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How Do I Best Prepare for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hi i need help on how to prepare for a BBL.. i dont want to have super saggy skin as i also am getting lipo.. should i be on a diet?.. and what... READ MORE

Vitamins and Supplements Before and After BBL?

Is it safe to do the HCG diet right before surgery? I'm 4 weeks Pre Surgery and I'm taking a multi vitamin, vitamin D-3, iron, and CLA are... READ MORE

When to Start Vitamins Before Getting Bbl? What Suggestions Do You Have to Prep the Skin Before Sx?

Skin prep suggestions, as far as moisturizers, oils, massages, certain soaps to use? Also what other pre-surgery instructions? READ MORE

What Should You Do Before a Brazilian Butt Lift to Ensure Optimal Results?vitamins,etc

What vitamins do you take, should you exercise should you be at your optimal weight etc... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Take Vitamedica (specifically for Surgery Patients) Before and After Brazilian Butt Lift?

Not only is it safe, but are there any benefits to using these vitamins. Like faster healing? Thanks for your time. READ MORE

Safe to Take the Following Vitamins Pre and Post Lipo/BBL?

Hello, I have done research & found the following vitamin kit for surgery recovery to have good reviews... READ MORE

What Vitamins and or Supplements Should I Take Months Prior To Me Getting My BBL

I plan on getting my procedure done in the next four (4) to five (5) months. I heard that doctors will not perform this procedure if you are not in a... READ MORE

Can anyone be kind to send me a list of the things I need, for my bbl and lipo?

I know the about the vitamins I just don't know how much of it . Please help READ MORE

What Vitamins Come Highly Recommended Before Cosmetic Surgery for BBL and or Breast Augmentation?

Ladies on real self talks about vitamins to take before surgery but which ones are best? Why it comes highly recommended and how long before surgery... READ MORE

What vitamins would be good to take to help keep fat transfer from absorbing?

Scheduled for BBL Dr. Said he would only put 350cc in each butt cheek. This worries me because that is not that much. Wondering if there's anything I... READ MORE

How Long Until I Can Sit After Surgery, Can I Do Breasts and Butt at the Same Time, And More Qs? (photo)

Hi im interested in getting the BBL.Q1: how long until I can sit on my butt again after surgery. 2:Will I be abel to do my butt and breast at the same... READ MORE

Should I take vitamins before Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

Are there any recommendations, suggestions regarding taking vitamins or supplements before having bbl surgery. READ MORE

Are preop vitamins and Iron necessary before Brazilian Butt Lift & Breast aug.? Should birth control be stopped before surgery?

My surgeon says I do not need to take preop vitamins becauSe my hemo is at 13.2 and I can continues birth control but I am concerned about increased... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Take Vitamins Like Iron and Prilosec & a Makemeheal Kit at the Same Time?

I am going to be taking Iron , B complex, And also I am buying a makemeheal kit that has sinnec its suppose to prepare ur body for lipo and has a... READ MORE

Is it safe to take my vitamins again after my bbl? Could I have a revision after 4 months? I'm 4 weeks post op at the minute

I am 4 weeks post op bbl today when can i start to take my multivitamins again?? i usually take women's one a day & nature made hair skin & nails they... READ MORE

What vitamins should I be taking prior to getting a bbl? And what vitamins should I take after bbl?

I would like to know what vitamins to take before my surgery (Ex. Iron, vitamin C, zinc. Etc) also what should I continue to take after surgery READ MORE

Can I double up on Vitamins, Folic Acid & Iron a couple of weeks before a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I want to build haemoglobin level up fast & speed up recovery after surgery as well as going into surgery healthy. Thanks in advance Doctors. READ MORE

Hemoglobin Issue! Does anyone have any advice on raising my hemoglobin levels?

Hi, I'm trying to raise my hemoglobine levels but I couldn't do it. I try eating healthy (liver, spinach, grapes, berries and some other "hemo... READ MORE

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