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Armpit Incision for Breast Augmentation Because Nipples Are Small?

What is recommended going through the armpit or the nipple for a 350cc silicone implant? I have very small nipples that are very round and on the... READ MORE

What Would Determine Nipple Incision Vs. Under Breast Vs. Armpit Preference for a Person?

Still in discovery and info stage of decision of doing this.doing this? Is it better for anyone one way or another? Dependig on size, chance of losing... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Under the Arm

Considering getting a BA under the arm...woried about the incision causing damage to lymph nodes as well as swelling. do you recommend altenitives for... READ MORE

Is This Sharp Pain Near my Right Breast Close to my Armpit Normal?

I am 2 days post op and still find it very difficult to move. I have this excruciating pain near my right breast close to my armpit every time I try... READ MORE

Post-op Breast Augmentation - Armpit and Swollen Lymph Nodes and Incision

I am almost two weeks post-op breast augementation. The lymphs are still swollen in my armpits since my surgery. How long does this generally last and... READ MORE

Where Do You Normally Put a Breast Augmentation Incision for Darker Skinned Patients?

I'm torn between what incision I want! I'm scared of scarring bad. I'm a tanned filipina, more brown than yellow and I did have my heart... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation-sucking Sound

I had a breast augmentation done last Friday (exactly one week ago), and haven't had any complications. I had an amazing doctor! I'm been so... READ MORE

Horrible Smell in Armpit After Breast Augmentation - Is That Normal?

I had saline implants just a week ago and they were put in through my armpit. Well I gently wash my armpits with Dail antibacterial soap and there is... READ MORE

Breasts in Armpits, Large Gap Between? (photo)

6 months post op. High profile saline implants were used, 380cc on left, 450cc on right side. My breasts are now getting in the way if my arms and... READ MORE

I Am 6 Weeks Post Breast Op and Have Developed Swollen Lymph Nodes Under the Left Armpit?

No redness, no fever, however there is a pain under in the armpit and in the shoulders. My GP has prescribed antibiotics until I see my CS. I am... READ MORE

My Implants Go Flat and Fall into my Armpits when Laying Down?

I had a saline BA with benelli lift 2+ yrs ago. I was never happy with the results and complained repestedly to my PS but was told that my results... READ MORE

Had Implants 4 Years Ago, Left Breast Feels As if Its Moved to Armpit Area.Is This Normal?

Had reconstructive surgery 4 years ago with saline implants. Left breast is now hanging differently from right and feels as if it has moved toward arm... READ MORE

Burning sensation on right side of arm near armpit near breast. Is this normal? (Photo)

Am two weeks post breast augmentation. I've had this feeling my whole second week. When am up I don't have any discomfort or burning sensation.... READ MORE

Large painful vein popping out from the arm pit to my inner elbow after axillary breast aug. Is this common? (Photo)

Its been 3 weeks since i had breast aug via axilla & just a few days ago noticed a think vein running down from my armit to the elbow which is causing... READ MORE

Under or over the Muscle? (photo)

OK I have a few questions about these placements. I really want my breast to sag like normal breast, and I don't want them to be perky. I dont... READ MORE

How does breast tissue migrate to the armpit area? (photos)

I am interested in getting surgery to remove accessory breast tissue in both of my armpits. I was wondering how much that would cost as well as if it... READ MORE

Suddenly Have Pain/sensativity in Left Breast Near Arm Pit & Side

I had my surgery in 2008. I have always had some sensativity on that side but about two months go they got real hard & swollen for a couple of... READ MORE

Swelling Underneath Armpits After Breast Surgery

I am having quite a bit of swelling adjacent to my breasts underneath each armpit? Is this normal? i am 1 week post op and it's still very puffy... READ MORE

Good Right Implant. Bad Left One? (photo)

I had breast augmentation two months ago, 600cc silicone placed under the muscle with incisions through my armpits. My right implant has dropped quite... READ MORE

Could a swollen lymph node in the armpit one month post-op be a sign of implant infection?

I received 400 cc silicone implants with dual plane placement and crease incision five weeks ago. Three weeks after the surgery, I developed a bruise... READ MORE

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