Brazilian Butt Lift Videos

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery: Why Are Compression Garments Important?

Dr. Bob Basu explains what a Brazilian butt lift is and why a compression garments is so important for recovery. VIEW NOW


Brazilian Butt Lift: See the Procedure From Start to Finish

Dr. Christopher Chia performs a BBL on a healthy 19-year-old woman who wanted to subtly enhance the shape of her buttocks. She chose local anesthesia for the procedure, which would allow her to return to her busy schedule more quickly. VIEW NOW

Brazilian Butt Lift 101: The Doctor Discusses the Procedure

Dr. Ben Tittle talks about one of the least known treatments in North Texas, the Brazilian butt lift. He describes the procedure, its benefits, misconceptions, and the expected results. VIEW NOW

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Butt Augmentation: She Got 3,000 cc's of Fat Transferred for This Butt Lift Procedure

Dr. Moises Salama performed a Brazilian butt lift on this woman, transferring 1500 cc's of fat to each side. Check out her before and after results. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Butt Lift: Building a Bigger Buttock With Sculptra Injections

Dr. Leif Rogers explains how Sculptra, a Poly-L-Lactic acid, induces collagen production that builds mass in the injected area. Over time, this mass accumulates to add volume to the buttock for a fuller, more lifted shape. VIEW NOW

Brazilian Butt Lift: See What a 1400cc Fat Transfer Can Do

Dr. Moises Salama performed a BBL on this woman with a fat transfer of 1,400 cc's to each side. VIEW NOW

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Plastic Surgery Scars: 3 Factors That Determine What Kind of Scar You'll Get

Dr. Richard Restifo talks about his approach to minimizing scars and how a good surgeon will help patients understand what to expect. VIEW NOW

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The Popularity of Brazilian Butt Lifts in Colombia

Dr. Alex Campbell discusses the Brazilian butt lift procedure and the nuances that make it so popular in Colombia. VIEW NOW

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Can I Get a Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift at the Same Time?

Dr. Steven Wallach discusses a common question from his patients regarding whether or not it is possible to have a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift procedure performed during the same operation. VIEW NOW

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Brazilian Butt Lift: This Woman Went From a Square to Hourglass Figure

Dr. Johnny Franco shares this woman's transformation from a square to an hourglass figure two months after her surgery. The fat transfer enhances her butt shape and the liposculpture shrinks her waist. VIEW NOW


See the Procedure: Buttock Augmentation With Sculptra

Dr. Luis Cenedese demonstrates the butt lift procedure using Sculptra, which is a good option for patients with little body fat. Two to three sessions can produce results lasting two to three years. VIEW NOW

Before & After Brazilian Butt Lift Results: See the Difference

Dr. Moises Salama performed a BLL procedure on this woman and shares her results. VIEW NOW

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Having Enough Fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Moises Salama discusses having enough fat to transfer for a Brazilian butt lift. He encourages patients on the thin side to gain weight for their procedure. Additional liposuction areas are added to the procedure to have enough fat to transfer. VIEW NOW


This Man Gets a Brazilian Butt Lift: See His Before & After Results

Dr. Moises Salama shares these before and after photos of a man after his Brazilian butt lift. VIEW NOW

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Traditional Butt Lift vs. Brazilian Butt Lift: What's the Difference?

Dr. Moises Salama discusses the difference between a traditional butt lift and a Brazilian butt lift. Before and after results are included. VIEW NOW