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Uneven Swelling/dropping of Breasts 3 Weeks Post-op

3 weeks ago I had under the muscle breast augmentation (silicone,450 each) bringing me from a 34C to a 34DD. From the time I awoke I experienced more... READ MORE

Severe Breast Pain in One Breast From Falling. Should I Consult a Dr?

In december 2011 I fell against side of pool and hit my one breast on side, it was extremley painful that it took my breath away. Since then (now... READ MORE

My Husbad Hit my Breast With His Foot And They Feel Softer, Could He Have Damaged Results?

My Husbad Hit my Breast With His Foot And They Feel Softer, Could He Have Damaged Results? READ MORE

Is it Normal to Feel Tingling and Sharp Pains After Getting Hit on Your Boob Implant?

I had a little accident . i was carryng some mirros when all of tje sudden they slipped from my hands. i tried saveing them, my first reaction was... READ MORE

Hit in the Breast, What Do I Need to Watch For? Potential Capsular Contractor? (Photos)

Hi, I am 9 days post-op. I have 500cc textured silicone implants, under the muscle, crease incision. Last night I was elbowed, fairly hard, in my... READ MORE

Pain in Left Boob, Child Jumped and Landed on Chest, Pain Still After Three Weeks, I Do Have a Boob Job, is This Serious?

I have had two breast augmentations, and recently I was laying on the couch when my son ran as jumped on my chest. My boon on the left side has been... READ MORE

Kicked in the Breast by Baby 5 Days Post Op and Still Feeling Light Headed when I Stand Up and Become Active?

I got kicked in the breast last night by my 4 mo. old baby following silicone implants (behind muscle) and mastopexy, 5 days post op. It hurt really... READ MORE

4 Wks Post BA and Left Breast Swollen and Painful. My lymph Nodes Are Swelling,found a Squishy Lump in Left Side?

4 wks post BA my surgery day I was very groggy and sick and rammed my left breast into the toilet.I saw my surgeon 3 days later as the swelling in... READ MORE

My PS told me to start wearing push-up bras so today I'm driving with my new bra. Hit a big bump on road - damage? (Photo)

I feel really silly for asking this question but like I mentioned above I was told to go and get fitted and start wearing a push-up bra's and I did so... READ MORE

I Am A Roller Hockey Goalie and Am Hit In My Chest Protector at 50-100 MPH. Am I A Candidate For BA?

I wear a chest plate which covers my chest area but I was wondering could I have a chest enlargement . Balls hit my chest over 50-100 mph . Was... READ MORE

Submuscular Silicone Implants 2 Weeks Ago and Was Hit by 1 Year Old Child's Head? (photo)

Any Reason to Be Concerned for Late Hematoma? Submuscular silicone implants 2 weeks ago and was hit by 1 year old child's head. Any reason to be... READ MORE

Son hit new implant with basketball? (photo)

My 2 yr old son threw a basketball at me and it hit my new left breast implant (5 days post op). I feel a throbbing pain now. There's no bruising yet.... READ MORE

3 weeks post op, I got hit in the boob and in pain. What can it be?

Im 3 weeks post op tomorrow. 4days ago my dog landed on one of my boobs while asleep.She landed in a way so she pushed the boob upwards.Since then... READ MORE

I struck my right breast by accident with my fist, could this have caused damage? (Photo)

I am 11 weeks BA post op. I have had this mild on and off inner pain.. Like a faint ache feeling. READ MORE

Scared of hugging mishaps, bumps to breast implants 6 weeks PO. Could I do any damage?

I've seen a lot of horror stories about bear hugs and capsule damage. Tonight I was hugged and hit towards the top of my right breast. Not sure how... READ MORE

Post Op Breast Care?

Hello.... I am one week post Surgery breast augmentation. Today I opened the door and slightly hit my right breast/ was not a hard hit.... READ MORE

New implant ruptured?

I got tear drop silicone breast implants 10 days ago and had a friend slam into my right breast really hard the impact was painful and numbing. Could... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Augment. Back in 2009 and Was Punched in my Right Breast a Year Ago. I Am Still Experiencing Chronic Pain Today?

I have 400c of saline in each breast. Ive had many plastic surgeons look at my breast and they claim that all is well w/ the implant. Ive had xrays... READ MORE

5 days after breast augmentation and fell.

I was at a friends pool yesterday and I just had my feet in it because I can swim. I then slipped off the edge and hit my left breast off the pool. I... READ MORE

Follow-up: How long does contusion last after getting hit in the silicone breast implant? (photo)

Around 3 weeks ago I hit my breast hard onto a man's shoulder. I have silicone under the muscle 275cc. I just went to a PS and he said there is no... READ MORE

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