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Breast augmentation surgery is any procedure that enhances the size and shape of a woman's breasts. It's frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or to restore breasts that have been affected by pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. The procedure can be performed using implants (either silicone or saline) or fat transferLEARN MORE ›

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35 Years Old, 2 Kids, Natural Look and Not Telling Anyone! - UK


I'm booked in but feeling nervous and almost about to cancel. I'm worried about being judged, and always feel bad that this is a self elected surgery. Then other days I think, so what just go for it. I have small boobs, breast fed and although they are quite pert still, I don't fill a bra... READ MORE

29 YO, 5'1", 160 lbs, 325 cc silicone implants with lift, reduce areola size, Mom of 2 Ready to Do This for Me! - Columbus, OH

Today has been a big day! I chose my surgeon! Now it all feels real. I've hated the size of my aerolas for so long and then after having two kids and gaining and losing and gaining and losing weight my boobs are shot! I got the PTO approved at work and my dad will be taking me on surgery day.... READ MORE

24. No Children. 32a to 32dd Hopefully 400cc High Profile Implants - London, TX

Right so here goes. Iv always been unhappy with my breast size always been a small 32A cup. Then I met my boyfriend forgot about how unhappy I was with them until I found a message to another girl saying how he didn't like mine and they were to small. And how he liked hers as they are bigger.... READ MORE

27yo. 2yr Old Son, Breastfed. Pre-op 36c Deflated.

A few Stats: 27yo, 150lbs, 5'3" athletic. Ive been wanting a BA since i was 18yo, ive danced my entire life (until i got pregnant at 25) so i never really pursued a BA, i imagined a bigger chest would just get in the way of my dancing. After pregnancy and breastfeeding it really started to... READ MORE

Turning 30, 1 Kiddo, Have Been Wanting Implants Since He Was Born - Reno, NV

Back story: I am a 29 yr old single mom to a 7 yr old, aka as my Mini. I have been wanting implants since he was a baby. Pre kiddo I was a big perky b. After breast feeding, my chest became flat. I almost got a BA 4 years ago, but decided to wait in case I had more children. I told myself a... READ MORE

37yo Mother of 3.. Lost Weight & Lost my Breast : ( - Texas

Hi everyone, I'm a 36 yo mother of 3. I lost 35lbs about 2 1/2 years ago & with my weight loss I loss my breast.. I have been considering this for about 1 year now & just recently started my consults..I'm 32B ish & want a full D.. I have done 3 so far & am in love with the second doctor. I... READ MORE

Lipo Revised / Saline Breast Implants W/ Lift

I love the results Dr. Fisher gave me with my BBL ...I think he did his best to give me what I asked for but I think I want more and I feel that I can get what I want in the DR. I might possibly get another fat transfer as well as a breast augmentation. I have not done a whole lot of research... READ MORE

BA with Dr Krau at CG Cosmetics in Miami!

Aaaaaaaaahhhhh! I'm flying from Canada to Miami this coming Thursday for a BA. I'm 5'6", around 118lbs, and a very small 32A, deflated, sad, boobs after nursing 5 babies. So I am beyond stoked to have BOOBS!! So far my experience with CG has been good, my coordinator is Blanca and she always... READ MORE

24 yrs ,no kids , saggy boobs after rapid weightloss, 420cc silicone unders - Johannesburg ,ZA

(sry for any spelling or grammar mustakes,I'm not a native speaker) hey there. so i was pretty overweight as a teenager and when i discovered sports for me i lost 25 kg within 9 months. i loved my body but my booby who where a full c small d before, went to be a saggy a cup (redundant skin from... READ MORE

25y/o , 1child, Muscular Build

Well here we are. I've always been pretty muscular and had zero boobs (minus breastfeeding). I have more muscle in my chest than boob. My pre op appointment is October 17, and surgery is scheduled for November 4. So a little over a month away! I'm about 5'5" and 145lbs looking to go full C,... READ MORE

21, Silicone, 1 Happy Breastfed Baby - Miami, FL

Name: Jane Breast size: 32A Implants: Silicone, 400cc+ Round profile Height: 5'2 Weight: 104 pounds BMI: 19 Hey y'all, please feel free to follow my journey with Dr. Freiman at CGCosmetic. Originally, I was going to get saline implants but with my lack of breast tissue, that's already firm I'm... READ MORE

19yo 360 cc Breast Augmentation Journey - Geneva, IL

Hello! I have wanted a chest since the beginning of time yet I never really developed anything that even closely gave me symmetry. I believe my breasts are tuberous (large nipples, no upper fullness, not even bottom fullness). I've kept a humerus attitude about my chest knowing that I would have... READ MORE

42 Years Old with 4 Boys... Twins 6, 14 and 17 Ur Old

Dr, Ditesheim was amazing!! Im a mother of 4 and had no confidence until going to him and having a breast augmentation. Im a mother of 4 boys and at the time I was 155 pounds and now im at 126 pounds because I felt so much better after surgery!! I would recommend them to anyone!! There staff... READ MORE

25 Year Old Mother of 2, BA. 325cc Silicone Overs,Mod Plus. - Fort Belvoir, VA

I am beyond thrilled with my breast augmentation. I was always completely flat chested, even after having 2 kids. My doctor told me I had Hypomasty of the breast. I went to see a plastic surgeon and I am SO glad I did. My only regret is not doing this sooner. I went with 325cc Silicone smooth... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 125 Lbs 5'2" 500cc Saline Implants High Profile Under the Muscle - Orange, CA

So far so good! Surgery went great not in that much pain now, 6 hrs out of surgery and feeling good. I highly recommend Dr.Bui! The facility where I had the surgery was very nice and clean. Staff was amazing, treated me with respect and they made sure I was taken care of. They made me feel very... READ MORE

Can I Be Fixed?

As you can see I have uneven breasts. One is small and perky while the other is slightly bigger and droppy. I went for my consultation and was advised to do 310cc (I'm a b now, I would like to be a d), silicon, moderate profile round implants. They also suggested I do a lollipop breast lift on... READ MORE

21 Yr Old, No Kids, Want a Bigger Chest. Redding, CA

I'm still in the research phase and heavily weighing pros and cons. I've had one consultation which didn't go nearly as well as I'd hoped, (his office couldn't offer me silicone- even off label because I'm not 22) and I felt rushed and like "just another patient" I have my second consultation... READ MORE

Breast Aug After Weight Loss, 27 Years Old

I had a substantial weight loss in my late teens and early 20s and lost 2 cup sizes. I had wanted an augmentation for years and I was happy when I found Dr. Tag! He and his team were fantastic before, during and after my procedure. They turned out so much better than I could've ever hoped for!... READ MORE

46 and Finally Doing It!, Toronto, ON

I'm 46 years old with a 14 and 10 year old. I've always had small breasts that were sagging but after the kids they've definally got sagger. I breast fed with both with no regrets. I work out and run. Am pretty fit. Though I haven't done much lately. But will get back to my routine. Um 5 foot 6... READ MORE

29 Yrs/ 4 Kids (All Breastfed) I'm Getting 300 Cc High Profile Silicone Implants. South Carolina, SC

Ohhhhhb jitters. So the countdown has begun. I've had my initial consult, followed by a mammogram and will get my urinalysis next week. I have an appointment on the 15th to get my final measurements and order the implants. I'm trying to get realistic expectations but 300 CC implants look so... READ MORE

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