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3 Weeks Post BBL, Unhappy With Results. Should I Wait?

Had a BBL three weeks ago in miami with a board certified surgeon,not satisfied with the results, swelling has gone down drastically, I am back to my... READ MORE

I See No Results 2 Weeks Post-Op BBL, What Should I Do? (photo)

I am 16 days post-op from my BBL I am so unhappy and see no results and I am still swollen. Do I chalk it up and say better luck next time or do I... READ MORE

What if my Butt Still Looks Flat After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had mine done 2 days ago. The side view still looks flat! There is no bump!! I'm freaking out! I spent all this money I'm in debt. My long time... READ MORE

Had a Bbl 2 Weeks Ago my Butt Looks Just Like It Did Before my Surgery..will It Magically Fill Out?

Im 2 weeks post op bbl. I have healed very quickly. I also had lipo on my thighs,stomach,flanks at the same time as bbl. I had 1200cc of fat put into... READ MORE

I had 5 litters of fat transferred to my buttock 6 weeks ago and I don't see results, can I sue? (photo)

I am 5foot 5 in and about 200 lbs my doctor injected 1050 cc in each checks is that enough for me? Dr took 5 litters of fat to my buttocks I... READ MORE

3 Days After my BBL, and My Butt Looks Small With Dents. Will It Improve With Time?

And my butt still looks small and has dents I am 5,0 and was about 130 and it looks like nothing was done at all will I need to go back and redo it READ MORE

I'm 10 Post Op from Tt, Lipo, Fat Transfer to Butt. Still No Good Results. I'm So Sad?

I'm 10 weeks post op tt, lipo, fat transfer to butt.I still don't see not result. This is really sending me to a depressed stage.I'm so unhappy with... READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Wait After a Fat Graft (BBL) to Get PMMA Injections?

I had a brazilian butt lift in Sept, the Dr was obviously not very experienced, I didn't do enough homework. He didn't get a lot of fat, the butt and... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift 2 Weeks Ago, No Results Why?

Ok so I got my Brazilian butt lift on may 14 and well when I came out of surgery my butt looked huge a bit bumpy because of the fat injections but it... READ MORE

What do you think about my Brazilian Butt lift results? (photos)

I had bbl done almost 3 months ago. Doctor was able to remove 3200 cc from my stomatch, flanks and outer hips. I personally am very disappointed... READ MORE

No Changes to my Body After Having a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm 7 days post my brazilian butt lift and most of my swelling has gone. My abdomen has gone back to its original size 36 inches, will this get... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo and Brazilian Butt Lift and Afraid My Surgeon Did a Poor Job?

Paid for a BRIZILIAN BUTT fat transfer with vaser of the upper/lower abs, bra line-mid back, flanks, lower back, Im worried that my surgeon did a poor... READ MORE

No Results From Brazilian Butt Lift?

What do you do if your butt is not big enoungh or even round? i wasnt even in the begining. im only 2 weeks post op. what do i tell my doctor, and can... READ MORE

Does a Brazillian Butt Lift That Takes 3 Months to See Results Exist? when I See No Results at All Now?

Hello, I got lipo, breast lift, and augmentation 2 weeks ago in hopes of getting a brazillian butt lift as well. Doc said i didnt have enough fat so... READ MORE

What else Can I Do? 6 Days Post TT and BBL, No Results From BBL?

I am 6 days post open from a TT & BBL I am in love with my TT but I still do not have a ASS so sad my doctor said he put 1100cc's of fat in each... READ MORE

What if I Don't Like my Brazilian Butt Lift , What is the Normal Procedure in That Case?

I thought I picked my doctor well she is very well known she is certified and been doing this for years!! I knew some of the fat would die after my... READ MORE

10 days post op BBL and Lipo and I look exactly the same as pre-op and BBL is awful! What can I do? (Photo)

I am 10 days post op BBL and Lipo of abdomin, lower back, inner thighs and hips. 3200cc Lipo & 1060cc fat transfer to butt. I'm concerned lipo areas... READ MORE

I'm into my 7th week post op lipo/BBL. I look too darn skinny. Where did my butt go? (Photo)

I was told by the doctor that he injected 600cc into each butt cheek. And days after my surgery I was loving the shape and volume its size was perfect... READ MORE

What's a minimum cc's of fat should be transfer for Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

Just wandering what should be the minimum amount t of fat transfered into buttox to see difference. I had bbl done and see zero results. It was big... READ MORE

It's Possible in Bbl to Drs Do Regular Lipo then Laser Lipo at the Very End of Bbl?

I had a bbl on Oct 3 most of the fat transfer to my booty was gone in the first 3 weeks! My Dr did laser lipo so I thoug that killed the fat cells but... READ MORE

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