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Breast augmentation surgery is any procedure that enhances the size and shape of a woman's breasts. It's frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or to restore breasts that have been affected by pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. The procedure can be performed using implants (either silicone or saline) or fat transferLEARN MORE ›

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Saline Breast Agumentatiom - Atlanta, GA

Today was my surgery and it was amazing. It's only been a few hours And I am so happy with my results so for. They haven't even started dropping do i'm excited for that. The office and staff were all great. I am not in much pain (only when I move too fast/make fast movement. I am hoping for a... READ MORE

28 Y/o, 110lbs, 5'4, 1 Child. Cincinnati, OH

Hello! I am 28 years old and a mother of one. I always said since I was a teenager that I would "fix my breasts" if I ever had a child. So here I am with a wonderful 2 year old daughter and looking to make good on my word. My breasts pre-pregnancy they were a perky and full VS 32ddd (I have a 28... READ MORE

600cc Ultra High Profile Gel Silicone

Hello, My name is Taylor. I Just had butt implants in March. So I'm 8 months post op from them. I love them but wish I could have gone bigger. Anyways after I lost some weight last summer I lost my boobs. They deflated. I'm currently a full 34C. And am looking to have a DDD. I just want... READ MORE

5'8" 133lbs 34a to 590cc uhp mentor gel silicone underbreast augmentation, rhinoplasty and upper eyelid

I have my breast augmentation surgery in 2 weeks!!! I will also be having a rhinoplasty and upper eyelid surgery done at the same time. I have never had any surgeries, besides my wisdom teeth removed. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I have always had small boobs and after nursing 2... READ MORE

25yrs Old. 5'7, 110lbs. 475cc/525cc mod+ silicone!

Hi Everyone! I wanted to start by saying how helpful this site has been in my quest for new breasts!! I really enjoy reading everyone's stories. I've been lurking on here for about 2 weeks and I'm ready to start my own review! First I will start with a little bit about me. I breastfed two... READ MORE

32yr old gym mama looking to feel feminine

I am a mother of 2, 5'3, 120lbs and currently a 34A. I have spent a lot of my time since having kids doing crossfit and competing in different strength competitions. The combination of breastfeeding and working out has left me with very small and asymmetrical breasts (a whole cup size... READ MORE

33yr Old, 2 Kids, BF both for 1yr each, Ready for New Boobs!

I'm scheduled to get a breast augmentation on Thursday, Jan 19! I'm really excited, and a little nervous! I've been working out for quite a few years now, and I breast fed both of my kids (1yr old and 2yr old) and my girls are done! I've wanted a breast augmentation for quite a few years and the... READ MORE

25, 5' 8" 120 Lbs, 375cc SRM

Hi all! I am 25 years old, with no kiddos yet, 120 lbs. 32A hoping to be about a 32D, but honestly I would be happy with anything that is bigger than what I am now! I have been considering breast augmentation since I was 21, and now think I have decided to take the plunge. Life is too short to... READ MORE

31 Yo, 5"8', 130 Lbs, 34A and Excited to Upgrade! Wausau, WI

Hi ladies! I am so thankful to have stumbled across this forum as it has been incredibly helpful thus far. My pre-op appointment is on May 28, 2016. Following the consultation, my surgeon suggested no more than 275 cc moderate profile, teardrop shaped, saline implants, underneath the pec muscle.... READ MORE

saline HP 400/410cc-Post BA breastfeeding

So I've pretty much always been flat chested or small breasted my whole life minus a couple of moments related to pregnancy and breastfeeding. My mom had a nice natural set but my sister and I of course inherited the "no boobs" from our dad's side. While I always kind of wished to have a larger... READ MORE

25 Years Old, No Kids

I have wanted a breast augmentation for years now. I put it on the back burner until I graduated about two years ago. I have not been able to think about the surgery without getting sick to my stomach. Recently, I've been able to wrap my head around it a little more. I would rather go through... READ MORE

600cc Ultra High Profile Under the Muscle-2 Days Pre-op So Nervous

I have decided on 600 cc's vs the 650 the surgeon recommended. I think that's high enough to not have size regret, yet just a touch smaller than the size that my mind thought was huge. I have everything prepared for after the surgery. Pillows, all of my medications are filled, the refrigerator... READ MORE

26 Yrs Old, 5'7" 135lb, Starting with A Cup Hoping to Be Full C/small D

Have always wanted implants, After 2 kids I went from barely a Bcup to barely an Acup. Finally decided to do it..Surgery is less than a week away!! I'm hoping for around 400-450cc. My PS will have 385cc, 415cc, 450cc and 485cc... he will choose which looks best! Very nervous about not 100%... READ MORE

18 Year Old A Cup to DD Cup. First Consultation Down!

Hey! I had my first consultation last week! He's thinking of teardrop implants 335 or 375. After reasearching more into teardrop implants a lot of people have had rotation and not got the cleavage they Desire. My pre op and final size choice is next week to make my final desicion before the op... READ MORE

44 Year Old, 3 Kids.

Good bye saggy/ deflated bobs!!! I'm 5'3 and 52 kg. I'm going tear drop, dual plane, moderate profile 350-390cc ( depending on the surgeons opinion at the time of the procedure) I used to be a D cup prior to having children, with each child I went down a size. I'm hoping for a full natural... READ MORE

35 Y/o 3 Kids, BF All 3, 135lbs

I've always been a small B and had been ok with that but after breastfeeding my third child my boobs seemed smaller and flatter than ever. I had thought about a BA in my early 20s but after having kids I thought it was a selfish decision and hasn't thought about it until recently. I did a lot of... READ MORE

24 Years Old, No Kids, 5'2" and 120lbs, Pre: 32A/B, Allergen Natrelle 500cc Submuscular Breast Augmentation

About me: I started working out 2 years ago and about 1 year into my lifestyle change, I noticed that my bras were not fitting and my boobs had significantly shrunken. Before, I was a 32C and now I have no idea what my bra size is. Honestly, I usually wear sports bras or bralettes and have not... READ MORE

28 Years Old, 1 Child, 5'1 125lbs... 485cc srf

So ive been back and forth on this app looking at befores and afters. For years ive been wanting to get breast implants, but my ex nor my family never thought it was right. I finally found a wonderful man that supports me in everything. Hes actually very excited for them. I have my first consult... READ MORE

30yr, 5'8", 160lb Getting 350-400cc Mod Overs - Lutherville Timonium, MD

I have stalked this site for months now and it's finally my turn to write a review! My BA is scheduled for Sept 1, less than 48 hrs away! My PS suggested 400cc hp but since it's over the muscle I'm nervous to have too much cleavage. I still want to look athletic, I just want to fill out more... READ MORE

5', 110lb, 31y/o Mother of 1. Deflated 32b (32C/D VS) 339cc or 371cc mod+ Dual Plane - Tampa, FL

So, I've decided to document my journey to new boobs! I've always considered a breast augmentation, but never really needed one. I had pretty nice boobs until I gained 65lbs during my pregnancy. My boobs went from a full 34B to a 38D. I lost all of the weight post pregnancy without even trying..... READ MORE

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