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Breast augmentation refers to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the breasts. Most frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or lift sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, augmentation can be achieved with implantsfat transfers, or a breast liftLEARN MORE ›

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After a successful TT in May 2015, I really wanted BA. I didn't have the finances to combine the BA with the TT, but after seriously researching it over the past few months, I decided it was time. I did my research and after my second consultation which was with Dr. Marchant in Doylestown PA, I... READ MORE

It's been several years i'm thinking about doing a breast job, i was waiting to finish school, start my career and pay my car. Now that all of that is done, i'm starting my researches and putting money aside :D Since i paid my car (3 weeks ago), i think of my breast EVERY SINGLE DAY, i just... READ MORE

Hi Ladies, I've been on this site for a while and my op is in 4 days! Thought I would leave a review of my journey throughout as some have been really helpful. I breastfed my daughter for 8 months and so lost a lot of fullness from my breasts, she is now 4 and I'm pretty sure I won't have... READ MORE

Every review I've read on RealSelf has started with ladies describing how they've always wanted breast augmentation ever since they went through puberty. Unfortunately, I'm no different. I always wondered why my mom was well-endowed and I was left with nothing. The desire for a BA was always... READ MORE

I have really enjoyed reading the posts from fellow users and decided to share in my journey as well. I started this process a few months ago with 2 consultations. Once I met my second Doctor I knew she was the one! I am currently 5'2" 110lbs and 34A. We narrowed down a few options INSPIRA SRM... READ MORE

Well I really didn't expect to begin writing my breast augmentation journey for a long time! My story is a relatively typical one, growing up I developed next to nothing and waited patiently considering every female in my family has at least DDs. It became evident that my body shape was very... READ MORE

Not sure of what size or profile. What the difference? After researching for about a year I am considering Dr. Llorente with Spectrum Aesthetics. They have great pricing and are very friendly. I just can't find to many reviews on Dr. Llorente. Has anyone had a BA done by... READ MORE

Had my pre opp with Dr Elisa Burgess in Lake Oswego I have a few concerns I live 4 driving hours from her. But ive seen her art work and I think she is for me. She is one of the most expensive doctor's in Oregon, and they say they work with people out of area all the time. My fear is the pain... READ MORE

Very deflated 36D. Breastfeed all my babies. Very excited. Ready to feel confident again. I feel so blessed to have found this community!! I have a lot of breast tissue-deflated-- looking for fullness again I am borderline lift but he said after the consult he felt confident with just an... READ MORE

Had my BA today. Doing good. Sore but no severe pain. I'm sure tonight and tomorrow will be worse once anesthesia wears off. I am really excited so far. I wanted a D cup size. Will post more pictures over the next week. Hardest thing so far is saying no to my 3 year old who wants to be picked... READ MORE

I'm 41, 5'9 150 lbs, never had kids, i run several times a week and lift weights. I lost about 25 lbs a couple of years ago and my boobs deflated from a very full C to a tiny 36B. I have a fairly large frame with wide shoulders and hips. My breasts have always been uneven and it is very visible... READ MORE

Had my breast aug today with Dr Roxanne Grawe from Roxy plastic surgery. 400cc high profile silicone,surgery went well. No pain just some tightness and pressure, I found that walking around helps with that. some before and same day post op pics. Hoping to be large C small D. I am also happy to... READ MORE

My turn to share my journey! After 3 different consultations I finally choose a doctor and booked my surgery date!!! Dr. Cambeiro will be performing my surgery on February 12th, the earliest date they could squeeze me in, which I'm so thankful for since I start my new job mid-March. Dr.... READ MORE

After years of wanting this, I finally committed myself to it this year. I did extensive research and poured over reviews and forums, I booked my BA with Dr Krau after chatting with several of his patients and seeing his consistent and beautiful results. I did an email consultation with him, as... READ MORE

I have always been petite, and happy with my overall appearance except my small breasts. It has been a life of padded bras, swimsuits and never feeling comfortable in anything strapless or dare to go braless. Even during pregnancy 2 times, the size increase was nothing significant. I guess... READ MORE

After having my two kids (9 and 5) and a 50lb weight loss my breasts were left totally "deflated". I used to be a D cup and dropped to less than an A, mostly just hanging tissue. I am 5'6.5", 110 lbs and went with a 325 on one side and 300 on the other due to uneven breasts. Dual plane,... READ MORE

Surgery is in 2 days and very nervous! I have wanted to get this done for over 15 years and am excited for the end result, but wish I could skip this part. I keep reading about people having terrible pain, and I'm worried about going back to work 5 days post op. I trust that I have a great... READ MORE

I found Dr. Ary Krau while doing extensive research for Dr's that provide more affordable BA's. I live in Maine and the procedure is way more expensive here than in other parts of the Country. Also, every BA I have seen done in this State doesn't look good to me so I started doing more research... READ MORE

12 months ago I had surgery with Dr.M and I'm so happy with the results it was truly one of the best decision I've ever made. I was going for a natural look and just wanted my body to be more in proportion and Dr.M totally exceeded all my expectations and made me feel at ease when explaining the... READ MORE

Hi, I'm due to have my Ba in 2 weeks but confused about implant sizes. I did the rice test and was happy with 270. At my last appointment when my ps looked up in his book he said I either had to have 295 or go to 265 and have an implant .5 cm smaller width. I don't really understand it, will my... READ MORE

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