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I Had/have Scoliosis. Rods Were Inserted when I Was 14., Im Now 33. I Want to Have Liposuction W Fat Grafting to my Buttucks?

Can lower back lipo be done without coming into contact w the rods? I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 14, had surgery right away and had... READ MORE

Can a Brazilian butt lift protect coccyx from hitting ground? (photo)

My coccyx or sacrum (not sure) protrudes out from scoliosis. It's exaggerated by the fact that I have a pretty flat butt. Whenever I sit it hits the... READ MORE

Would a brazilian buttlift fix my assymetrical buttocks caused by scoliosis?

Assymetrical buttocks. Can a bbl fix the assymetry? I have scoliosis which has caused significant buttocks assymetry. My right is two inches of lower... READ MORE

My Question is if I Decide to Get a Bbl and Brest Augmentation Will It Make my Scoliosis More Noticeable? (photo)

I have scoliosis I have more fat on the left side of my stomach and my left rib pops out a little more when I lay on my back. READ MORE

Am I too skinny for a BBL? 5'6, 126lbs & 18 years old

I'm 5'6 , 18yo and 126lbs. I really want a bbl, I'm still searching for the right doctor but right now I'm kind of set on dr.hanan! Ill try to gain... READ MORE

1 month before Brazilian Butt Lift, Scoliosis. Should I lose weight before? I'm 5'6", 155lbs. (photos)

I am having lipo to bra roll, lower back roll, upper/lower abdomen and flanks. Fat transfer to hips and buttocks. Wondering if I should try to drop... READ MORE

Is it possible to make my waist symmetric w/ BBL? Very important cause it's what has made me self-conscious for many yrs.(photo)

I have moderate scoliosis (thoracic-lumbar) & because of this my waist is uneven. My buttocks are also uneven, one butt cheek is bigger than the other... READ MORE

Can Body Sculpting/BBL/Lipo correct my asymmetric body? (Photo)

Hello everyone, I'm 5'3 and I weigh 120 pounds... I would like to gain 6 pounds more to reach my goal weight and get more curves. The only problem I... READ MORE

Can I do BBL with lower back mild scoliosis? (Photos)

I just went to the ER with pain in my lower back, I was fine when I went to sleep got up with pain went I went to ER doctor did X-ray he informs me I... READ MORE

Can prior surgery interfere with a BBL or any aesthetic procedure for the body?

I had gotten scoliosis surgery a while ago and was wondering if that'll prevent me from having a brazilian butt lift. I have metal rods in my back and... READ MORE

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