What could two red splotches on right breast (after injury) be? (20 year old silicone implants).

I fell on our wet bathroom floor and hit my right breast on the edge of the granite counter as I fell 3 weeks ago. (Implants are 20 years old, silicone). There was a little soreness and light bruising but otherwise okay, very sore for a week then I forgot all about it . I just noticed two red splotches at the points of the worst hit part of the breast (far right side) It is a little sore, no itching, no fever. What could these red splotches be?

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Breast after trauma

Thanks for your inquiry, but without a picture, and more importantly an exam, it is impossible to advise.  You could just have a bruise,or something more serious--best to be seen in person by a doctor.  

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Hello, could be a few things... small skin capillaries that are ruptured, development of small capillaries due to recent trauma, old resolving blood, or other things... If you have any question or concern about your breast or breast implant it would best to seek out a board certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate your breast and make recommendations based on and examine and history. Good Luck. 

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