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Are These Different Color Spots Under My Nipple Normal? (photo)

And why is my left breast bigger that my right and my left breast also have stretch marks on them and my right breast is perfect and never hurts like... READ MORE

What is Making the Tissue on my Right Breast Turn Black? (photo)

I recently had a breast augmentation and made a large jump from 300ccs to 875ccs. Two weeks after my surgery I developed a discolored area underneath... READ MORE

My Breasts Scars - is This Normal After 40+ Days? (photo)

Hi, My breasts are almost healed, but the skin has strange color and some dried blood. Is such slow healing process normal and such dark sports? Is... READ MORE

Causes of Premature Sagging of Breasts and Darkening?

What causes breasts to sag prematurely and become very dark? I'm 18 years old and I haven't been pregnant before. READ MORE

Will this very white breast augmentation scar by my nipple go away? (photos)

I had breast augmentation 7/23/13. I had my areoles decreased also. Under my left areola is an uneven, very white patch of scar tissue. It looks like... READ MORE

Breast bruise/discoloration 2.5 years post lift/augmentation? (photo)

It has been over 2 years since my breast lift and augmentation, and this brown discoloration on my left breast along the incision has not healed nor... READ MORE

Concerned About Coloring of Areola and Spots Around Incision? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation yesterday June 14, 2012 ( Periareolar incision, silicone, high profile, 325cc's, subpectoral) A few hours later I began to... READ MORE

What is this bruise looking discoloration on my breast? (photo)

I had a breast lift and augmentation 2.5 years ago and have had what resembles a bruise/discoloration on my right breast since. It has not lightened,... READ MORE

Why Did my Nipple Scar Form a Discoloration and Dryness?

I got my surgery about 4 months ago through my aerola. Everything seems okay but around my scar it has formed a discoloration and is dry. Well it go away? READ MORE

Can I get a spray tan 8 days post op Breast augmentation? (photos)

I am 8 days post opp with little swelling and hardly any bruising except around the incision. Should i cover the incisions? I get spray tans... READ MORE

Please Help 6 Days Post Op Breast Augmentantion Want Them out my Ps Wont Respond to Me Any Ps in Nj or Ny Area Please Help?

I'm 6 days post ops in severe pain and skin changing color.I actually went to the er last night due to the pain begging them to remove them. traveled... READ MORE

My nipple positioning & shape of breasts look abnormal, & discoloration from radiation. 14 wks post op. What can I do? (Photo)

I got my breast augmentation in Costa Rica. I got 375 cc high profile, silicone Motiva textured implants with a lolipop lift. They have dropped but... READ MORE

6 days post op, I have hematoma and discoloration after Breast Augmentation. Is this normal?

Im 6 days post op i dont have severe pain just a little only hematoma and discoloration is this normal? what can i do to make it heal? when it will go... READ MORE

Is this proper healing for 11 days post op? (photo)

My right breast is giving me complications. The areola looks to be slightly necrotic and peeling. The white tape seen in the picture irritate my skin... READ MORE

Is there any sign of double bubble? Can tanning lead to discoloration? (photos)

Is there any sign of double bubble on either breast in the picture? Can tanning lead to discoloration?I tried tanning topless last year and noticed a... READ MORE

What is this rash/discoloration and how can I heal it ?

I got breast augmentation 5 years ago. I have suffered with itchiness, rash bumps, inflammation and redness round my nipples since then. It is off and... READ MORE

Is this just a bruise? (Photo)

Noticed this discolouration this morning. I think it is just a bruise, it doesn't hurt. I just want to be sure though. I am 6 days out from surgery.... READ MORE

10 days post op of hematoma removal, I noticed discoloration and bleeding. Could this be a sign of a hematoma again? (photos)

I initially got operated for a breast lift and augmentation on may 27th. . On June 12th I got re operated on left breast for a hematoma removal and... READ MORE

Why is there bruising under my boobs and why does it look like my skin is pulling together? (Photo)

Under my right boob is very discolored my left boob looks fine and I was wondering when can I take the tape off of my boobs and is wearing this loose... READ MORE

Is this discoloration normal for a Breast Augmentation 19 Days Post-OP? (photos)

I am 19 days Post-OP from having a Breast Augmentation. I traveled to Miami and had the procedure. The discoloration is just under my left breast . I... READ MORE

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