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4 days post op Breast Augmentation, I have dizziness and light headed episodes. Is this normal?

I'm Day 4 Post Op from Breast Augmentation with no complications, however, today I've been having dizzy or light headed symptoms. Is this normal? I'm... READ MORE

11 days post op Breast Augmentation, I have a persistent, low-grade fever but no other signs of infection. Should I be concern?

At both BA follow-up appts (3 days post-op, and again today at 11 days post-op), I've been told I'm running a low-grade fever. My normal, healthy temp... READ MORE

Will my Doctor give me more pain meds 2 weeks after surgery?

I had a BA 2 weeks ago. After one week Dr gave me Tylenol 3 for pain. I broke out in a bad rash so I can't take it. I have 2 toddlers and have to be... READ MORE

Is there such thing as" narcotic free" anesthesia?

I am looking to get a breast augmentation but I would like it to be something less harsh than general anesthesia. The less narcotics the best for me.... READ MORE

When Can I Stop Taking Senokot and Bromelain; Also Tylenol Since I Still Gave Some Aches?

Im one week n two days post augmentation 397 CC in bed most time.still feel a sore. Finished Vicodin and cosine just have the senokot n bromelain left... READ MORE

Bad Nausea PO, What Would You Suggest OTC?

Bad Nausea. Taking Tylenol and Ibrephron.  I Have a Pain Pump As Well and I Would Like Something over the Counter. READ MORE

RA patient-Been off methotrexate for 3 weeks, have 1 week left until BA SX. Is it safe to go thru SX while flaring?

Initially instructed to get off MTX 2 weeks prior to SX, but the need for addtl labs has pushed SX back 1 week. Now I'm starting to flare... READ MORE

Is there an alternative to the On-Q pain pump during breast augmentation?

I have heard there are other pain pumps and would like some information on those in order to pick the best one for breast augmentation since I'm... READ MORE

Head cold 2.5 days after Subglandular implants. Suggestions? (photos)

I had subglandular implants on Saturday morning. It is now Monday evening and I have been sneezing all day. No fever. It doesn't hurt to sneeze or... READ MORE

How long does pain usually last after breast augmentation?

I am postop day 4 after having subpectoral breast implants. I went from 34A to 350cc high profile silicone. I am still in a large amount of pain. I... READ MORE

5 days post op and feeling tired and depressed. Is this normal?

I am 5 days post op and feel like I have zero energy to do anything. I get up to start to do something and 5 min later I just want to lay back down... READ MORE

Breast augmentation pain; is this normal? (Photos)

Hi i had a breast aug 4 days ago i am in so much pain . i have 750 cc saline under muscle. The stiches hurts under breast and i am swollen hard and... READ MORE

What is is the best way to wean off the pain meds? I'm sore but scared of withdrawal symptoms. (photos)

I had my surgery 11/16. I started taking two OxyContin 7.5-325 every four hours as directed the first two days and switched over to one every seven to... READ MORE

i had my breast aug on october 6. Why is my right breast still sore?

Is still high tight and sore. I have contacted my PS about this..i did have one spitting stitch on the right side which he did PS tells me... READ MORE

Sudden swelling of one breast 10 days post op? (Photos)

My left breast (usually the more soft, less painful breast, dropping faster) suddenly felt tight this afternoon and after taking Tylenol and a muscle... READ MORE

Could I have a pulled muscle or a ruptured implant from doing chest exercises? (photos)

I was working out my upper body yesterday. Something felt off. About an hour later my left breast felt tight. Later last night, it worsen & started to... READ MORE

Can I take Tylenol severe cold and flu 10 days prior to BA surgery?

I have a cold and sore throught... can I take tylenol severe cold and flue 10 days prior to my BA surgery..the active ingredients are acetaminophin...... READ MORE

Severe bloating after breast augmentation.

I am on day 3 post off and my swelling in my abdominal area is quite uncomfortable. I look around 6 months pregnant and typically I have a lean, flat... READ MORE

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