Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat transfers, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›

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CG Cosmetics Sucks. They rushed me thru the whole process like clock work. Took my Bfs payment over the phone immediately however didn't follow up with receipt or paper work he had to sign until I harassed them for it... The price they advertise does NOT include everything as stated. I had to... READ MORE

I'm 46y old with no kids. I'm 5'' 5'', 125lbs, I currently wear 34b. I am active and been training since I was 19y. I have wanted breast for many years. I have lost whatever I had left of my breast from doing weights. This site has been nice but I have read some really bad recovery stories and... READ MORE

I have always been a very small chested girl. I was about a 32/34 A/B before my procedure, and chose to have 360 filled to 397 saline implants put in sub muscular. I had checked out a few other surgeons before deciding on Dr. Maggi, but there was no comparison in there work. Dr. Maggi had no... READ MORE

I had breast augmentation on January 14th. All went well! My dr decides on 440 hp Allergen textured implants. I was brought back to their very own surgery center that just so happens to be right across the street from Swedish hospital. The anesthesiologist had 30 years expensive and came over... READ MORE

I have wanted boobs since I was 16. I didn't like how little my breasts developed so I purchased "breast enhancement" pills and started birth control because my friends told me their boobs grew. My mother caught me with the pills and immediately confiscated them so I never got to try them out (I... READ MORE

Ever since my breast started to form as a preteen I wished for large boobs. Most women on both sides of my family were well endow, with the exception of my sisters and I. We have the butt and no boobs. I am a 34 B or maybe small. However most of my bras are padded to give me the look that I... READ MORE

After a successful TT in May 2015, I really wanted BA. I didn't have the finances to combine the BA with the TT, but after seriously researching it over the past few months, I decided it was time. I did my research and after my second consultation which was with Dr. Marchant in Doylestown PA, I... READ MORE

I've wanted big boobs ever since I was little kid. I think they're feminine and beautiful. I quickly realized that I wasn't blessed with "ideal" genes, after I went through puberty and was still the smallest out of all my friends. I'm now 21 years old, 5'7", 130lbs, and wear a size 34A. I have... READ MORE

I want my breast more fuller with 300 cc implants and still can have money to have holiday at the same i prefer made it done in Cambodia...which is cheaper than Jakarta and is done by Dr.Reid...a doctor who graduated from the best school and have more experiences....i got a bunch... READ MORE

How exciting only 7 days to go! I'm currently a 10B, although I do think my breasts look quiet cute I really do want some volume! I'm 50kg - 162cm tall with no children I really love the look of a natural breast with a very full lower half of the breast. I have chosen 295cc (anatomical) tear... READ MORE

Getting Close to the date!! So far the whole process has been smooth. My Ps seems to be amazing very confident, which makes me so happy. If hes confident, i should be also right?? However, as the date approaches i am becoming more and more anxious, mostly about CC size and the recovery. I have... READ MORE

I'm so happy I found this website!! It's helped me start to make decisions on my road to breast augmentation. I've worn a padded bra my whole life, since I started getting boobs, at about age 11. At most, I've maxed out at a 36B, when not breastfeeding. My mom would always tell me, "don't... READ MORE

I'm hoping to restore the volume in my breast after breast feeding. I have been wanting to do this for a couple of years now and I'm finally getting the opportunity to do so! My surgery is set for tomorrow January 7, 2016 at 10 a.m. And I am so excited! I have seen so many photos and done a lot... READ MORE

So after being a member on this glorious website for a little while, i finally decided to schedule my consult to meet a plastic surgeon in my area. My consult took place already, wednesday the 28th and i was able to try on sizers. We decided somewhere around 300ccs -350ccs, but not real sure if... READ MORE

Wasn't planning to write a review but I thought it may be helpful for others as this site was helpful for me. I'm scheduled for 2/23 for BA and Lipo. For my BA, I haven't decided on sizing yet since I'll be traveling there for surgery I haven't had the chance to try on any sizers yet. I am... READ MORE

I am a hard working mother of two boys and a wonderful husband. I spent the last 18 years putting my family first in every financial decision but I am now ready to do this for just myself! This is abnormal for me so I'm left feeling both excited and very anxious. My pre op and fitting... READ MORE

Let me first start off by saying Thank You! To all the women on this site, you have helped me immensely. First I was scared and hesitant but after reading MANY reviews, posts and updates I'm feeling more at ease with my decision. After 6 years of contemplation I'm finally going in for my... READ MORE

Every review I've read on RealSelf has started with ladies describing how they've always wanted breast augmentation ever since they went through puberty. Unfortunately, I'm no different. I always wondered why my mom was well-endowed and I was left with nothing. The desire for a BA was always... READ MORE

I'm very petite I'm a size 32 a and hopefully to become a full C small D not exactly sure what to experience Iv never been under or had surgery no kids or anything..I got November 4 for a consultation which I can't wait for I need some help asking questions and I cheer on a college team which... READ MORE

I have been reading stories for a while now and thought it fair to post a bit of my story. Even as an athlete I always had a proportionate chest size with my 5'10 frame-I was a 34D all of my adult life - then I had 2 children- nursed both for a year (and wouldn't change that for the WORLD). I... READ MORE

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