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6 days post op. UNHAPPY with small implants. (photos)

I am devastated with my postop results. They're far smaller than I imagined.What are my options? STATS:25yo.5'2 and 46kgs (~101lbs) very fit/active.... READ MORE

180CC Too Small For A To B Cup Increase?

I am 5'4" and 115 lbs. Currently 32 A. I would like to achive full B. 180 cc will be filled to 200cc and it will go under my muscle. I am not... READ MORE

Uneven Breast and Areola Position?

3weeks ago A to a B cup, over the muscle 195cc, tear shape implants, lifting and areola reduction. In my pic I point out my concerns blue: hallow spot... READ MORE

Uneven Breast After Surgery, and Different Sized Nipples?

A to a B cup, over the muscle 195cc, tear shape implants, lifting and areola reduction. In my pic I point out my concerns white: one breast is lower... READ MORE

Snoopy Deformity Even After a Lollipop Lift? (photo)

11 months after surgery I seem to have developed snoopy deformity. I had a large lollipop lift, but small implants 175cc and 200cc. My left breast... READ MORE

150cc HP For My Frame?

Hi, I am petite 5'1, 90lbs and barely fit into a 32AA bra. My PS has recommended I go with Silicone 150cc HP, inframmary incision, under the muscle. I... READ MORE

My implant is pressing outwards. Could it be misplaced? I'm 5 weeks post op (Photo)

5 weeks post op, 195 cc textured round sientra silicone mod profile. My left breast looks great and the bottom is rounded out. However, My right... READ MORE

Go smaller or explant? Unhappy with results of 175cc high profile submuscular silicone (originally A, now B+) surgery 2 yrs ago.

I wanted an ultra natural result and minimal volume to improve shape; instead I have an obvious augmentation with much more upper pole and medial... READ MORE

I Can't Decide on Implant Sizing, Can You Help? (Photo)

I've been recommended 175cc-200cc Mod and 250cc-275cc Mod+. If I go with 175-200cc I might not achieve enough volume & cleavage, but if I go with... READ MORE

Gap on the Upper Pole Bigger Than in my Natural Breasts? (photo)

I got 175cc textured silicone implants over the muscle about 6m. ago. My chest diameter all around is 281/2". The gap on the upper pole is bigger than... READ MORE

Tuberous breast double bubble. Will it improve or do I need more surgery? 4 months post op, 175cc (Photo)

I had breast surgery (augmentation with 175cc implants, periareolar incision and breast lift) on the 2nd of February because of tuberous breast. Now... READ MORE

Very fit, slender woman wondering which is best, under or over the muscle?

Hi! I am a very fit slender (115 pounds, 5'6") 40 year old woman considering augmentation. I am considering a 175cc silicone implant. How much... READ MORE

3+ month post surgery, implant switch from 255cc to 200 or 175cc. Will recovery be minimal, using the original pocket? (Photo)

At 3 months post op I'm a D cup instead of desired full B/small C. Wanted to replace volume lost (I was down to A or very small B prior). I'm unhappy... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture - 4 months post op. What's the best treatment option? (Photo)

I am 4 months post op and f/u with my surgeon 2day. I am sad to say I have Cap Con on the left side. Grade 3. I did not get the warranty. I... READ MORE

Is post surgical bra important or any sport bra will do after breast augmentation? (photos)

I am a petite asian, 155cm and 44kgs pre BA.i have significant asymmetry(small B left,flat on right). i had my BA in malaysia with a reputable... READ MORE

Will my sensibility go back? What I can do? (photos)

I put 165 ml of silicone in each brest two years ago. In my first visit on the doctor I realized that my points unhealed, so he had to do it again... READ MORE

What happens to cup size after pocket is formed?

I had breast augmentation 1 week ago and I have a petite athletic build (112lb 5'3" 32a cup size with little breast tissue. I went with small implants... READ MORE

Currently 255cc tear drop, getting round, smaller implants. What are the pros and cons?

Hi,14wks ago i got Tear drop 255cc!i was getting 195/225cc to be a B as i was a A!He decided to go bigger when he saw me.Now i am a C period time a D... READ MORE

What breast surgery would be advisable for my case? Size 37 -38, cup C, height 5'5", weight 160 pounds.

I m very upset they way my breasts have changed after my pregnancy. My confidence levels are dipping and I am very conscious now abt my appearance. I... READ MORE

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