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Is It Dangerous if the Fat Necrosis on Butt is Not Removed After Several Years?

It s been a year now that I had fat transfered to my butt and It seems like I have fat necrosis (the fat inside is very hard).A doctor tried to break... READ MORE

Can the Fat Necrosis (THE HARD LUMPS) on Butt Be Aspirated by Liposuction?

Can the injected fat ( big and hard as a kyst ) to buttocks be aspirated so as not to make scars and make the butt even more horrible. I do not want... READ MORE

How to remove surgical tape residue from body after surgery?

23 day post op from my bbl today, still have swelling, pain and discomfort in areas of my body and also some bruising left... I have been trying to... READ MORE

How I Can Remove Liquid After a Liposuction/BBL?

I went to my country to have liposuction with fat transfer, I'm very skinny so I only had fat in my abdomen to transfer to my rear part, but the... READ MORE

Infection of Fat Injected to Buttocks- Can I Aspirate Without Surgery?

I did a lipoaspiration and had that fat injected to buttocks a year ago; unfortunately the fat is hard and I always feel fire burning inside that... READ MORE

How Much Fat Can Be Removed During a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am scheduled for an appt locally for a BBL, but I'd like to get some realistic answers so I know what to expect. I know one procedure is cheaper. I... READ MORE

How do I get rid of the fat lump in lower back after brazilian butt lift?

I had BBL almost 1 year ago. I know that massages help right after the surgery to remove any lumps, but what about 1 year later? There is a small lump... READ MORE

How long after silicone removal from the buttocks can I get a proper board certified BBL?

I had about 100ccs (50ccs per butt cheek) injected in my upper buttocks about 5 years ago from the black market. No complications (as far as I know... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Brazilian Butt Lift, my front drain hole is still open after my drain was removed. Any suggestions?

I had a bbl 2weeks ago and i got my front drain removed 3days ago and the hole is still open,at this point im worried. Will it close and when should... READ MORE

Is it possible to perform a BBL in a patient that had silicone injected and has NOT had problems/complications? (photo)

I had silicon 1000 injections earlier this year & I'm interested in a bbl. I haven't had complications but I am wondering if I am still a candidate?... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift After Butt Implant Removal

How Long Should I Wait to Have Fat Transfer After Removing Buttock Implants? READ MORE

Can I have fat transfer to my butt if I already have silicone injections without having to remove the silicone? (photos)

Although I haven't had any serious problems with the silicon injections ( since 2005) I noticed that my right butt cheek in the crack has a dent as if... READ MORE

Can You Remove Butt Implants and Perform a Braziilian Butt Lift on the Same Day?

I have butt implants and want them removed and go with braz. butt lift procd. can this be done at the same time??? READ MORE

North America Vs Spanish Countries For Liposuction?

Which state allows you to remove the most amount of fat during liposuction? why do girls who go to mexico/Dominican republic have smaller waist? also... READ MORE

Does dissolvable stitches suffice after the fat transfer process for Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

I'm wondering if dissolvable stitches would suffice after the fat transfer process. I'm asking this question because typically out of state patient... READ MORE

How Much Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in New Jersey?

I have measurements that are 42 inches around bra line, 39 in smallest area on waist, and 45 on biggest area around love-handles. I have a small butt.... READ MORE

Implanon with surgery?

If im going to go through a lipo of abdomen and flanks, and a bbl, will i need to have my birth control (implanon) implanted in my arm removed? READ MORE

I have cellulitus in one butt check it's pretty big will I need surgery to remove dead tissue?

So I can't find much on cellulitus after fat grafting i must be the only one. I thought I was healthy , clean , and didn't smoke now 3 infections... READ MORE

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