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5 Weeks Post-Op Breast Surgery Have Infection with Bleeding and Puss. Surgeon not Concerned, Should I Be?

5 weeks post op a small puss dot about the size of the end of your baby finger appeared. Within one week, it was an inch squared. 7 weeks post op and... READ MORE

Bleeding at Incision Site After Breast Augmentation. Almost 2 Weeks Post Op., Normal? (photo)

I am 12 days post op breast augmentation. On the first day my right breast was bleeding from the incision site. The nurse said this was normal. The... READ MORE

Can I Use Silverdene if I Am Allergic to Sulpha? (photo)

I am 5 weeks post op from a breast lift and aug and am having difficulty healing several wounds from the incisions of an anchor lift...primarily at... READ MORE

Yellow Discharge After BA Stitch Removed, Normal?

Hi, I am 13 post op. the yellow discharge appear on day 8 after stitch removal. Today which is day 13, the yellow discharge stained my clothes, not... READ MORE

My right breast is oozing puss and it's progressively getting worse. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 4 weeks and 1 day post op. Since my breast reduction, I've constantly had issues with my right breast. I've informed my Doctor of the constant... READ MORE

I have old blood oozing from my incisions. Is this normal? (Photo)

I'm 12 days post op and my steri strips are starting to come off now. Since they came off my left breast is oozing brown old blood from my t incsion.... READ MORE

1 week post op of Breast Augmentation, I have redness, itchiness, oozing, and pain. Is this normal or infection? (photos)

I had breast augmentation one week ago and I'm experiencing a lot more redness, itching, oozing a little blood, crusty, & pain on my left incision. I... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Anchor Lift Plus Implants. Stitch Abcsess? No Answers from PS. (photo)

I had an anchor lift + augmentation 3 weeks ago. One week ago I noticed the vertical incision on the underside of my breast was oozing. My breast is... READ MORE

Small amount of yellow Oozing after 17 days after breast augmentation?

I noticed some yellow oozing a day ago 17 days post op a small amount From my left breast wound and the right breast is healing fine rang the clinic... READ MORE

Normally Secrete White Solid Substance from my Nipples During Menstrual, Can I Still Go Through AREOLAR Breast Augmentation?

I normally secrete tiny white solid substances from my nipples during menstrual or when there's a lot of pressure on my breasts from wearing a tight... READ MORE

Is it normal to have this open wound 3 weeks Post-op from Breast reduction/lift with implant? (photos)

3 weeks post op from a Breast reduction/lift with a silicone implant. Healing has been fine, though I did notice a smell and had some oozing from... READ MORE

What is the cause of a tight, painful pulling feeling on the side of my right breast from after breast augmentation? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation 12 days ago and in the last three days I've been experiencing a sharp pulling pain on the side of my right breast. The... READ MORE

10 days after breast augmentation surgery, Liquid coming out of right breast, should I be concerned?

I just notice is liquid coming out of my right breats . No pain no redness or anything. READ MORE

Should I Be Getting a Second Opinion??

I had my breast implants in on May 3rd. The Lt breast has not healed and I have gone back to my Dr. twice for her to cut off the tender flesh and... READ MORE

Breast Implants 27 days ago, removed my medical tape for 3 days only and got an infection.

It was red and a scab. The next day I took the tape off and it was like a waterfall coming out of incision.Obviously I freaked out went to an... READ MORE

Dark blood oozing out of incision two weeks post-op BA. Should I be worried?

10 days post-op BA my right breast started bleeding (oozingout) dark blood by the incision. i schedulled an apoitment with my surgeon. After he looked... READ MORE

1 month after a breast augmentation to correct asymmetry. I'm concerned that the incision site isn't healing right. (Photo)

I had a reduction and lift in my right breast and an implant in my left, with a nipple reduction in both. There are holes in the incision sites in... READ MORE

Bleeding post op 8 days from incision site. What do you think? (Photo)

Day 5 post op I began bleeding (small leak) from incision site and a new bruise appeared. I seen a surgeon the next day at the surgery and he advised... READ MORE

Experiencing minor bruising and blood oozing on right incision 6 days post op Breast Aug. Does this look normal? (photo)

My left incision seems to be coming along fine. The steristrips on my right incision has become more red with blood and I have noticed a very small... READ MORE

Please help. Any answers would be really appreciated. (photos)

I could just be worrying over nothing. I have a rash on the right side of the insicion. It's not the actual insicion itself I don't think. I'm not in... READ MORE

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