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Are my Breast Implants Bottoming out Again? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation/lift performed in 2010 with Mentor Mod Plus 375cc implants. Three months later they bottomed out.In 2011, I had Mentor... READ MORE

Is This the Best I Can Expect? (photo)

I have posted pics of my results at 16 weeks. I have 550 HP a Donut lift and Internal Bra on both. My breasts appear awkward from the front and too... READ MORE

Can someone explain the internal bra procedure and how it is completed? Can the internal bra be placed through the areola?

I have been asking around about the internal bra procedure to be added to my lift and implants.I have found that very few docters know what this is...... READ MORE

Internal Bra with Lift and Breast Augmentation?

Hey, Im Australian, 19, 53kgs and 167cm tall..i have my BA booked for 8th of july in Phuket! So excited! Currently at 10B cup and hoping to achieve... READ MORE

What implant size for H cup? Would an internal bra help?

Dear Doctors! I'm 5f9in (1,74cm) tall, weigh 125lbs (57kg), underbust 27,5in (70cm) and have a sagging Bcup after weight loss. (My weight is now... READ MORE

What are the best choices for an internal bra?

Need an internal bra that will hold up my breasts and wanting to know what are the best choices in regards ,having any side effects , will it last... READ MORE

What is an internal bra?

What is an internal bra? Can this be done with a subgland position? Can a BA be done at the same time as a BL? Do you do the BL "around" the implants... READ MORE

Breast Enlargement Not What I Had Hoped For. Whats the Best Solution? (photo)

I had breast enlargement 18 months ago, My breast were small and the bottom part had not developed properly. My surgeon suggested a opening the breast... READ MORE

Increased Infection rate for internal bra procedure -- Would it be wise to start taking antibiotics pre-op to decrease rate?

I am considering having the internal bra procedure done with the Seri Scaffold; however, my doctor told me that the infection rate for that type of... READ MORE

Possible popularity of the Orbishape?

The "internal bra" sling known as Orbishape has been CE and EU approved for use. The company expects FDA approval to happen as well. As I'm a young... READ MORE

Is this Double Bubble? (Photo)

38B breast size orig. 575 cc saline placed under muscle April 2014 (armpit incision). Right breast was noticeably more painful immediately out of... READ MORE

What is an "internal" bra?

I have seen some reviews that say their PS gave then an internal bra. What is it and what does it do? Thanks in advance for your replies. READ MORE

I had an internal bra put in 3 months ago. Will it drop? (Photo)

I have been wearing a tight band and squeezing it down all day, every day, to no avail. I mean zero movement. Can this be fixed? If so, how? And how... READ MORE

What do you think is wrong? Revision? Subareolar breast lift+implants (Gel 300cc subfascia+internal mesh bra 3months ago) (Photo

My right breast (RB) was a little bigger- Dr.also did lipo on it. The RB feels uncomfortable: implant moves when I raise my arm and drop it back as if... READ MORE

I have 800cc saline implants over filled! What's the best procedure to help avoid sagging?

I love them but want them to stay up. I heard about a new procedure, called the internal Bra I was curious as to if its worth having done. And what... READ MORE

Are back to back complications normal? Does this happen often? Should I find another doctor? I pay each time.

I had my 1st breast aug 12/2015. Within 2-3 months I realized I wasn't healing normally. Went to get an MRI and was found to have capsular contracture... READ MORE

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