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Breast augmentation surgery is any procedure that enhances the size and shape of a woman's breasts. It's frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or to restore breasts that have been affected by pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. The procedure can be performed using implants (either silicone or saline) or fat transferLEARN MORE ›

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Dr Bryson is the Best!!! Hands Down....

Hello! I did my BA this feb 1 450cc high profile silicone (gummybear) and im already 4 days post op and I feel really great! Recovery was fast I can lift my arms (not over my head tho) and take a shower by myself I dont feel any pain at all ! cept in the morning when I get up from bed... READ MORE

46 Year Old Mom of 2 - Better Late Than Never - Troy, MI

Hello everyone! I'm a 46 year old divorced mom of two adult children. I'm 5'6" and 160 pounds. I'm writing this review to help others my age who are going, or thinking about going through this procedure. The women who wrote on Realself really helped me when I had my tummy tuck last year. So... READ MORE

28, 5'6", 133lbs, 2 Kids, Getting my Boobs Back!

I had larger breasts throughout high school and most of college and I loved them! I had cleavage and looked amazing. Then about 5 or 6 years ago I lost 30 pounds and they, of course, got smaller. Then after having my children they seemed to disappear. Now, I have to wear a push up bra to make... READ MORE

21 Years Old and Went Through Hell to Get Breast!

So since realself really helped me out during my post op when I was going through that phrase of mild depression bc I thought my breasts were too small and my experience with hematoma, I am going to write about my experience to help others who might be going through the same thing. I originally... READ MORE

27 Years Old, 5'4 , 122lbs **Wanting This Surgery Since I Was 18! - Pennsylvania, PA

I had my pre-op appointment on Thursday and I can't wait for surgery next week! My Surgeon has made me feel so comfortable through this whole process and has talked me through each step and every concern. I'm getting anxious (in a good way) and a little nervous all around. Can't wait to fill a... READ MORE

Surgery updates! - Toronto, ON

So it's finally only a week away! Have been getting ready by setting up a nice relaxing space with everything I need as suggested by others. I have a pretty terrible headache but no more pain meds allowed :( I currently sit at a 34A by measurement but wear a 34B triple padded bra. Thank god... READ MORE

Got my Breast Done Years Ago and They Still Look Good! - Fountain Valley, CA

I was referred to his office by a friend, even though she got surgery by a different doctor. Dr. Khosravi was very informative and professional. Best investment I've ever made! I still have my feeling in my breast. He inserted the implant through my nipples. Great doctor! I am making this post 7... READ MORE

20 years old, A-D Cup

Age: 19 Weight: 125 lbs Height: 5'8" Current bra size: 34 A (sometimes B depending on the brand) Goal bra size: 34 C or D I've always wanted bigger boobs... I never developed when all of my friends did. I love my body and am comfortable with the way I am, I just know how much more confidence I... READ MORE

38 Years Old, No Children, 5'5 1/2 and 147 Lbs - Philadelphia, PA

I was completely flat with nipples that just hung over... Very embarrassing. I wanted bigger breasts since I was 10 years old because all of my friends breasts began developing while mine still looked like mosquito bites lol. As I got older I never took my shirt off in front of anyone, not even... READ MORE

40 Y/o Japanese Petite, 5'2" 104.7 Lb, Got 285 Cc Round Moderate Profile, Under the Pectoral Muscle.

1 POD(Post Operative Day) Yesterday ,my surgery was performed by Dr.Nagumo who was not only the most famous Japanese plastic surgeon but also a great oncologist for breast cancer. Implants : POLYTEC Microthane (Textured type) Round moderate projection 285 cc Importants filler : Silicon... READ MORE

23 Yo, 3 Kids, Hoping to Fill That Empty A out to a D but Husband is Unsure - Montreal, QC

Hi there, I am 23, have 3 kids and have desired having large breasts since before puberty and when they never developed beyond an empty A, I was quite disappointed (especially with 3 sisters that are natural DD's). I am currently breastfeeding and, thanks to this wondeeful thing, I am... READ MORE

23 Years Old. 130lbs. 5'4. Active. No Kiddos - Birmingham, AL

Hello Everyone! I am super excited as my procedure date gets closer and closer. I have chosen Dr. Hedden in Birmingham, AL for my procedure. I am a little nervous but mostly excited. I have ALWAYS wanted boobs, especially when I realized that puberty was over and I was blessed with a 34A cup,... READ MORE

23 Years-old, 5'7', 130 Lbs, 300 cc mod+ unders - Beverly Hills, CA

I have been researching plastic surgeons for 2 years now. Finally decided to make that first consultation appointment with Dr. Kim and it was great. I expected to want to see more than one doctor before I make my decision, but after talking to him during the consultation combined with all the... READ MORE

34A 350cc Silicone Transaxillary 135lbs 5'3 Athlete BA

As a competitive bikini athlete I lost nearly all of my natural breast tissue (which was not ample to begin with). I felt that I've worked so hard on my body and take so much pride in it but I was just so self conscious about being so disproportionate. I went on several consultations and was so... READ MORE

26 Y/O 5'0 ,120lbs, 650cc/660cc HP, saline, dual plane . :) - San Antonio, TX

Hello ladies, I'm planning for a breast augmentation in the coming months with. Dr. Gary Lawton. I've already seen him for a first appointment and he recommended 650cc round saline unders. Considering my stats I've been very torn about being too top heavy or looking fat. I'm currently 32AA,... READ MORE

38 Year Old, 1 Kid, Much Needed Boobs, and Lipo. Highland Park, IL

Hi i have been staking RS for over a year and I have decided that I am doing it. I am so tired of looking at these pity titties. I am getting a breast augmentation and Lipo to the flanks, abdomen and back. I had my son at an early age and I thought he was gonna give me boobs but that didn't... READ MORE

19 Years Old, 120 Lbs, No Kids, Very Athletic Body Type - Sacramento, CA

Having grown up in a family with small breasts, I knew I wouldn't grow huge boobs, but also didn't know I wouldn't grow any at all.... I've been told I'm done growing and there's basically no hope in growing larger breasts & therefore, I want a BA. I want clothes to fit better, find a new... READ MORE

26 Yrs Old, 5'7" 135lb, Started with A Cup--450cc silicone unders

Have always wanted implants, After 2 kids I went from barely a Bcup to barely an Acup. Finally decided to do it..Surgery is less than a week away!! I'm hoping for around 400-450cc. My PS will have 385cc, 415cc, 450cc and 485cc... he will choose which looks best! Very nervous about not 100%... READ MORE

29 yr old~BA~ 5'8/127lbs

Dr. Hustak was actually my fourth consultation. After much apprehension and not feeling as comfortable with the others I decided to go with her! She was very confident and gave me all the time I needed during our consultation to talk and ask questions. Her staff was very kind as well, and have... READ MORE

27 Years Old, 5'7", 145Ibs, 1 Child, Ready to Feel Feminine - Charlotte, NC

I have my consultation on January 26th seeing Dr. Watterson out of Charlotte! Excited and finally ready for my new body. Been wanting this for years. I hate trying on clothes, and wearing bathing tops that are push up! Hopefully consultation go as planned. I've been reading a lot of reviews on... READ MORE

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