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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implants or fat transfers.
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Its been four days now since surgery. I had so many questions and researched till I was absolutely sure about the direction I would take. I found an image of my ideal boobs, showed Dr Rai and asked how he would go about making those boobs my reality. After trying on several sizers I decided to... READ MORE

My surgery is tomorrow... AHHHH! Finally. I feel like today will go by so slow because of how excited I am. When selecting a doctor I went with one who was a little more expensive but in my opinion, you get what you pay for.. My doctor is very experienced and listened to my wants and gave his... READ MORE

I have always wanted a BA after birth. Unfortunately, life did not give me the opportunity for children but I still wanted a BA done. With the support of my husband and extensive research by most women here and personal friends, I am booked for surgery. Please help me, guide me and encourage... READ MORE

I scheduled my consult for the first week of Feb! I'm really excited & I keep sending my husband photos of my "wish boobs". I just had a baby about 4 months ago and my breast were left two totally different sizes since I only produced milk on the left. Needless to say when my milk dried up my... READ MORE

I recently lost 30 pounds and poof! My big C cups were little A cups so I decided to go through with a breast augmentation procedure. I'm really athletic and have enough breast tissue already my PS and I decided saline partial submuscular was the best choice for me. I have had my consult with a... READ MORE

I've been dealing with the patient coordinator at medical departures for Dr Samano. I am impressed but I cannot find any reviews on this Dr. If anyone has any experience please let me Know. I have tentatively booked my procedure for May 2016. If I can't find anyone who has had procedures done... READ MORE

Hello all! So 2 more days until my surgery. I am excited, nervous and all of the above. I already have all my prescriptions ready, Valium, Percocet, Zofran and an antibiotic. Consult was nice with doctor in Orange, CT. Time with him was about 20 min. Then coordinator gives you a quote... READ MORE

I went to a consult with Dr. Kirk Moore's office on December 3, 2015. I never met the doctor, but one of the ladies working there did my consult. I only tried on one size 400 CC HP gummy bear implants and that's what I plan on getting. Right now I am size 32B. THANKS to this site for letting me... READ MORE

Still in the healing process of breast augmentation and liposuction of upper and lower abdomen, flanks and back rolls. before i was 132lbs and a 34b. and i got high profile saline implants 500cc's. so far great results but still sore when i wake up in the morning. Dr says i can start massaging... READ MORE

I went to see four different plastic surgeons here in Albuquerque and out of all of them Dr. Gallegos had the best bedside manner and time to answer all my questions. Everything went fast and was able to do everything inc, consultation pre op and surgery within three weeks. The staff was the... READ MORE

Salut à tous , depuis maintenant quelque années je rêve d'avoir une augmentation mammaire , mon chum et mes amis n arrête pas de me dire que je suis parfaite comme je suis mais MOI Je ne me trouve pas assez femme comme je suis !! Je trouve les femme avec des plus gros siens tellement plus sex... READ MORE

Dr. Oliva was simply amazing I walked in wanting something natural and not fake looking. He agreed and felt natural was the best option in my frame. When I got out of surgery and finally saw them they were better than I expected. They were perfectly even and you couldn't see the implant edges at... READ MORE

For many years I wanted breast augmentation and I put it off but this March at 34 I took the plung! I saw Dr. River Ciardullo located at 170 Maple Ave White Plains NY and wow I couldn't be happier! Not only is dr. Ciardullo an extremely talented surgeon he is so nice and made the whole procedure... READ MORE

So today was the day that I finally had my BA! I've always been flat chested but after 2 kids the lil bit I had diminished. I went to the hospital for 6 am & by 7:30 I was in surgery. I had 450 cc, silicone (5'4, 145) under the muscle. I also had a crescent lift on my left breast since I was... READ MORE

Surgery is scheduled for May 18th hoping to get 450cc Natrelle 410 FX when I went to my consult I felt completely at ease with Dr D! He answered all my questions. My pre-op is scheduled for May 9th at 10:15 so we will finalize all the details then. I am 5'4" Weight 145lbs 36B pre-op Bwd 11... READ MORE

I'm not sure about my size yet, I really don't know about how the cc thing goes. I currently wear a 34B, I would like to be a full D with a lot of upper fullness. I'm nervous because I'm traveling from NY to have my chest blessed by the "Boob God". I'm praying I don't have to much pain and I... READ MORE

I have checked this website hundreds of times over the past month. I have always hated being flat chested. Constantly being teased by my brothers and school kids didn't help. I would look at younger people with bigger boobs and get so jealous! I work as an entertainer so looks are important to... READ MORE

Loved his work, he was very great at answering all of my questions and addressing all of my concerns. He made me feel very comfortable, especially for this being my first ever surgery! He was also amazing at accommodating to the fact that I am an out of town and patient and worked with my... READ MORE

I had and amazing experience with dr. Craft and his staff. I knew since the first consultation that I wanted to do my procedure with him. I told him what I wanted and he did an amazing job , I love the results. They all were very sweet and understanding. I would definitely recommend dr. Craft to... READ MORE

I am so thrilled that this surgery might become a reality for me. Ever since it became apparent that my boobs were never going to arrive, I have casually researched plastic surgery. Only in the past few weeks did I make a serious commitment to learn more about the procedure. I have already been... READ MORE

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How much does Breast Augmentation cost?

The typical cost for Breast Augmentation ranges from $3,600-$6,800 with an average cost of $6,450. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 14,316 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more