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Air in Chest Cavity After Augmentation, Should I Be Concerned?

I am 17 days post-op. I noticed it immediately after surgery but assumed it would be absorbed or something to that effect. Now I have begun to massage... READ MORE

Feels Like Air Bubbles After BA. Is this Normal?

I feel what seems like air bubbles under my breast on top of my ribs. I am one day post op, is this normal? Also, if I press on my ribs under my... READ MORE

Air Bubble in Left Breast 10 Months Post Surgery?

I had my 2nd breast augment in December of 2009. No complications the first time in December 2008, I just wanted larger implants. Both times saline... READ MORE

I Have a Squidgy Bubble Like Little Lump or Ball in my Left Breast 2.5 Months PO?

I feel this little bubble like bump in my left breast, I can touch it and it moves and is like it can be pressed down like a plastic empty tiny ball.... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel small air bubble like pockets under my breasts 3 months post op?

I'm 21 years old, and have saline breast implants. I'm 3 months post op and I've been feeling small "air" pockets or bubbles, I'm not sure what they... READ MORE

1 Year After BA a Small Air Bubble has Formed Under Right Breast, What Would Cause this?

I had 375cc silicone under implants a little over a year ago. Today, getting out of the shower I noticed a small bubble-like thing on the underside of... READ MORE

Is it common to have an air bubble in stomach after BA?

I had my breast aug 5 days ago and for a few days now, while sitting/laying reclined, I feel this annoying air bubble on the left side of my stomach,... READ MORE

Round V Tear Drop Shape Implant, Capsular Contracture or Small Lift? (photo)

Hello, In relation to my prior question regarding what PS on here may have done when considering BA ie-which procedure to go with what type of implant... READ MORE

Feeling air bubbles side of breast 6 months post op Breast Augmentation silicone implant. Any suggestions?

I had my breast augmentation surgery 6 months ago. I have had almost no issues apart from the right not dropping as much as the left by a small amount... READ MORE

Noticed a ripple and what feels like an air bubble on my left implant towards my cleavage. What could this be? (Photo)

I've had my silicone implants (under the muscle) for 2 months. I've just recently noticed I have some sort of rippling when I push my implants up. The... READ MORE

Crepitus 3 years after breast augmentation?

I had sx 3 years ago and I had crepitus for the first few weeks, but it subsided. Just recently I have had severe shoulder pain that radiates down my... READ MORE

4days Post Op and my Right Breast Feels Much Looser and Feels Like It Has Excess Air in the Pocket... Is This Normal? (photo)

Due to excess tissue in my left breast my lollipop was changed to a small anchor. I've been having muscles spasms for two days and now this minor pain... READ MORE

Air Bag on One of my Breast ?

Am already 2 month po. And what happens if the air bag never goes sways does my dr has to operate on me again or what's the worst that can happen READ MORE

Air bubble in my right breast? Surgery in 2007.

I had my surgery don in 2007. everything has been fine until the last months, I start to feel an air bubble in my right breast. is this normal after... READ MORE

8 months post op with saline implants still experiencing sloshing in right breast after running distances. Is this normal?

I have been experiencing an uncomfortable sloshing feeling in my right breast every time I try to run more than one mile ever since my surgery in May.... READ MORE

What is this air bubble in my breast? 5 months post op saline implants with lift (Photo)

5 months post aug and lift saline implants.. My right breast when laying down has air bubble so it feels like size of quarter I can push in and out... READ MORE

I'm two weeks post breast augmentation. I recently felt what feels to be and air bubble in my left breast. Is this normal?

I feel a small bubble under my left breast near end of incision . I feel it when I touch it and not touching it , just feels like a little pressure a... READ MORE

Air bubble in one breast (hear it and feel it) after silicone exchange. Is it normal, and will it go away?

I had breast aumentation on may 13/2014 ( change of implants) I used to have implants PIP, now I feel like an air bubble in my right breast, very... READ MORE

I'm not sure how to reply to the doctors that relied to me. Is it normal to feel an air pocket under the breast?

I'm just concerned because occasionally it causes a uncomfortable feeling nothing to extremely painful but noticeable. I was worried cause they found... READ MORE

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