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Breast augmentation surgery is any procedure that enhances the size and shape of a woman's breasts. It's frequently performed to enlarge a naturally small bust or to restore breasts that have been affected by pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. The procedure can be performed using implants (either silicone or saline) or fat transferLEARN MORE ›

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I have been obsessively researching breast augmentation for weeks now, including poring over everyone's reviews here on RealSelf, so I decided to start up a review of my own. I'M GETTING BOOBIES!!! I have wanted to get a boob job for a few years now, but wasn't confident about financing it until... READ MORE

I've always been an average size for my body type, but after having 3 kids my boobs just started looking sad. I've wanted a ba for 4 years now and I'm finally ready to get it done. I'm currently 32b and hoping to jump to a full D. I'm very nervous about being put under, but I'm just going to... READ MORE

I've been stalking this site for about a year now. I've always wanted a BA, but I wanted to be sure I was done having children. Well, both kids have been breastfed, and are thriving! So it's time to upgrade the girls! I've chosen to have my BA done by Dr. Alfred Sofer located in Fairfield, CT.... READ MORE

Hi ladies! I am so thankful to have stumbled across this forum as it has been incredibly helpful thus far. My pre-op appointment is on May 28, 2016. Following the consultation, my surgeon suggested no more than 275 cc moderate profile, teardrop shaped, saline implants, underneath the pec muscle.... READ MORE

After years dreaming of the boob fairy, I decided it was finally time. The largest I've ever been was a 34B and even then, I lacked the feminine curves I desired. Being 5'9" and athletic, I tend to look lanky when I compete in body building competitions. My upper body just looked so... READ MORE

Hey ladies, so as its only a few days until my procedure I thought now would be a good time to start my story... I visited a surgeon in 2007 and booked my procedure only to have a severe kidney infection that stopped it happening. So I've waited a decade and genuinely can't believe it's... READ MORE

Being a mummy for 10 years, it's now time to treat myself! Iv always had tiny little boobs, 12B which I couldnt even fill lol. And after breast feeling 3 babies they were in need of a make over!! I am 6 foot tall and a size10/12 and I was wanting to achieve a 12DD-E. I love my lady curves,... READ MORE

I have been wanting to do this for over 10 years and I finally have the courage to do so. I am 5"6 64kg. Mr Richards and Aggie said 390cc or 420cc Hp will be good for body size and shape but I'm a bit worried they will be too big so they will have 360cc Hp on the day too, I'm a 34 big b small c... READ MORE

Aloha, I'm 23 yrs old. Height of 5'1. Weight about 125. I have one child. My surgery set date is next month on the 27 of July 2016. I honestly feel more nervous than excited! My goal is to go big but make sure it matches my frame WELL. Don't want to go too large or too small. Goal is to have... READ MORE

I had a great experiencing traveling from NYC to have my BA done by Dr. Hedden. His out of state coordinator Heather is awesome. Dr Hedden is a very busy man but he's also very confident in his work and will answer all if your questions. However he will not help you choose a size so make sure... READ MORE

I've waited so long to get my boobs done. I Want nice full beautiful breast I can feel confident about. I breastfed 3 kids and loved the way they looked big and full. Want that feeling again. I go in 23 days to get my surgery done and I'm more anxious as the days pass. I even catch myself... READ MORE

Haven't done it yet but super excited, I'm starting of at a 32A I'm 5'6 and 113 pounds want to go to a full c small d I'm set my size any where from a 450cc to 475 cc high profile. I chose dr Theodore lazzaro as my doctor, he has 36 years of experience and I love all the results I've seen from... READ MORE

I live in VA so my only form of communication has been by email (trying) and phone. I don't think they are great at replying to emails my email was responded with a very generic reply. when i wrote back didn't hear anything from them s i called in a week later. asking what i needed to do being... READ MORE

I have thought about this for years. Going back and forth about the philosophy "I should just love myself for who I am". However, I do! I think I am there now. That is why it is the perfect time. I am 42 years old. I have two kids, 15 year old daughter and 10 year old son. They are... READ MORE

I have been researching back for over 19 yrs now but every time I start I ended up pregnant but now it's set in stone. I paid for the surgery so I know I won't or can't back out. I'm just so up and down about the size I want. I don't want to go small then I have to do another surgery but I'm... READ MORE

I wanted to have larger breasts that were more proportionate to my hips. for this reason, I made an appointment with Dr. Ganchi who my aunt recommended. She performed reconstructive breast surgery on her and she is very happy with the results. I was not sure about the size I wanted so I asked... READ MORE

Finally decided on a doctor to do my breast augmentation, Dr. Frederick Lester. I absolutely love his bedside manner. His nurse is so lovely, helpful, patient, understanding. She really looks after you, very attentive. There is more I wish to say about decision-making process and why Dr. Lester... READ MORE

My goals are to have a small D or full C!! I hope they can stretch my skin far enough to give me what I'm wanting! I'm going to dr Ratliff in Tulsa Oklahoma after hearing many good reviews on him!!! I'll keep updated! My surgery is next Friday and since I'm traveling two and a half hours they... READ MORE

10 days to go! Feeling nervous and excited. After breastfeeding three kids, my breasts, which had always been small, had become a source of insecurity for me. I have a wonderfully supportive and loving husband, who always makes me feel beautiful. I enjoyed pregnancy and breastfeeding, and... READ MORE

My preop appointment was on August 26th. I'm having silicone 425cc in the left side and 475cc on the right to even things out. After researching and researching I found the perfect Doctor. Dr. Guerra in Scottsdale Az. He was super nice and listened to what I had to say. I had been wanting to get... READ MORE

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