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Tender Red Spot a Stitch Abscess After Breast Augmentation?

Had breast lift & saline implant replacement 10 days ago. Left breast more tender, has a red spot where one stitch sticks out. No fever, no... READ MORE

Is this necrosis, stitch abscess, or wound dehiscence? (photos)

Does this look like necrosis, stitch abscess, or wound dehiscence? I am worried something is wrong. I am 4 weeks post op. At my 2 week checkup, PS... READ MORE

I have an open wound caused by a suture abscess, how long will this take to heal? (photos)

I had a breast augmentation with a lift about a month ago. About 10 days ago I started seeing what I thought was puss, the dr was not available so his... READ MORE

Breast Abcess and Contracture on Left Breast - Will It Reoccur?

I recently had breast argumentation about 3 months ago. The implants were place on top of the muscle. An abcess appeared on the left breast, it needed... READ MORE

BA Stitches Opened Up and Yellow/Bloody Drainage. Right Breast Appears Abcessed. Can Internal Stitches be Removed?

My right breast after augmentation with lift opened up and now has white blood cells upon culture of the yellow sometimes bloody drainage. I can... READ MORE

I have multiple stitch abscesses. What's the best way to treat & will they leave terrible scars? (photo)

(Bilateral lift & aug in left) I'm 6 wks post-op. 3 wks ago a bump formed on my right areola, filled with pus, drained, and scabbed. Another then... READ MORE

Is this a stitch abscess? I'm 2 weeks post op (Photo)

I'm 2 weeks ba post op, left breast is leaking yellow fluid. I have no fever and no pain, I'm on 3rd course of antibiotic. Leaking post op was pinkish... READ MORE

Breast Aug 2 Weeks Ago and my Incsion is Draining a Creamy Light Red Color. Is It Infected?

16 Days ago I had a breast augmentation. 2 days ago I went to see my surgeon because one of my incisions had been really bothering me and that morning... READ MORE

Is this a suture abscess? Do the dissolvable sutures need to be removed? Why do I keep getting these wounds? (Photo)

I talked to my doctor on the phone today and she explained what she thought was going on. She didn't see me but She said my body is trying to push the... READ MORE

Urgent Plea to Be Seen ASAP by Surgeon in DFW Area? Judge Me! Yell at Me! Bill Me! But PLEASE Treat Me...desperate!!

I have a growing untreated abscess on the underside of my right breast. I believe this is a result of painful, undissolved stitches following a... READ MORE

Will a suture absess go away on its own?

I have what I believe is a suture absess, it looks like a very tiny blister and is a bit red. Will this go away on its own or is it mandatory I get it... READ MORE

Breast augmenation wound not healing properly, seroma, abscess suture then what? (photo)

Breast augmentation 7 weeks post op. left breast was leaking seroma from a pin hole in incision. After leakage stopped I had suture abscess, doctor... READ MORE

4 weeks post op when this started. What does this look like? Stitch abscess? Help! (Photos)

It has been exactly one week since my nipple became red. Slowly got worse. Never any fever or chills. Then by day 4 I noticed a thin yellow line under... READ MORE

Breast Abscess Before, is It Okay to Undergo Breast Augmentation?

I had breast abscess 2 years ago. Is it a bad idea to have breast augmentation? is the infection risk too high? has anyone had similar situation but... READ MORE

After having scar abscesses my breast is left high, tight & hard. I'm 8 wks post op. Should I be worried? (Photo)

Both breasts looked perfect and amazing and I loved them. They had settled into shape & looked great. Last week I noticed a small bump on the scare on... READ MORE

Does this look like an abscess? And who should I contact to treat it? (photos)

I had a breast aug in Jan 2013 & then another July 2013 to fix bottoming out. He placed sutures during that surgery. About 4 months after that I... READ MORE

Is this an infection? (photos)

I'm 31 days post op 550cc over the muscle. I have scars on my breast from abscesses which were red after surgery my surgeon said because of stretching... READ MORE

Leaking breast milk and stitch abscess. How can I treat the wound from the access?

Ok so last week I told my PS I had breast milk leaking from my nipple and out of where I had my stitches on my right nipple only. They called me in to... READ MORE

Any info on what is the best option for my saggy boobies & saggy vaginal skin & recurrent abscesses?

I'm a 33 yr. old, single mommy of 2. I've been having this embarrassing issue since my last born (4yrs). The vaginal skin is sagging as well as my... READ MORE

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