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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implants or fat transfers.
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Wow, where to start! I actually wanted to start this from the beginning, a couple months ago but couldn't figure out how to do this. Lol. Anyway, I'm 34 years old, single mom to a 6-year old little mini me! Love her!! Having a BA is something I've been trying to do for more than half my life!!... READ MORE

I have wanted big boobs all my life. Finally I have saved enough money to get them done. I scheduled my surgery for Dec 1st. While I am excited I'm also nervous. I'm afraid I have an underlying condition that may not mix well with anesthesia. I have been a diabetic for 20 years, my A1c is 6.7... READ MORE

I have started to post a million times and never post. So finally, here we are. I'm 5'8" 125lbs Mommy of 1 I've graduated past the consultation phase and decided on my P.S. Now I just need to save $1100 more, and the anticipation is killing me! I am really good with money and I know I can... READ MORE

After years of contemplating, I am finally going through with getting a BA. I have decided on Silicone for a more natural feel and will be having them placed under the muscle. I have a bit of asymmetry from breastfeeding one one side more than the other. I'm hoping to increase size a bit. but... READ MORE

I always wanted larger breasts. I knew I wanted to wait until my lifestyle wasn't extremely active. I am at a relaxed state in my life where healing I think will be easier for my body. I had surgery on Thursday March 24 and everything from the nurses to my surgeon and my family helping... READ MORE

I have wanted an augmentation for many years and have done extensive research. I am finally at a point in my life financially, physically, and emotionally where I feel like I am ready. I am using this site as a means to communicate with others on their BA journey and chronicle my experiences. A... READ MORE

Dr. Sattler and his entire staff are truly amazing! He was my first consult and after meeting Dr. Sattler and Julie (his wonderful nurse), I just knew I didn't need to see anyone else, so I cancelled my 2 other consult appointments. Dr. Sattler is a very caring professional with great... READ MORE

Back story Hi!! First I just wanted to say that I am grateful for an outlet. To be able to work through some of the emotions that come with this and be around so many other women is amazing. I am 24, closer to 25. I have been extremely small for the majority of my life. I remember stuffing my... READ MORE

My first visit with DR alkon was pleasant comfortable and anwers all my questions , the girls very helpful ... I decided for lipo , breath augmentation , butt augmentation . I hear that dr alkon is very professional and take it care all his patient with amability and precaution ... I can't wait... READ MORE

As a teen and a young adult, I was always happy with my breasts. They weren't huge, but they were perky and had a nice shape. I definitely never considered having a breast augmentation during this time. After breastfeeding however.. things changed! My boobs weren't terrible.. but I definitely... READ MORE

I am 4 days pre-op and really looking forward to this being done. All the BA-research and thoughts about pros and cons take up so much space in my head. The reason for me to do this is that I would love to be able to just throw on a non-patted bra and wear t-shirts without thinking my breasts... READ MORE

PS said I was borderline for a lift. After much consideration, I decided against the lift at this time. Victoria's Secret said I was a 36C, PS said I was really a B. I told him I wanted him to fill up what I lost from nursing two kids and from weight loss. I was slightly smaller on my right side... READ MORE

Hey ladies! I have been thinking a lot about getting this procedure done. I am a mommy of 3 my youngest being 2. After my friends got their surgery, I was in love with their results. I will be traveling to Miami from Houston, tx. Not quite sure who I am taking or where I should stay. With that... READ MORE

Oh I am so excited! Finally doing it after talking about it for years. When I went in for my consult she told me I could go up to 600cc in the gummy bear. Had an amazing consult. I want to even them out and fill me up. I am 5'10 & 160lbs. Any advice or suggestions on size?oh can't wait til... READ MORE

Hi All ! I've been on this site for years reading reviews now is finally my time . I've been on 3 consultations so far over the years and have yet to be impressed by any of the doctors thus far and looking forward to my consult with Dr. John Connors on Monday . Just looking forward to sharing my... READ MORE

I have been small chested my whole life. I am a 34A and have thought about going bigger since I was a teenager. I'm 35 years old now and think I'm ready for this!!! I've seen one plastic surgeon already but didn't feel he was a good fit for me. I found him due to me seeing a girl at work with... READ MORE

600ccs High Profile, Silicone. 34 A cup possibly. 125lbs, 5'3".5 Also will be recieving a nipple reduction. I am extremely nervous as it gets closer. Worried about the outcome if I will be happy with the size, the look.. and the possible complications, capsular contraction, ect. I also on the... READ MORE

I've been contemplating a breast augmentation for over 4 years but could never find a doctor that was trustworthy. After extensive research I met Dr.Richards. His work is amazing as well as his personality. He is very precise and knows what he's doing. I'm so excited and eternally grateful! :)... READ MORE

As of yet I have only gone to my pre-op appointment, but my surgery is only 6 days away. Yay! It was exciting to try on sizers, I feel that I picked one pretty fast but I am happy with that decision. I knew what I had in mind, but I was very appreciative with the input that my surgeon gave me as... READ MORE

I'm waiting till I'm all done weaning my last child and then I am going to have a breast augmentation to return my breasts to the state they were in before children. I've always had boobs and can't imagine being flat chested. I don't wonder what I'd look like with big boobs,I'm worrying about... READ MORE

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How much does Breast Augmentation cost?

The typical cost for Breast Augmentation ranges from $3,600-$6,800 with an average cost of $6,450. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 14,323 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more