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Scared of Getting "Uniboob." Is This Possible? (photo)

I think its called my boobs are very close to each other and i LOVe the cleavage i am getting but i feel a little tightness coming from the middle of... READ MORE

I Don't Have Symmastia but Still Looks Like Uniboob. Any Method to Restore my Skin Tissue? (photo)

After surgery(June)my doctor said i have symmastia so I wore the thongbra.Now standing upright it’s perfect but if my breasts are getting lift... READ MORE

Tenting After Breast Augmentation. How Can This Be Fixed?

Hi, my PS used implants that 1 day post op caused tenting. He said it wouldn't progress to uni-boob. I had authorized him to pick the cc size he... READ MORE

Separation Between Augmented Breasts Was Perfect Until 5 Mo After Surgery - Now I Have Uniboob? (photo)

My March '12 aug gave me nice, full C cup breasts. Around the 5th month, my cleavage seemed to disappear overnight and now I have what I believe to be... READ MORE

Age 21, 116 lbs, with 300cc gummy bear implants. 2 1/2 months since operation. Capsular contracture? Maybe symmestia? (photos)

1: I fear that I might have a minor case of the "uniboob", because whenever I wear a push up bra, I don't get cleavage, my implants just come closer... READ MORE

Am I Getting Uniboob? (photo)

I am really scared of getting uniboob! I am 4 weeks post op and have been getting a lot of comments of the "massive cleavage" I have. Nice cleavage is... READ MORE

I Had my BA/BL at the Beginning of March and I Have a Uni-boob? (photo)

I had my BA/BL about 5 weeks ago. I have 600cc silicone implants in both breasts. I had a lot of swelling at first but it has gone down significantly.... READ MORE

I'm concerned about my midline. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am now almost 2 months post op and the swelling on my sternum has not gone away. My surgeon keeps persisting that this is just built up fluid under... READ MORE

I Have Never Had Breast Implants but It Looks Like I Have Symmastia. How Can I Fix It?

I am 18 years old and for as long as I can remember my breasts have come together in sort of a "uniboob" way. I was looking up simmaliar issues on the... READ MORE

How to correct uniboob not caused by implants? (photos)

My boobs are one boob and have been this way since puberty. Ive never had breast implants. Can this even be corrected? READ MORE

Is this symmastia or tenting post Breast Augmentation? (photos)

Worried I have have symmastia, or tenting of the sternum. I'm 3 months post operation and they don't appear to be changing as much as if hoped. I had... READ MORE

I have Uniboob, frankenboob, tenting, Symmastia. 3 weeks post op breast lift with implants 525cc allergan under muscle. (photo)

Do I have Symmastia? When I woke from surgery I had a thong bra on. I now have to keep it off because of tension on my wound breakdown! It's the very... READ MORE

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