 hours. When I walked into the office I was welcomed by outstanding nurses, the doctor was wonderful as well. Very professional and fun. I couldn't have asked for a better experience, please check them out. My healing took less than a week. I was back to work in less... READ MORE

37 Year Old Mum, 5'9, 165lbs 500cc mod+ silicone under muscle

I've booked my BA for November and I'm excited, a little nervous about having surgery and dreading the reaction from my co-workers since I'm going up 2 cup sizes. A part of me says 'Who cares what other people think?' but another part feels guilty about splurging on myself. Life is too short, so... READ MORE

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