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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implants or fat transfers.
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I have been small breasted my whole life, barely fitting in a 34B (Body by Victoria brand) but I've made it work. Swimsuits always bothered me the most so I've always gone with extra padding or fluff. In my 20s, I always judged women who got breast implants, thinking it was shallow, poor... READ MORE

I haven't done my breast augmentation yet. Hopefully I will get schedule his summer with Dr. Adam Todd , I knew from the moment I had my consultation that he would be my doctor because he made me feel so at ease he took his time with me and trying on the different sizes. The process never felt... READ MORE

Hi y'all I have been waiting for this for years. It's time to say goodbye to my little boobs. Finally I can't believe that I already booked my appointment ???????????????????????????????? ( 05/05/2016 it's going be the big day ) I'm counting down the the days ???? but I'm little worried too... READ MORE

Having a breast augmentation has been a dream of mine since I was 16...maybe even younger. I have started a savings account specifically for this dream to become a reality. I remember watching Beverly Hills 90210 when I was 13 years old, so I guess it's kind of funny that my dream doctor is Dr.... READ MORE

He made me extrememly comfortable and knew exactly what i wanted the staff was unbelieveable especially alexis that help and guide me through my process. Even after surgery he checked on me , had his staff call me . He answered all my questions its been two weeks since my breast aug . And im in... READ MORE

I have been waiting for this for years. It's time. Next week Thursday I will say goodbye to my little boobies, it was nice knowing you two. I am a small B and wanting a D. I am very particular about how I want them to end up and the anxiety is killing me. I have got to make sure the doctor knows... READ MORE

Finally! I have the oppurtunity of getting a BA! I am currently stationed in Okinawa Japan and my friend and I have decided on going to Thailand with Destination Beauty to get our boobs done. I originally was going to go to a Japanese doctor here but the prices are crazy high!!! $7,600 for a BA.... READ MORE

I'm hoping to have the feminine body I've always wanted! I'd been a 32A my whole life until the kids, when I did have a lovely full B cup while preggers. Afterwards, flat again with the added bonus of a good 15-20 lbs I can new shake. I've always worked full time and although I do work out I... READ MORE

Hey Ladies, So I am a 34 year old, married, physically active woman without kids. I've never really had any self-image issues and I can't say that I've never hated my breasts. In fact, I used to LOVE my breasts!!! When I was 19, they were a perfect, perky 34C. I even felt proud that when I... READ MORE

Hello dolls :) l have been browsing real self from the shadows for a few months now... lurking like a total creeper ???? Now that my BA is fast approaching I figured it's a good time to come out and start sharing my BA journey with others. I have always been pretty small up top but I never... READ MORE

I had my breast aug done in December and I did not have a high profile implant like I wanted or expected. Lack of communication. I was told this is bad on the breast tissue long term and not recommended. However, based on before and afters and what my friends have, I love how they look and how... READ MORE

I've known since I was around 16 years old that one day I'd get a breast augmentation. I've worn a 32A bra ever since I've "needed" one and I've always been self conscious about my chest. To me I've always figured that I can change almost anything about my body either in the gym or with makeup..... READ MORE

I've decided to do it!! I don't have a date yet but soon. My goal is to get rid of these expensive padded bras from VS I know I'm not a 34C, I only wish! It would be great to be a nice full C that looks natural. I have had 3 children youngest is 25 and did not bf. At this time I still have... READ MORE

This site helped me so much, that i have decided to do my own review, especially because they are not a lot of reviews about any other countries... i live in Belgium and i have decided to got the Wellness Kliniek in Genk which has fantastic reviews and is one of the best in Europe... i made an... READ MORE

I've always had small breasts. Growing up I experienced the comments of two backs, flat chested etc and it really bothered me. Fast forward a few years I actually grew to love my perky small breasts. My motto was built for speed not comfort :0) I exercised a lot and my breasts just fitted my... READ MORE

The reason I decided to go ahead with the procedure was the fact that I had uneven breasts. My preferred breast for feeding my babies was always my left and as a result ended up with one sagging breast which made me unhappy without a bra on. My surgeon was recommend to me by a friend and ended... READ MORE

Hey guys! I'm finally able to upload this as I've now told my Mum about my BA. My goal is just to fill out what I have but lack of volume due to my late miscarriage. A lot of women think if they don't breastfeed their boobs won't change WRONG. It will be emotional and I'll be blogging my journey... READ MORE

I'm a petite person, really athletic and I wanted something extremely natural. After breastfeeding my kiddos for a combined total of 4 years I was left with pretty much nothing (32A). I didn't want to go big, I didn't even want it to be too noticeable. I just wanted to feel a little more... READ MORE

I was 21 years old at the time and very self conscious about my breasts but after having them enlarged it was the best thing I ever did. It gave me so much confidence in myself and I am extremely happy with the result. I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about breast enlargement to... READ MORE

Hey guys! I'm 31, 5'1, 145lbs. I'm currently a 36C and my surgeon & I decided to go with 550cc high profile silicone. He did all the measurements and I've seen his work and trust his judgment. Before my daughter I had perfect breast, people often asked if they were fake. I'm an exotic dancer... READ MORE

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How much does Breast Augmentation cost?

The typical cost for Breast Augmentation ranges from $3,600-$6,800 with an average cost of $6,450. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 14,616 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more