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How Painful Is It to Have a Brazilian Butt Lift?

How painfull it is to have a brazilian butt lift READ MORE

Sitting Down After Brazilian Butt Lift?

How long before you can actually sit on your new Brazilian butt and not worry about pain or losing fat? What should I buy to sit on? And should I... READ MORE

My Buttocks Feel Sore After Brazilian Buttlift?

I have a Brazilian buttlift on (April 18 2012). I am feeling a sore pain in both buttocks; and i am still scared to sleep on my back.Is thi issue a... READ MORE

Does the Pain from a Brazilian Butt Lift Feel Like a Bruise?

How long do most people take pain medication to dull the pain from a Brazilian but lift? Is the pain more painful than a really bad bruise, or worse? READ MORE

I have hard knots/lumps after Brazilian Butt Lift with lipo on my sides and back. How long does it take to heal? (photo)

I had bbl with lipo and I'm 1 month post op. My skin on my stomach sides and back are very tight which is uncomfortable. I have hard knots/lumps on my... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift for Leg and Back Pain?

I need a Brazilian Butt Lift because my butt has no shape. My butt and legs meet as one, causing back and leg pain. Can insurance pay for this, as I... READ MORE

Why Do I Feel Like my Butt is Going to Explode when I Try to Sit Down After BBL?

Hello, I had a brazilian butt lift 2 weeks ago and tried to sit down today and I felt like my butt was going to explode. Sounds funny but thats what I... READ MORE

Why Wearing This Garment Hurts my Body So Much? (photo)

Is been 10 days, since I had lipo on my upper & lower stomach and flanks with fat transfer to my butt, surgery went pretty good. Now my question... READ MORE

3rd post op (BBL) and I think I look exactly the same. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I remove my faja today for the first time, and got totally upset and depressed for all the pain I am going through and I think I look exactly the same... READ MORE

New pain and soreness four months after fat transfer to buttocks? (photo)

I haven't had any pain at all up until this normal? Four mths ago I had a CTT w/ lipo on back, neck and thighs & fat transfer to butt. I... READ MORE

What to Do for Hard Tight Feeling in Butt and Legs After BBL>

My Butt feels tight and hard while walking 5days post bbl.What do I do for pain? I drink lots of water and walk around my home every few hours nothing... READ MORE

How long does the pain last after a Brazilian butt lift?

I am now 7-days post-op of a Brazilian butt lift. I am still in the greatest amount of pain. Mainly tightness, soreness, and a couple hard lumps on... READ MORE

BBL 9 days post opp lower back pain and numbness, How long does the pain last?

I had a BBL 9 days ago and I'm healing very well my only serious problem is I am experiencing alot of pain and numbness in my lower back.. Any idea... READ MORE

5 Days Post Op but Lift Left Feels Hard and Hurts Alot? (photo)

Yesterday I had Minimal pain . I've been sleeping on my stomach . But I had to go to the doctor so I had to sit in the car for a 20 or 30 mins max n... READ MORE

When Having a BBL, Does It Hurt More or Less According to CCs?

Is the pain according to how many CC's you put on in each cheek? or it hurts the same if you put 800 cc's vs only 400 cc's? Also, can you... READ MORE

How Long is Swelling Normal After BBL and How Much?

I had a BBL on june 13.its july 24th and im still swollen but my concern is my ankles, my legs are very swollen..and my body too but more is my ankles... READ MORE

How do I get rid of the fat lump in lower back after brazilian butt lift?

I had BBL almost 1 year ago. I know that massages help right after the surgery to remove any lumps, but what about 1 year later? There is a small lump... READ MORE

When Can I Sit After a Fat Transfer butt Augmentation?

I 5 weeks post surgery. I'm still in some pain from the lipo is that normal? I also feel pain when I sit. Is it safe to sit? I don't want to sit too soon. READ MORE

How to remove surgical tape residue from body after surgery?

23 day post op from my bbl today, still have swelling, pain and discomfort in areas of my body and also some bruising left... I have been trying to... READ MORE

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