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Yellowish Discharge, Pinkish Breast 6 Days Post Breast Aug?

I am 6 days post op. I have a small amount of yellowish discharge out of my crease incision. Also my breast seems to be a little pink. Just slightly... READ MORE

Pale Pink Above my Nipples After Breast Augmentation?

I had breast augmentation 6 days ago and noticed today that above my nipples are pale pink, as if the skin was thin and my shirt was irritating them.... READ MORE

One month after my augmentation and my boobs are a little pink. Is everything okay? (Photo)

My boobs have been pink it's been a month and my stitches are gone no sign of infection I love how they look but they look red ! Is everything okay ?... READ MORE

Why are my breasts pink? I'm scared my right one will never drop! (Photo)

Hi I'm about 9-10 weeks post op and my breast have been pink lately with red/ purple lines, I don't know if it's normal. Also yesterday on my left... READ MORE

I have a medium growth staph infection appear 8 weeks post op. My question is, what is the likelihood of the implant removal?

I have had constant weeping and a small hole in my left breast since 3 weeks post op, my left breast recovered fine. 1 week ago I became very Ill and... READ MORE

I had Breast Augmentation 12 days ago, I have a small white spot with pinkish drainage. What could this be?

I have no other symptoms of anything being wrong. I have been on cephalaxin since my surgery. I had no drainage until yesterday. READ MORE

Very Nervous! I'm 8 Days Post Op, and I Have Some Pinkish Coloring Under my Left Breast.

I wasn't feeling much pain, but my left breast is very tender on the side by my armpit. I have 355cc in my left and 375cc in my right. I have an... READ MORE

Sudden pinkness around incisions. Is it permanent? (Photo)

I'm 5 weeks post op. I have suddenly in the last few days developed bright pink patches and peeling on my breasts, including my areole. In some... READ MORE

6 days post op breast augmentation. Skin slightly pinkish and irritable. Is this normal? (Photo)

I got my breast augmentation done 6 days ago. Today I noticed my skin is alittle irritable & slightly pinkish on the upper half of my breasts. Nothing... READ MORE

17 day post op BA 415cc left 440cc right, scar pink/sore in one area and protruding.Is something infected or this normal?(photo)

Im17 days postopbreast augmentation 415cc left 440cc right. Submuscular implants. Scar in crease undrbreasts. Right scar is pink/sore in 1area and... READ MORE

Fine pink stretch marks on the side of my breast? What is causing this, is it normal and will it go away? (photos)

My surgery was Nov 6, 2015 and I recently started noticing fine pink lines gradually appearing on the side of my breast. I was initially about a B cup... READ MORE

34 days post op, I notice the scar is pink with two white patches. Is this infections? (photos)

I just got breast augmentation with breast lift 34 days ago. Two days ago I removed the steri-strips and I notice that on my right breast, the scar is... READ MORE

Could my silicone breast implant be infected after 16 years?

Yesterday I developed a very painful right breast, especially when I move e.g. roll over in bed, lift my arm in the air. The breast is bit swollen,... READ MORE

Is it a sunburn or something more serious after my BA? I've never gotten burned before.

I had my BA done on April 8th 2016 its been almost 4 Months now and yesterday I went to the beach and got what appears to be a pink light sunburn on... READ MORE

10 days post op, is it normal to get splotchy marks after Breast Augmentation? (photos)

Hmm.. I'm about 10 days post op.. And doing wonderful! But only thing.. Is it normal to get splotchy pink marks on your skin?? I'm wondering if my... READ MORE

Does my incision site on my breast augmentation look infected? (photos)

I had my breast augmentation June 22. I got the gummer bear implants, to fix asymmetry breasts right 375cc left 250cc. Day 16 I accidentally pushed... READ MORE

Massage and putting pressure on hypertrophic scars. (photo)

Does it help to put presssure, pinch/massage BA incisions? I sometimes pinch the area for a few sec at a time but not sure if it will benefit. Im... READ MORE

I am 6 days post op BA and have something my nurse referred to as "blushing" on my breasts. (photo)

I developed this sort of pinky/red color mostly around my nipples. It doesnt itch or hurt and my nurse did not seem to be concerned. But I am... READ MORE

Should I be worried about the right side of the incision it's pinkish and moist, had BA done 4/3/17. (photo)

I had a BA done 4/3/17 my last apt was a wk ago and nurse said I was healing fine and was instructed to remove my steri strips 4/17/17 which I did and... READ MORE

3 years after breast augmentation, pain to touch area medial and inferior to nipple. Right side only.

I am 3 years post breast augmentation. I have had pain in area medial and inferior to right nipple and pink skin as if there's increased blood flow to... READ MORE

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